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Changeling Will Guide

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    Will Gazzzze

About Changeling Will Guide

  • Changeling Rep of Disney
  • Species

  • Age

    Young Adult
  • Gender

  • Residence

    Usually wherever Unicorn Will Guide is
  • Hometown

    Changeling Kingdom
  • Occupation

    Assistant to Disney Storyteller Unicorn Will Guide
  • Physical Description

    Before meeting Unicorn Will Guide, this Changeling looked like most other Changelings, only with his eyes as deep blue as Unicorn's Will Guide's eyes.

    After his soul merged with Unicorn Will's body, the Changeling's lower regions turned red and his hooves turned yellow, essentially looking like a Changeling version of Mickey Mouse whenever he is out as the "Driver" of the Will Guide's shared body.


    His Reformed Changeling appearance: His head, limbs, horn on head, and ears are bright red like the fur of U. Will. There are white gemstone-like spots on the neck. Finally his translucent wings and tail are a beautiful light blue while his outer and inner shell on his blue thorax are a darker shade of blue that matched the deep blue eyes he shares with U. Will.


  • Backstory

    (If necessary the reason and backstory can be changed for a given RP)

    Hatched differently than the other Changelings in the hive, he (like Thorax) became an outcast. Being an almost nonexistant type of Changeling: feeds on any kind of same-sex love (sex, romantic, sensual, familial), he gets little-to-no nourishment from the accepted feeding on heterosexual love. After the Canterlot Wedding (where he secretly helped Twilight and the Real Cadance escape the caves after a change of heart), he met Thorax who wanted to share love instead of stealing it and both agreed to run away together. Sadly, Queen Chrysalis secretly hated the gay changeling and privately banished him from the Changeling Kingdom away from an unknowing Thorax.

    Starving to death in the Everfree Forest, the gay changeling was saved by the arrival of another lost soul: Will Guide. In spite of being in a haze of memory loss, Will Guide the human-turned-unicorn still wished to find it in his heart to help the dying creature. It literally came true in a sense; The gay changeling's soul disappeared and became part of Will Guide's; The Changeling was now sleeping deep inside Will Guide's heart.

    Throughout Will Guide the unicorn's life in Equestria between his first arrival and when Twilight took Starlight Glimmer on as a personal student, whenever he has same-sex love of any sort, it's also slowly healing his Changeling side. 


    On the day of Flurry Heart’s Crystalling, the Restoration of the Crystal Heart gave off enough love to finally caused the Changeling to wake up from his sleep. Unicorn Will Guide would then be given hints to his inner Changeling, especially after meeting Thorax (1st time for the Unicorn, 2nd time for the inner Changeling)


    Finally on the day when Queen Chrysalis took revenge on the ponies by kidnapping and replacing them, Unicorn Will Guide joined Thorax and the rest of the rescue squad to save their friends from the Changeling Hive. Throughout the infiltration, the Unicorn finally learned (remembered) about his inner Changeling and the latter secretly helped our heroes. But when they finally reach the Queen, she realized what Will Guide really is and outed him as a Changeling to the pony prisoners.(Really a bluff to crush his spirits). Despite that, both Unicorn and Changeling stood up with Starlight, encouraging Thorax and the other Changelings to share the love instead of taking it, which led to Chrysalis’ defeat.


    With the ponies freed, Will Guide (in Unicorn form) realized the bluff and reassured his still ugly inner-Changeling to come out if he wanted to. The gay Changeling agreed and actually won the approval of both ponies and the now-beautiful “Changed”lings. When asked if he had a name, he said he now shares the name of his Unicorn Host.

    The official reason for Changeling Will Guide finally gaining his "butterfly" form is when he finally accepted that he would never gain Chrysalis' approval and love and accepts Unicorn Will Guide, the ponies and all other kind creatures are his real friends who would approve of him.

  • Key Moments

    Changeling Will Guide Key Points



    Once a lowly Prison Guard, he considered escaping with the imprisoned Apple Pearents. He didn't and would regret his decision for a long time.


    Had a Change of Heart and secretly guides an imprisoned Princess Cadence and Twilight out of the forgotten underground caves (Canterlot Wedding)



    Decided with Thorax to run away from the Changeling Kingdom, but secretly banished by Queen Chrysalis herself.


    As he starves to death in Everfree Forest, U. Will appears and through an unintended wish allows the Ling's soul to live on through him


    SEASON 6

    The Crystalling finally quietly reawakens The 'Ling within U. Will (The Crystalling)


    Keeps his presence in U. Will hidden during Changeling High Alert even as he secretly meets his old Friend Thorax and learns about the damage Chrysalis did to Shining Armor during the Canterlot Wedding (Times They Are a Changeling)


    Presence hinted at by how U. Wills character of a friend-or-foe skeleton warrior works in O&O (Dungeons and Discord)


    Finally reveals his existence to our main characters as he secretly help Starlight's rescue squad (To Where and Back Again)


    SEASON 7

    With U. Will's help, C. Will starts open up to the rest of Equestria (Throughout Season 7)


    After U. Will loses sight of what's important about fairy tales, he leaves Equestria, leaving C. Will lost and alone (Hard to Say Anything)


    The CMC, Big Mac, Sugar Belle, and even Feather Bangs put on a performance of Beauty and the Beast in the village of "Our Town", especially for C. Will restoring his faith (shortly after H2SA)


    With Celestia's help, C. Will reconnects with U. Will and restores his passion for Disney; First Kiss in the Dream Realm (A Royal Problem)


    Remembers and confesses about the Apple Pearents (The Perfect Pear)


    Goes with Starlight and Trixie to the Changeling Hive; helps to talk some sense into Pharnyx and his relationship with the Hive (To Change a Changeling)


    The Wills' relationship is a foil to Stygian and the Pony of Shadows (Shadow Play)


    SEASON 8

    Changeling Will becomes a secret assistant to the School of Friendship and a good adult friend to the Young 6, especially Ocellus (Throughout Season 8)


    Gets "Drunk on Love" on Hearts and Hooves Day (The Breakup Breakdown)


    At some point, he and C. Will finally gain their own separate bodies and maybe compete in the Sisterhooves Social for the fun of it.


    SEASON 9

    Might go on a last series of (mis-) adventures while also learning to become independent from his Unicorn Will Guide for the times he's not around(alongside Season 9)


    C. Will finally accepts the fact Chrysalis never cared for him or his fellow Changelings and leads the Calvary to save the Mane 7 and I. Will; He and U. Will's public kiss in front of Heroes and Villians grants C. Will's colorful form at last! (Ending of the Ending)


    Continues to live his life in Equestria with friends new and old. 


    One possible future leads to reminiscing about Twilight's final coronation and thanks everyone especially U. Will for making him a better 'Ling (The Last Problem) 


    Key RPS

    Meet the Changeling in Me

    Cupid Comes Too Ponyville

  • Personality

    Lonely, but kind before meeting Will Guide. His similar personality to Will Guide's is what saved the Changeling's life. For a very short time, the changeling was revenge-seeking, but regained his kind personality thanks to Will Guide.

  • Likes

    Helping Unicorn Will Guide with his Disney performances,
    his fellow Changelings' new way of life
  • Dislikes

    Anyone who insults his friends, especially if it insults his Unicorn counterpart.
  • Magic Spells

    Changeling Shapeshifting, Especially Into Equestrian-Appropriate Versions Of Disney Characters
  • Friends

    Unicorn Will Guide, The Mane 8, Thorax
  • Rivals

    Queen Chrysalis,

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