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Unicorn Will Guide

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    Will Guide

About Unicorn Will Guide

  • Disney Ambassador
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    Unicorn Pony
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    Real World
  • Occupation

    Disney Storyteller and Housekeeper for Hire
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  • Backstory

    He was a human from the REAL LIVE-ACTION world. (Not the same world that is the setting of Equestria Girls). Long story short, some Disney Villains led by Maleficent tried to use Will to take over Equestria, but thanks to befriending the Mane 6 and Spike, Will and the others sent the Villains back to the Disney World.

    Nowadays, being close to the World of Disney, he serves as an ambassador between the World of Disney and Equestria if needed should a Disney friend or foe return to Equestria for improving relationships between alterative worlds or attempts to conquer the worlds, respectively.

    In most previous RPs, Unicorn Will Guide shares his body with the soul of a Gay Changeling. Named Changeling Will Guide

    If in some RPs involving only Changeling Will Guide existing, Unicorn Will Guide can be his main disguise

  • Key Moments

    First arrives in Equestria and saves it from Disney Villians (Memories Bring Disney Magic)

    SEASON 4
    Gets accustomed to Equestria as a second home while performing "stage performances" of Disney Animated Stories (Season 4 as a whole)

    Playfully gives the Mane 6 a Haunted Mansion experience. Yes the one at Disneyland using the Old Royal Castle as the backdrop (Castle-Maneia)

    Shining Armor and Princess Cadence help him realized he's gay (Shortly After Three's a Crowd)

    Briefly crosses paths with Tirek as a distraction (Twilight's Kingdom)

    SEASON 5
    After Starlight "equalized" his Cutie Mark, the ability to experience what Spike is experiencing is granted. (Cutie Map)

    Comes close to spotting a hidden Starlight Glimmer a few times (Amending Fences, What About Discord)

    Will bails Spike out of any more embarrassment during the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. (Princess Spike)

    Comes out as Gay to the Mane 7 (The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows)

    With the help of Dr. Whoves, Will restored Shining Armor's brunt comic book (What About Discord)

    Secretly Plays a part in Spike's Egg Origin via Time Travel and discovers for himself he and Twilight might be the reincarnation of Spike's Dragon Father and Mother (Cutie Re-Mark)

    SEASON 6
    Hints to his literal Changeling Soulmate (a few episodes)

    Assist Twilight looking for a book with answers and for a brief moment saw Thorax coming to the Empire (The Crystalling)

    Goes with Rarity and Twilight to assist Spike in the Dragonlands; secretly remembers more details about Spike's Dragon Father and how he met his Mother (Gauntlet of Fire)

    Relates with Zephyr Breeze's Fear of failure (Flutter Brutter)

    Meeting Thorax and helping Spike throughout (Times They Are a Changeling)

    Plays O&O as a skeleton warrior who can be a great asset or troublesome foe to the heroes depending on the roll (Dungeons and Discord)

    Rediscovering his Changeling Soulmate, C. Will (To Where and Back again)

    SEASON 7
    Helps C. Will open up to the rest of Equestria (Throughout Season 7)

    Lost faith in the meaning of his Disney Storytelling due to the brief misunderstanding involving Big Mac, Sugar Bell, and CMC (Hard to Say Anything)

    But his faith in himself and his passion for Disney was restored thanks to C. Will; First Kiss in the Dream Realm (A Royal Problem)

    Goes with the Apple Siblings to learn about the Apple Pearents (The Perfect Pear)

    Shows the Mane 6 more proof of positive fans out in the real world to help counteract the cynicism of their in-universe haters (Fame and Misfortune)

    Goes with Starlight and Trixie to the Changeling Hive; helps to talk some sense into Pharnyx and his relationship with the Hive (To Change a Changeling)

    The Wills' relationship is a foil to Stygian and the Pony of Shadows (Shadow Play)

    SEASON 8
    Unicorn Will becomes a versatile assistant to the School of Friendship and a good adult friend to the Young 6, (Throughout Season 8)

    Relates to Terramar's feeling like a Child of Both Worlds (Surf and/or Turf)

    Acts as C. Will's "designated driver" on Hearts and Hooves Day (The Breakup Breakdown

    At some point, he and C. Will finally gain their own separate bodies and maybe compete in the Sisterhooves Social for the fun of it.

    May tell Spike what he knows about his real dragon father if the little guy wants and put Sludge in his place after Spike and Smolder outs him as an imposter (Father Knows Beast)

    U. Will becomes trapped with the Mane 6 in Tartarus (School Raze)

    SEASON 9
    Might go on a last series of (mis-) adventures (alongside Season 9)

    Lets the Mane Gang know that someday, they will have to part ways (Beginning of the End)

    U. Will sticks with the Mane 6 to the very end through the final battle; He and C. Will's public kiss in front of Heroes and Villians grants C. Will's colorful form at last!(Ending of the Ending)

    Continues to soul jumps throughout his Equestrian life for any possible visits with friends new and old

    One last Soul Jump to a possible future leads to reminiscing about Twilight's final coronation and thanks everyone for the experiences he's as both a viewer and a resident (The Last Problem) 

    (some of the old RPs)

    Meet the Changeling in Me,

    Cupid Comes Too Ponyville

  • Personality

    He's especially knowledgeable about all things Disney. And loves to live by the ideals of Friendship that Disney and Equestria share. Loyalty. Honesty. Kindness. Generosity. Laughter. And Magic

    When allowed to, he shall help out his friends and wants to share the stories of classic Disney films with the similar world of Equestria.

    He has also has a gay side, if the RP is applicable.

  • Likes

    people getting along
  • Dislikes

    Any creature, pony or non-pony, being mistreated
  • Magic Spells

    Basic Disney Magic When Storytelling, Soul Jumping between being William the Human back home and Will Guide the Unicorn in Equestria, the ability to experience whatever Spike is experiencing
  • Friends

    The Mane 8, Thorax, Changeling Will Guide
  • Rivals

    Many of the Disney Villains

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