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  1. My opinion on donuts is that they're delicious. As for what kind I prefer, just regular ol' glazed.
  2. I'm almost level 5, guys. What faction should I join? I'm thinking of joining Instinct just because they're the underdogs, but is there any significant difference if I join one team or the other?
  3. Yeah, I mostly eat healthily, rarely drink soda, love eating fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains, etc. all that stuff. But since I'm a skinny guy with a fast metabolism, I'm trying to gain weight (in muscle). I eat a lot of food (mostly healthy), and can fit in "unhealthy stuff" in my diet as long as I meet my calorie requirements.
  4. I'd say I'm an ambivert. I used to consider myself an introvert, but now that I'm less shy and am around more people more often I've started to enjoy being in "extroverted" environments as well as being alone or in small groups. As long as there isn't too much of one thing.
  5. I can only speak English. I'm learning Japanese and I plan to learn Spanish and Swedish.
  6. After a few seconds in you sound like you're saying " 'Ella noice "
  7. I don't really have somewhere in particular, but I've always wanted to move to Japan or somewhere in Europe like Scandinavia or Western Europe. What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse if you could only have one?
  8. Planning to. Is there somewhere in particular that you want to move to in the future, and why do you want to move there?