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  1. it's not like the heavy is spamming flames around him every goddamn second, isn't it like.. every 5 seconds or so? edit: nevermind, apperantly it does spam it nonstop..
  2. ohh i love oldschool games, i am currently working on a DooM Episode 1 Nightmare Speedrun. Nightmare difficulty is INSANE!!! my best is dying on the 4th map, one of the easiest maps aswell.. :/ oh yeah and the music in Doom is awesome :3
  3. what do you need a unusual natascha for? i got a Vintage Genuine Strange Self-made Unusual <unreleased quality> Community Valve Minigun...
  4. my friend just finished a Slender mod, my god i can't stop laughing it's so funny!

  5. do i even need to say more? i mean, crysis is one of the most beautiful games i've ever seen in my superb gaming adventures. making a game like this isn't something you simply do.
  6. so i just streamed Slender... shit that was a scary game o.O

  7. 1. buy a mann co key 2. unbox all the crates! 3. ???? 4. no profit
  8. who the hell sells their s. sticky for those two weapons? D: anyways grats on finding one that does.
  9. i recommend trying to use TF2OP to find someone selling the bounty hat
  10. not sure if my C++ beginners book wants me to make a keylogger(ish) program or i am interpreting the entire task..

  11. 2 new undocumented items have been added to the game. "what's in the sandvich box?" "what's in the companion square box?" appearantly these are promo items from comic con. and there were a picture of the companion square box that i found on the steam forums... that image is burned into my mind and i will highly recommend to stay away from that picture... o.O anyways my guess is that the Sanvich box contains maybe a Genuine Sanvich and the companion square box... Genuine horrible mutated lifeform.