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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Ultimately you trade one for another and get about the same amount of environmental damage if not more.
  3. Also another tidbit of info... Modern agriculture is actually bad for the environment. It is actually causing the desertification of the planet by clearing huge swaths of forests, jungles, etc for farmlands. People love to point to how cows and animal husbandry in general causes a lot of pollution but fail to realize the effects of growing the large amounts of plants required for their vegan sandwiches.
  4. Humans were hunter-gathers, agriculture was an invention that came later on. The original diet of humanity was mostly animal meat and animal products supplemented by whatever was found like fruits and nuts. In fact there are people on Earth who still eat this way as their ancestors did. They did a comparison on them of those who stayed in their primitive diet and those who chose a modern one. The ones who stuck with the primitive diet were much healthier!
  5. The big igloo and lots of changes in the political landscape of America.
  6. Who do you think I am talking about? Genuine question. Also...
  7. Three days of only brief little naps I wouldn't count as sleep.
  8. Yes it just regular business men, definitely do not look at their ethnicity. Ya know the one disproportionately gets into Ivy league schools. Who disproportionately makes 40% of billionaires. Who owns 90% percent of the media which uses said media to post inflammatory articles about current politics. Don't look.
  9. I visited Family on the west coast, and drove across America to New York.
  10. Shower every day. Though only shampoo your hair weekly if your like me and it dries out your scalp.