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    I'm gonna mary sue you for this. :maud:

    1. ooReiko


      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! its too much for me<33333333333333333333333

  2. Well, I guess it can get worse... :v Well, yes, the music is harsh and brittle, but it's actually melodic. In fact, it's not even a metal song, and speaking of metal songs, a lot of the metal songs I posted here are quite melodic, and use clean singing. Nothing like the screamo/death metal stuff you perceive. :v But no disrespect man. I guess that's the beauty of music. There's lots of different shit around, and, well, that's pretty good. You can take that one different thing, combine it with another thing, and make an even cooler, another thing. But, well, we do have our own preferences, and that's okay. 8/10, guess it's nice to smoothen up from time to time. c: Dem harmonies, tho...
  3. Ah come on, it has Japanese girls in it...That don't scream... :v 8/10 Definitely one of the better hip hop acts there...
  4. 8/10 Pretty cool. I like the singing. c:
  5. dank/10
  6. 7/10, pretty gud, but not dank enuff
  7. .......................
  8. 10feels/10 Time for another feelsy song, also about pretty much the same subject matter as the song above...
  9. 9/10 I need to watch that movie. D:
  10. 10/10 Oh dem, the feel tractor. D:
  11. 9/10 The kid singing about the questions of life makes the song. :')
  12. 9.5/10 I need some more Skid Row in my life. This is probably their (Rainbow) best song...
  13. 10/10 Classic.
  14. ^^ 10/10, that vocal arrangement is just lovely. The guitar solo's also very tasty. c: ^ 8.5/10, pretty sexy song.