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  1. Hi there, and welcome. Im sure you'll find everyone around here very friendly and chatty, as I have .
  2. Hey there everypony, my skype name is kpanthera , feel free to add me. If you do, sending a little note in the greeting with your mlp forum id/name would be much appreciated. The names one word, no spaces.
  3. Hey there, and welcome to the forums. Im relativley new here myself, and everyone has been super friendly and welcoming. I hope you enjoy your stay, as I'm sure you will!
  4. People love to hate. It saddens me when Im watching youtube videos with pony content and theres many, many people respnding to the haters. Like, I get what they're trying to do, but giving into trolls doesnt make you win, it only makes them win. IMO, the best way to respond to haters and trolls is silence, thumbs down, and perhaps a friendly, if not a tad smirky, smile.
  5. Unless their avatar is overtly sexual, I try not to judge. Even then, It just sets me back a step. Like Dowlphin said, dont judge a book by its cover, as I've also made that mistake a few times.
  6. I usually only get looks, but rarely does anyone say anything. When I went into walmart and asked the lady in the toy section where their MLP stuff was, she didnt look surprised in the least. So it must be a lot more common around here than I had first thought. As other people have said, using the old "oh its for my sister" or "my little cousin is obsessed" usually works fine. But who cares right? Brony and proud!
  7. Hey there, welcome to the forums! Cant say Ive seen your stuff yet, but Im not a big tuber so nothing much said there. However, It sounds intriguing and I must check it out. Hope you enjoy your stay, though I know you will .
  8. Gonna have to go with Mickey D's as well. Always loved the fries, especially when they're so hot they burn your mouth. Lately I've developed a taste for quarter pounders and every so often an angus third pounder. My body hates me for it, and always makes me feel like crap a few hours after indulging. Still worth it though. Why does bad food have to be so good . Subway's great too, for a somewhat healthier option.
  9. Dont know if anyone already posted about the Kinsey scale, 72 pages are way too many to look through. But anyways, its always irked me that in mainstream society we generally only have the few standard options to choose from. The school of thought that you're either gay, bi, or straight. When I ran across the Kinsey scale I though that was pretty cool, that there were more options for the greyer areas of sexuality. Its not always as simple as a cliched label. Dont get mad at me for linking wikipedia : Under those criteria, I would most likely be at 1, though it shifts up and down from time to time. Which is another reason I like it.
  10. Someone just reminded me of Ocarina of Time. Without a doubt the most epic N64 game I've ever put hours and hours into. GTA 3 was another big one. Sooooo many hours spent driving around with absolutely no goal in mind. The most "recent" for me is definitely Metro 2033. Those Ukrainians sure know how to create an immersive and engaging game. People sometimes complain that the aiming is sluggish and such, but IMO that just makes the game that much more realistic, especially with the updates. When you're fighting against a horde of giant mutant rats and bats in the dark and musty train tunnels beneath post-apocalyptic Moscow, and your allies start getting eaten around you, and your machine gun runs out of ammo as the monsters descend on you, the sense of terror and urgency is very real. The sound effects are amazingly done as well, as is the combat. The story is very well written (as the game is based on the book of the same name), and, again, very engaging. Would reccomend to any fan of story driven FPS PC games.
  11. White through and through. Mostly Canadian (whatever that means, most of us were immigrants at one point), with some Scot, Brit, Ukrainian, Metis, and a teeny bit of African. Its funny actually, for the longest time I though that meant I had some black in me, but turns out that part of my family were white africans. Was a little dissapointed when I found that out . Ah well.
  12. The one in my sig. Most of the quotes they use on criminal minds go in one ear and out the other, but the very first time I heard this one, it really sunk in and made me think. So true if you ask me.
  13. Lol I was going to say Bad Taste as well, before LOTR, Peter Jackson was a pretty sick fellow . Oh well, I'll say Dead Alive/Braindead, which came right after Bad Taste if im not mistaken. Also a Peter Jackson film, those crazy New Zealanders. Heres the trailer, Im not sure how to post videos. nevermind, it worked . And for the record, I loved this movie, made me laugh more often than most movies I've seen. Super gory too, but in a comical sort of way.
  14. - People (Not all people just certain ones, and the other two directly relate) - Being rendered immobile (ie, tied up, drugged) at the hands of a psychopath, or any crazy in general - Being completely alone in the world. For example: virus wipes out every single living thing on earth except for you. Not very logical but still, that would be awful. I think I'd lose it pretty quick in that situation. As others have stated premature death sure is way up there. As well as losing the ability to walk, see, hear, talk, think, losing ones sanity. Its all about some form of loss in the end. Hmm, maybe I should lighten up a bit .
  15. Agree with poster above. Meeting a new person and really hitting it off is great, then finding that you have many things in common and becoming friends. Thats relatively rare in my case though, Im always the odd one out, the "quiet" guy. But hey, that just makes life more interesting, and all the more special when I do meet people. Things from recent history though thats on my mind: Playing an awesome rock show in front of a packed room. Instantly 20% cooler. OK maybe we werent awesome like Ozzy or Hendrix but hey, it still felt pretty great. Hundreds of people applauding you really does a bunch where self esteem is concerned. Never been so scared in my life though . Worst thing was a few minutes right before we were supposed to go on my G broke . I was so looking forward to getting up there with the neon green strings, but alas, it wasnt meant to be.