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Status Replies posted by An Antagonist

  1. songs about boats:
    -I'm on a Boat
    -Boats 'N Hoes
    -I'm on a Yacht
    -Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    sad thing is, they're all really catchy, like why?

  2. I don't get why people hate Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

    Those movies are great. Great for laughs! :laugh:

    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      Jim Carrey was especially a great Riddler.

  3. Happy happy birthday to ME!! Lots of cake and fluffy princesses all for ME!! :yay:


  4. Space Alicorn...a...Spalicorn? :awwthanks:

    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      Maybe It's Spacelline:


  5. Too true. To be fair, VICE tried to rectify this by actually doing boots on the ground coverage, but they fizzled up in the end. Sad~


  6. If Discord would take the role of Q, who'd be Data? :ooh: :o

    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      Maud or Mudbriar.

  7. Thanks for the follow back! :D

    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      Was only fair.

  8. I just saw the movie of William Wallace. You know the one:


    It was excelent! I loved it. :wub:

  9. My city has finally been hit with some good Heat! 

    Went for a run but wow was not ready for that heat. Couldn’t even do 5 miles straight and last time I ran I did 7! Gonna take me a bit to get use to it. Been about 10 days since I last ran distance too.

    Welp shower time! 

    Also sunny skies means tanning tuesdays again! :D

  10. My little ice cream dragons arrived!


  11. 5555 Brohooves! You know what this calls for?


    Rewatching this beauty! :wub:


    But seriously, thank you all, guys. You're the best! ^_^ 

    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      My favorite music video(s) of all time!

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  12. My reaction to the new DeviantArt layout...


    1. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist

      If nothing else, can they at least let us turn Recommended For You off?

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