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  1. I'm gonna try and write my own interpretations and analyses on the Delphic Maxims; I view them in the same way as the Tao Te Ching - you can read them in as short as a minute or as long as a lifetime.

  2. Jason from The Good Place is my spirit animal.

  3. You are dead - there is no nice way to say it. You don't know exactly how you managed to kick the bucket, but the guy who greeted you, Michael, has that covered; in fact, he and his assistant Janet have all your accommodations covered. See, the afterlife isn't entirely like how the various myths and religions portray it. It's founded on a point system - every action you performed in your life had either a positive or negative value attached to it. For example, you see a homeless guy on the street, and you decide to buy him a couple cheeseburgers and a coffee instead of doing the usual "spare a
  4. Have started watching The Good Place  - might consider doing a "multiversal" RP based on it.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m sorry that I’m late.


  6. Happy birthday, Renegade! :eager:

  7. Merry Birthiversary!

  8. Hey hey, have a great birthday! :yay:

  9. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: I hope your day is a wonderful one! :catface:

  10. :balloon:Happy, happy birthday to you! Make it a great one!:blue_baloon:


  11. For my first MLP-related project of 2021 (one of my resolutions is to get started on my writing, so this will not go to waste) is my attempt at a "1980s AU" for EQG: Don't You (Forget About Me). My primary influences will be John Hughes' teen films (specifically The Breakfast Club, reconstructing all the things it deconstructed), Saved by the Bell, and The Goldbergs.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Sounds awesome, Renny.

      Happy New Year

  12. The history of Christmas and its pagan origins especially are fascinating - Saturnalia, the base for modern Christmas celebrations, is itself derived from Kronia, an ancient Greek festival taking place in late July-early August (so, in a sense, Christmas in July ). BUT the Greeks also had a winter solstice celebration - Posidea.
  13. OK, so after some thought due to gut feelings pulling me back towards it, I'm attempting to pursue Hellenic paganism once again; it helps a friend of mine has also been drawn to paganism, and has been helpfully encouraging me. To elaborate, I now consider myself an agnostic theist - meaning while I believe in the Greek gods and goddesses, the existence thereof is (currently) unknown and unknowable from our present baseline of knowledge about the universe.
  14. This is still my fondest memory of Suite Life.

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