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I have returned...sorta



I don't know how many of you remember/know me. I took a break from coming here around September on account of many people I knew leaving, me being burnt out on MLP in general, and the quality of the community decreasing, at least in my opinion. And no offense, but it seems like the forums have continued to go downhill since.


In my last blog entry, I said I'd be leaving for an indefinite amount of time.


Well, I've decided to come back. However, I'm not gonna be on 24/7 like I used to be. I'll probably go on a posting binge every once and a while, and then go back to being offline.


It's nice to be back, I guess.

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I was missing your avatar around the Forums. Good to see you around again, if only for a bit.

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I remember you. Do you remember me though? :P
sorry, I'm afraid I don't. Name change?

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Welcome back, man. Unfortunately all of those reasons you left have gotten worse...but still, it is great to have you back, and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself during your posting binges.

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I remember you.


































































I do.


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