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  1. @CameoShadowness @CameoShadowness Bluebell turned to beryl and looked at her with a kind concern. "My n-name is Bluebell. I want to help you. What-what can you t-t-tell me ab-about Posurmade?"
  2. @CameoShadowness @Samurai Equine "C-could you s-s-s-see if you can f-f-find an intact copy of th-th-this book? I have a f-feeling that it would h-h-help explain everything. In the-the mean time I-I need to find s-Samurai and let him n-know what we m-m-m-might be in for. D-do either of-of you know wh-where he might be n-n-now?"
  3. @Samurai Equine @CameoShadowness I'm back on the horse. How do you want to proceed? I'm up for anything.
  4. Rarity has arrived!


    1. Tacodidra


      She looks lovely! :rarity: Even better than I expected. :awed:

  5. Gold shines in people's eyes when lit up, but a gem shines only when you give it a chance in front of your eyes.
  6. @CameoShadowness I'll be alright. I'm just taking a mental health time out. I'll be back over the weekend.
  7. I'll be taking the rest of the week off to deal with some real life issues, but I'll be back.
  8. I hope I didn't screw up this time. I've been lost in my head a lot these days.
  9. @Samurai Equine @CameoShadowness "A w-w-w-windigo. I-I-I don't n-n-know who-who or what c-conjured it, b-b- but if there's one, there's going to be m-m-more, and they'll get big-big-bigger and more da-dangerous unless they're st-st-starved of the ha-ha-tred and antagonism that f-feeds them. If I r-r-read this book right, they-they will destroy this t-town, and ma-maybe the rest of Equestria with-with it unless s-s-something is done immediately. I must re-report this to the p-palace in Canterlot."
  10. "Oh, d-d-d-dear," said Bluebell, "You m-must have gone-gone through something t-terrible."
  11. It may be hard to believe, but I didn't mean for it to come across that way. I'll cut it down to make it easier.
  12. @CameoShadowness Bluebell motioned for Beryl to come back. She took the book, placed it on a table, and began skimming its other pages. Reading more, her expression grew more serious, quickly absorbing and processing the verses and their meaning. She turned to Beryl. "This is im-important," said Bluebell. P-p-p-please, t-tell me what you- you know."
  13. I don't get much time during the week, and i had an evening appointment. I also had to think it through a little more.
  14. @Samurai Equine @CameoShadowness @Astral Vision Can you guys let me finish this scene tomorrow, if need be. I promise, it'll be worth the wait!
  15. @CameoShadowness "O-other than healing from a broken leg, I-I-I'm okay, th-th-thank you. I w-w-was-was investigating th-th-the history of this t-t-town, and I was s-s-s-s-searching for in-in-in-information about th-this." She turned and carefully took the fragile page out of her saddle bag with her lip, and showed it to Beryl.
  16. @CameoShadowness Bluebell was hobbling among the library stacks trying to locate a volume that might explain the strange aphorism she found in her hospital room, when she felt herself bump into something, or someone. "Oww!", she heard a voice sqeak. "H-huh?", she said looking all about. She then heard a little groan coming from the floor. She looked down to see the little breezie vigorously shaking her head. "Oh-oh m-m-my gr-gra-gracious!", said Bluebell. I-i-i-I'm so s-s-s-sorry! A-a-are y-you hurt?"
  17. @Windy Breeze 🥧 My bad, I was struggling to figure out where Bluebell even was!