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  1. a light bulb pops up over her head "oh thats right!" sees him reading the paper and trots over to him "Whacha reading?" shining star asked and looked around the room to see who all was in there, then slightly sriked when she saw princess Celestia standing behind Thunder Dash and took off hiding under the bed
  2. @@C. Thunder Dash, "Oh my, now we cant let that happen" Luna turns around and trots out of the room, and Shining star remains on top of rainbow dash with that cute adorable grin on her face waiting for Rainbow dashes answer to her question. Then the clock chimes and the doctors and nurses all leave, being replaced by the changlings.
  3. @@C. Thunder Dash, Luna giggles at this herself "rise young protector of Equestria. You do not need to bow to me, nor does Thunder Dash and the rest of the Mane Six. We have come here today to check to see if the little one was alright and if she was having any trouble at all. But is seems that we have only managed to scare the little one. which is very odd being that these little changlings would be more scarier after waking up from what she did...oh goodness, we are rambling on" she says with a blush and and i tackle hug Rainbow dash "is mommy a wonderbolt yet?" i ask sounding very excited for the answer to come (ooc. forgive me if i see to have forgoten some things, i need to take some time and review everything we had done up to the this point. I also have tried to send you a message, but for some reason, the system wont let me)
  4. nurse Redheart begins running to the door "i cant take it! if she makes that adorable face one more time im gonna die of cuteness overload!!!" Once she clears the door, one night guard comes in and yells "Attention on deck!!!" as Princess Luna walked in looking around and looking at Thunderdash holding shinning star "oh good. the little one is awake. This pleases us so very much!" Seeing the Princess of the Night was a little to much for shinning star and she tries to fan girl hide her self under thunder dash's wing feeling insecure and intimidated by the princess of the night
  5. @@C. Thunder Dash, out of ear shot, one of the mare nurses was still laughing and said "no no. thats not why im laughing doctor. you should have seen the cute little face she made when she asked him that" she manages to calm down to a few little giggles here and there and i look up at you smiling and wagging my tail. " not sick anymore?" she asked her happy go lucky attitude back
  6. @@C. Thunder Dash, *Little shinning star would bury her head in thunderdash's chest for a few more minutes, then after all the sobs and crying was out of her system she would look up at him and just stare for a few seconds* "did i get struck by lighting like you did daddy?" *she asked 25% joking, 75% being dead serious which caused the medical staff that was still in the room to either start giggling at how adorable she asked the question, or just flat out laugh at the somewhat humor of the question was*
  7. Shining star continued to cry clinging tightly to rainbow dash as if she let go, Thebes the entire world as she knew it would collapse again and she would once again be thrown into turmoil. "What happened though? *sniff* all I Remeber is a very strange dream and then everyone liked very sad...."
  8. broke my wrist while on orders with the ARNG

  9. @@C. Thunder Dash, shining star could no longer hold back her sobs and broke down crying hard." im so sorry i caused so much worry for you mommy and daddy. im so very very sorry" she burried her face in rainbow dashs chest crying hard and choking slightly on her cries and sobs
  10. *shining star looked at Thunder-dash* "you almost died tried to save me? do i really mean that much to you? *she asked tears filling her eyes and she hugged Thunder-dash and Rainbow Dash very tightly* "i really must be your filly for you to do something so dangerous as that" *she said in between sobs* @, *shining star looked at Thunder-dash* "you almost died tried to save me? do i really mean that much to you? *she asked tears filling her eyes and she hugged Thunder-dash and Rainbow Dash very tightly* "i really must be your filly for you to do something so dangerous as that" *she said in between sobs*
  11. @, *the medic leaves the group so that they could catch up, and shining star hugs everypony tightly, trying hard not to cry, now that she knew that it was almost a whole month that she could not recall.* " what happened to me? why did i go to sleep for so long?" *she asked slightly scared*
  12. @, *the medic smiled* "some how, one way or another, Shining star's missing DNA strands have been bridged. They have been bridged...with your DNA. I dont know how this happened, but i guess you can say that Shining Star is now really yours and Rainbow Dash's daughter by blood, and such.
  13. @, *shining star hug rainbow dash back the best she could whimpering* "im so sorry for worrying you mommy. i didnt mean to. i dont really remember what had happened a few days ago." *her ears were flat, and tears started escaping. as shining star's wings fluttered with joy of being reunited with her family.* *luna smiled from the doorway, and leaves to put the cocoon in a safe keeping for when the day shining star would have to go back into it. little did she know, that the spell Thunder-dash casted in the forest had permanently fuzzed her pony DNA together, adding his DNA to her missing DNA strands. The Medical pony sees this in is studies, and rushes to Thunder-dash* "SIR!? Sir, you need to hear this!" *he says exited holding two papers, one before the adventure, the one from just an hour before*
  14. *shining star nuzzled Rainbow dash, and went back to sleep, dreaming, but this time seeing the adventure that Thunder-dash had gone on, and saw the Strange Alicorn nuzzle herself, then walk away disappearing into the dark forest. Meanwhile in the medical office, the test comes back and the Medic brings in Thunder-dash for questioning.* "did you....did you do something while you were out looking for the other hives? (ooc: how do i quote you with out it showing the entire quote, like the way your doing it?)