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  1. Do you pop into Ponyville or Canderlot to see or check in on Fluttershy and the others?
  2. Okay. Discord, How many cups of Chocolate Milk can you drink?
  3. I see. How's she holding up during the pandemic?
  4. I see. Speaking of Sunset Shimmer, have you heard from her?
  5. I see. That's good Twilight consulted with Ember. Yes, Spike is a special case. What do you mean by Magically Altered?
  6. Did she mention, some of her notes are from when she and Celestia was raising Spike?
  7. That's cool. Was there a chapter about The Molt Effect and Hatching Season?
  8. That's cool. Which chapter did you like the most?
  9. 4. Did you get a chance to read Twilight's Dragon Book?
  10. 2. Cool. 3. That's good. Does that cheer them up a little? 4. That's good. Did she show you the Dragon Book she's working on?
  11. 1. I see. 2. That's good, you must be proud of that, are you? 3. I see. Do you catch Twilight and Spike on the balcony in Canderlot and you reflect on the moon to say hi? 4. Oh right, I forgot. That's a big project you're working on. Are you and Twilight going over your Friendship notes you've taken during your travels?
  12. 1. How many Food Fights have you started? 2. I see. Hope Twilight wasn't part of it, was she? 3. That's cool. How often do you do it? 4. Wow, that's a lot. Still writing letters to Twilight and Spike?
  13. Discord, Have you ever been in a Food Fight? Celestia, Have you ever stoped a Food Fight at the School for Gifted Unicorns? Luna, Do you still appear as a shadow on the moon sometimes, like the time when you helped Scootaloo? Starswirl, How're you keeping yourself busy in Canderlot?
  14. I see. Must've felt nice doing something with Spike, didn't it?
  15. Luna, Back at Canderlot, when you helped Spike get the Sibling Supreme Crown, how'd it feel?
  16. Yes, you have so many fans Luna. Did they mention they miss you and Celestia?
  17. I see. That's cool you've entered their dreams in return, I'm sure they enjoyed it. Didn't they?
  18. Luna, How was Nightmare Night during quarantine?
  19. Celestia and Luna, Just had a crazy thought, the time when Twilight used the Music Box spell when checking on Starlight during her mission in Canderlot, does she do that when saying hello to you two? Along with Spike?
  20. Brainstorm

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    I see. Aren't you three afraid that the Real Grogar might return, with it not being Discord this time?
  21. Brainstorm

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    All three of you, Even though you're in your stone prison, are you three aware of what's going on or no?
  22. I agree. Nurse Redheart, Meadowbroke, Zecora, Fluttershy, and others who've helped in these crazy times, they all deserve credit.
  23. I see. Well, Meadowbroke and Zecora deserves a big thanks for all their hard work, you all agree?
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