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  1. Aurea laughed "I'm fine. I'll have a chat with Gustav when I get back to Las Pegasus, he asked me to let him know if any "unclassy"" she made quotation marks in the air with her wings "criminals bothered me, and I plan to do just that - they will likely get a surprise visit and a bit of a scare, Gustav is out of the messier business mostly I believe." With that said she reached forward and pecked him on the lips lightly "You look like you are in more hurt than me, what is it about you and collecting injuries" Aurea wandered over to the medical kit for some bandages, applying them to the slash.
  2. Aurea laughed "Let me be blunt, Gustuv owes me a favor, so we will not be partaking of any medicine this fine afternoon. I would hate to have to call said favor on this event but if I have to I will" Aurea projected an aura of calm reassurance - she had confidence in what she was saying and it showed in her dominant posture and slightly spread wings.
  3. Aurea walked up to the doctor and gave him a look over "You ever heard of Gustav Ironhooves by any chance? He is quite the name in your circle I believe" She had made a bit of an ally for a rather notorious mobster at one point after making a fine cello for his son, she was hoping him name might indimidate this would be criminal.
  4. Aurea narrowed her eyes "I will be taking my share of the work. My mane will be fine, Its not like I can't fix it or clean it" She continued walking with the rest "I may not have any formal combat training, but any bandit is gonna get a piece of my mind and it will not be pretty"
  5. Aurea gave chetnik a cold glare "I get enough of that chivalrous bullshit back at home, I don't need it out here. I get you have good intentions but I can pull the cart just as well as you can. I'll take my turn with the cart after you" She turned to AD "Back me up here, I pulled the cart just fine before didn't I?"
  6. Aurea landed softly from the recon flight she had been on "I'm not seeing a whole ton, we should be safe, for a little while at least" She jumped up onto the cart and gave winter a checkover. Grabbing a broken piece of wood she lashed it to his broken limb as a makeshift splint. "You need to try not to move anything that is broken, it will just make the whole problem worse" She grabbed a canteen and shoved it in his face "Drink lots of water as well" Satisfied she hopped off the cart and drew aside Chetnik and AD "Let me know when you want me to take over the cart for a little bit boys"
  7. Aurea shook her head "We are near enough the whispering sands that occasionally weather will just, form, on its own, however weird that sounds." At this point Aurea began to take stock of her remaining belongings. Her medical supplies were intact, as was her violin and bow but she has lost most of her spare strings and various other items were missing, but nothing hugely important to her. "We should probably try to head for the nearest town, Winter needs proper medical care, as may AD."
  8. She turned and bopped him lightly on the muzzle with her tail "Don't do it again" She turned back and grabbed him, kissing him lightly "You are a fool, you are also very cute when apologizing, I might have to make up transgressions just to see that face again" She curled a wing around him protectively "But seriously, no more nado fightin ok?"
  9. She frowned "you should be, what the hell were you doing!" She turned away, her wings folded over herself protectively "What was I gonna do if you had got seriously hurt? What would I do if you couldn't kiss me like that again?" She turned back towards him, wings flaring up, waiting for a response.
  10. Aurea came streaking over the horizon, landing rather roughly on the ground near the cart. "Ack buck it all" she swore as she got a mouth full of dirt, but quickly righted herself with a shake of her head. Her wings momentarily flaredwhen she saw Apple Doom, but she quickly forced them down and turned to hunter "We found him, and holy horsefeathers is he in a state but he is alive and currently walking his ass over here, that's one tough mule there. Chetnik is currently keeping an eye on him, they should be here within about half an hour or so, I came back to share the news". With her message delivered she walked over to apple doom and dragged him away from his cart long enough to check him over. "How are you feeling? Let me know if you start to feel woozy or anything, a concussion could be bad news. Drink plenty of water and don't go near the booze or whatever you were drinking last night for a little while ok?"
  11. Aurea landed next to the pair a moment later, glacing at winter's injuries. "No Chetnik, we can't move him without a stretcher it would do him even more damage, he looks like he has broken ribs" She frowned "We need a stretcher, or we are going to need to settle down around here for a few days while winter recovers"
  12. Aurea glanced at the sleeping Apple Doom and the back to the rest "Noon, if you are prepared to keep an eye on Mr. Brained here, I'll give Chetnik a hand in looking around, can't promise any results though, that was some storm" she did a few last minute checks on Apple Doom using the extent of her limited medical knowledge.
  13. She laughed and pushed his head down gently "Yes, its me. If by good you mean getting yourself brained by debris, you did excellent. In the meanwhile take it easy, you still have quite a bit of head trauma". She called out to the rest of the group around her "Hey can someone fetch some water?"
  14. Aurea continued her ministrations, tending to Apple Dooms needs as he lay unconcious "You really are a dumbass arn't you" she muttered to herself "If only you weren't such a cute dumbass". She nodded to Chetnik "No worries, I did what I could. I'll do what I can with him"
  15. Aurea rushed over with the first aid kit she had thankfully brought with her, repeatedly cursing under her breath "Oh you stupid earth pony, why couldn't you leave the crazy ass weather to the pegasi" she muttered as she swapped the wound with disinfectant and applied bandages, relieving Hunter of cloth duty.