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    en minded . I like anime , manga , reading , writing , and poetry. I'm mostly into furry , neopets, and my little pony fandom . I love Harry Potter and would like to get into wizard 101 amd Homestuck. I will probably write original stories and a lot of my fandom choices . K-m for me. I also have been

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  1. Hi! I'm Heather,22. I like anime, manga, reading, writing, neopets, mlp, and poetry. I'm high functioning autistic but I don't work because I have mental breakdowns and don't go to school because of my mental health and lack of money. So I am a neet and have free time.though I am engaed and lovey future wife/partner. I'm kind, nice, sweet, and sensitive. But I don't always think before I act, am impatient, and can be too emotional. But I do my best. :) send me an introduction

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      Photon Jet

      Hi there! Welcome to the MLP Forums where we bronies gather round role play, help each other and discuss about everything.

      We hope you'll have a wonderful time here! Don't forget to ask us if you need anything.


    2. twilight24


      Thank you ^^ I've been on here awhile and just wanted to make some more friends