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  1. Sky was having one of those days again. It was one of those when life hands to lemons, and then puts them in your eyes. Yes it was one of those days. He had been drinking again. A lot. Being a lonely stallion, he had only one friend though, a drink. One drink lead to another and then he was trotting outside in the rain along a path he not could recognize. Thunder boomed as it poured rain. He began to think about himself to ignore the cold biting rain. His life...he was a "business" man as he called it. Really when he meant business man, he just meant a charismatic speaker who could trick someone into trusting or believing him. That was how he made a living. He had many things money, valuables, girls, but he wasn't satisfied. He started dazedly off into the distance to spot a place of rest. His eyes still affected by booze spotted a lonely structure amongst a place seemly barren of life. He started to trot towards the dimly lit structure. Boy was he in for an adventure this time.... Somehow when he reached there he ended up coming through the back. He fumbled with door for a moment then trotted in. He looked around to see if anyone else was here... @, Sky heard the stallion ask him why he was here. Sky just brushed it off as he was hungover now from all his drinking and not in the mood.
  2. Oh man I missed out on this...Oh well but it does seem like a good one, if I do say so myself. If you ever add more http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/twilight-sky-r2961
  3. Name : Twilight Sky Link : http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/twilight-sky-r2961 Brief Desc : He has a drinking problem. He is a bit of a daredevil and somewhat funny. He is actually quite lonely and that is why he finds a friend in a drink. He was adopted into his family which lives in Canterlot. He attended a academy for upper class ponies and he got into trouble...a lot.
  4. Bored. Also RP has been slow.

  5. Well this roleplay has turned into the PinkieShy and Paradox roleplay. Though I noticed jolteon posts as well sometimes.
  6. No + Pe = I don't know chemistry :/
  7. @, Sky noticed her embarrassment at saying that, so he smiled at her and said cheerfully, "That's great to hear! I'm happy that your business is doing great." As they continued to walk down the street at night Sky couldn't pick out a place he liked so he asked, "So Lime where do you want to go? Honestly I can't make up my mind..."
  8. I found someone else who bolds and colors blue all their texts as well. :P

  9. I am current having debate with myself whether to or not.
  10. @, Sky heard her question he thought for a moment and said, "I'm entrepreneur of...sorts or a business man.." He thought it would be best if it he kept at. He smiled and then asked as they were walking, "This may be a stupid question, since I know your name but what do you do for a living?" he said with a slight tone of humor.
  11. People have been inactive. I've been by my lonesome. Also I noticed were missing some people and yet are to post. Also some people have posted but nothing has developed. Come on! Post more! Advance this RP, so that it can get into a rhythm and we will have consistent one going.
  12. @, Sky was surprised as he she grabbed his hand and she dragged him out of the club, already leading the way. He chuckled for a moment. He replied, "Why don't we just walk and talk for awhile?" He wasn't what sure what interested him so he decided that would be best. (( Just noticied something, Honey Jars and Equinox both stutter. Stutter Squad ))