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  1. Banned because I've been drawing. SO MANY ART REQUESTS :S
  2. I'm drawing Dexter Holland because it's his birthday on Saturday.
  3. Banned because I'm drawing him for his birthday.
  4. Banned because it's Dexter Holland's birthday on saturday.
  5. Banned because I've only been on the forums since late November/early December.
  6. Banned because Noodles from The Offspring has replied to me and has also retweeted me 3 times
  7. In this photo: -The Offspring complete music video collection -Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace -The Offspring: Greatest Hits -Ignition -Collectors edition Offspring guitar pick display In this photo: -A pair of Converse All Stars -MLP:FiM favourite collection (includes NMM) -MLP:FiM Friendship Celebration collection -MLP:FiM Pony collection set -Artist sketching set -Artist sketch pad And then I got a bunch of baking stuff.
  8. Banned because I styled Rainbow's mane to look slightly more show accurate
  9. I took it up to his room after he left. I should make a custom figure of the drawing I gave him XD I have spare figures, I just need some paint and acetone. He appreciates the fact that I put effort into it and he says he might take it into work (He's an IT Technician at a college) and put it up in his office.
  10. He opened it! It was really funny. I got him another present as well so I wasn't too mean. As soon as he opened it I started laughing a ton and he just looked at me and said "Tori, I think you have problems. You should really go see a doctor." Then walked out. The look on his face was HILARIOUS.
  11. Banned because even though you banned me, I'm not leaving.
  12. This is the best music. None of that pop, dubstep and rap stuff. Punk Rock is what I live for! I'm getting a bottle of Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce signed by the lead singer Dexter Holland.