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  1. Amazing, I can't even express the time it probably took you for this! Did you just know how to do this or did you learn it somewhere?
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  3. The Duel of three powers By: LeBrokenSpoon It was all over. She felt it. The Aches in her head were twating away all of her thoughts, clouding her mind in a misty haze. Bouncer got ahold of herself. Why was she this off balance? She was the quickest bladesman in all of her small city in the clouds, LeahBrow. She forgot to knock back the next blow. "Shit!" She yelled as she got her wing clipped by her adversary's warhammer. "Ah!" She yelped as she gritted her teeth. She moved too fast for the Earth-pony, using her good wing to propell herself onto him, her blade plunging into his lower gut. He retched in pain, screaming. She silenced him with ease, her hoof sending three jabs to his neck. All he could do was gargle as his life passed away. She felt his body go limp, she withdrawing the blade, once a shining silver, a crimson. "Pitiful thief..." She muttered to the now lifeless body. She walked to to the nearest town, it now controlled by her new general, Golden-Wings. Still sore from her blunder with the thief, she walked into the General's cabin, then taking a wine glass from the nearby table, pouring herself some red wine. His eyes were upon her body, now gleaming up to her eye level. "We're going to end the war today." He said in his formal, cold hard voice. She was astonished, completely suprised! A ten year war, now over, the Pegasi would rule in peace again, without the two other powers! (Earth-pony & Unicorn) "We're sending you to duel their best swordsmen, whoever wins takes the lowlands and wins the war." She had to smile at that. No one could beat her, she was sure of it. "Then let's go." She said, nodding. Hours later, she was in her royal family colors, Green and silver, her armor sharp and ready as if to take one into a deadly embrace. She was listening to the crowds as she entered the stadium. The other two, the Earth-Pony named Laben, his armor shining in all gold, like the wheat of his people. The Unicorn, clad in a purple tinted steel plate, not known by anyone else. His face was hidden, his horn....was cut off. The crowd gasped as they looked upon him. A horn sounded, she didn't see anything, only the unicorn run right through the Earth-Pony. He fell into a crumbled form, his armor broken and useless on the ground. How did he do that? Bouncer thought as she drew her blade. They ran at eachother, blocking and shoving blows. She did not notice the extra blade. She felt it run down her thigh. She just grunted, throwing into a fury of blows in a storm of steel. Small cuts kept somehow appearing on her body, he somehow getting his edges past her best defenses. "Just die!" She screamed at the unicorn's blank helmet. He responded with a sword thrust into her lower leg. She howled in pain, losing balance and tumbling in the arena's sand. She began to scramble for her sword, he kicking it away from her reach. She looked up at him, his eyes only showing through his helm. He raised his double edged blade, looking down on her. "Goodbye." He mutters to her quietly in a broad voice. She feels it pierce her neck, then everything goes black. Rainbow Dash finished the reading, now looking up in her armor. "We lost that day." Luna Says from behind her, her lunar guards watching over the crowd with the Pegasi guards. "But today we will NOT lose!" Rainbow yells into the mixed Pegasi and Lunar guard army. She smiles up as the moon rises, looking to Luna. "We will fight with the night's army, to take back the lands we rightfully own!" Rainbow yells as the legions chant below her, she grinning ear to ear as her family colors were draped over her: Green and Silver.