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Skylight Scintillate

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About Skylight Scintillate

  • Magic Programmer
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

    22 (But depends on RP)
  • Gender

    Gender Ambiguous (But depends on RP)
  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Magic Programmer
  • Character Images

  • Physical Description

    Skylight Scintillate is a sky blue unicorn with lime colored eyes. She has a blonde mane and tail with cyan and lime accents. Her cutie mark is a star shooting upwards with streamers behind it. She is average size for a unicorn her age, though she looks very similar to a mare in FIM style due to her more rounded face. Also, ponies think she looks very cute and innocent with her large eyes and pink blush. Her magical aura is teal. There are a few rumors that claimed to have seen her as a princess, ninja, reindeer, changeling, kirin, or axolotl, but none of them can be confirmed.

  • Backstory

    Skylight Scintillate started out as a pretty normal pony growing up, living with her family in Canterlot. For the longest time, Skylight Scintillate wasn't sure what she planned on doing when she grew up. She actually didn't get her cutie mark until most of the way through the last year of elementary school. (Fortunately, she wasn't teased for it.) She ended up trying a lot of things but none of them really interested her. While she was interested in Celestia's School of Magic for Gifted Unicorns and admired Princess Twilight Sparkle for her strength in magic and friendship, Skylight didn't believe she had the magical strength to enter the school.

    She remembered vividly the day she got her cutie mark. She was fidgeting with one of her parent's abacuses when she remembered experimenting with using magic to store information digitally. She wasn't exactly sure how she did it but she remembered casting a lot of magical spells which were quite magically intensive to create something that would work stably. Once she finished casting the spells, a magical tablet remained floating in her aurora. It was a magical digital tablet. (Although it's functions were very limited; It could only do addition and subtraction.) Once it was clear that this combination of magical spells was stable, she got her cutie mark in a flash of light. It was a star shooting upwards with streamers behind it.

    Other ponies had quite a few different interpretations fore the cutie mark. Her parents thought that it looked like an i, which would make sense for her spell for storing and processing information. Other ponies suggested it meant her strength was in magic due to streamers and stars being associated with a talent in magic. However, looking back rom after high school, Skylight thinks that the star shooting up foreshadowed the rise in her magical ability.

    After graduating from elementary school, Skylight and her parents decided to see if she really had a talent in magic. She ended up in the entrance exam for Celestia's School of Magic for Gifted Unicorns at the high school level. Despite this, Skylight Scintillate really anxious about the entrance exam and She had brought a friend for encouragement. (Her parents were there too.) With her friend's encouragement, Skylight was able to manage her anxiety enough to show the interviewers her abilities and magical tablet. (By then, it had most features of a calculator in addition to a notepad and a sketchpad.) She ended up getting accepted. The interviewers noted that both her and the idea of storing information digitally using magic had huge potential. However, Skylight's emotions affected how well she could control her magic.

    At Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, her magical ability skyrocketed, and she worked extensively on improving the magical tablet's power and memory in addition to adding more functions. (However, there are a few things that the magical tablet can't do. Imagine a smart phone without any games (requires too much computing power) or features that involve it connecting to other devices (can't send information between magical tablets, just the magical tablet and the unicorn's brain controling it.)) Finally, once she started doing research at the University level of Celestia's School of Magic for Gifted Unicorns, Skylight published a paper saying that unicorns would increase their magical abilities not by increasing their raw power, but by increasing their efficiency in every step of the magical process.

    (Depending on the RP, the high school and university that Skylight went to can be switched from Celestia's School of Magic for Gifted Unicorns to a regular high school and university to tone down on Skylight's magical abilities.)

  • Key Moments

    • Getting her cutie mark in magic by creating a magical tablet
    • Getting accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns
    • Publishing her paper on efficiency
    • Finding her friends
  • Personality

    Skylight Scintillate considers herself an ambivert. How social she is willing to be tends to fluctuate. She is known for being quite curious, and is always interested in tinkering with what can be done using a magical tablet. She tends to think logically, but can get quite emotional and sensitive at times. She is pretty knowledgeable, but isn't the most athletic. She has worked on not letting her emotions control the strength of her magic in school, but they still affect her slightly.

    She can be a bit sarcastic and not know how to act or really shy around those she just met given that she isn't the best at first impressions, but is kind and friendly around most of her friend groups. Around her university friend group, she tends to act really sassy and sarcastic to match the way they act. However, around her other friend groups, she prefers to be cute, innocent, and adorable, but sometimes she slips up and says something sarcastic around her other friend groups. 

    Due to this, she values understanding friends that continue to coddle and indulge her even when she slips up and says something sarcastic. Something she wants to work on is being more understanding of others. She likes to coddle and indulge her friends, along with being coddled and indulged by her friends.

    Being from Canterlot, has developed a taste for elegant things that the city has to offer, but she likes to try new things too.

  • Likes

    Magic, making new things, drawing, badminton, friends, coddling and indulging her friends, being coddled and indulged by her friends, be cute, innocent, and adorable
  • Dislikes

    Violence, anxiety, not being able to use her magic to its full potential, tedious tasks, when things don't make sense, anypony who messes with her friends, when others misinterpret her tone or intentions
  • Magic Spells

    Magical Tablet, Many (depends on RP)
  • Abilities

  • Friends

    Silky Wings, Samurai Equine, Mango Eve, Vibrant Grove, Roswell, Dynamo Pad, Princess Twilight, Depends on RP

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