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Huggo de Buggo Day - Thorax Day

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This event began 2019-01-06 and repeats every year forever


Do you like changelings? Of course you do, that was rhetorical. Buggos are cute.

Buggos also crave love and your biggest of hugs. How fantastic!

Ever since Thorax's debut in The Times They are a Changelinghe has been one of the warmest, friendliest and cutest characters on the entire show - that's right, Fluttershy, you have serious competition as Top Cinnamon Roll. Thorax is as loving and kind as Chrysalis was cold and brutal, which ultimately helped him ascend to the throne as the new King of the Buggos. Now a peaceful race of fairy bugs, Thorax and the changelings share love as opposed to taking it.

What better way to celebrate Thorax Day than by coinciding it with National Snuggle/Hugging Day? That's right, January 6th is officially recognized, at least in the US and Canada as National Snuggling/Hugging Day. As such, let's take this day to focus on not only being kind to everyone around us, but to give out hugs like candy to those who welcome it.

Just a Few Things YOU can do for Huggo de Buggo Day:

* Post in topics regarding Thorax - episode discussions of episodes he's been in, lore topics, discussions, etc!

* Put on a changeling avatar - be it Thorax, an OC or even a modest drone, as long as it's a cute changeling it'll work!

* Bother @Jeric and Friends and see if they'll create some Thorax & cute changeling related reaction buttons for the forum. He'll probably do it anyway though.

Spread love on this day and show appreciation to our fairy bug friends. :pinkie:


Oh, oh! It's lunchtime, do you guys mind if we hug?

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On 2020-01-06 at 9:58 PM, Cagey said:

Thorax is best buggo :kirin:

Thorax has much to commend them; they led their entire race into a new era.

But Ocellus is still cutest rock...

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