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  1. Battles come and go... I am eternal
  2. Questioner's only purpose in life is to confuse you. don't believe what he says.
  3. Can I choose none? I guess not... Portal Apples or bananas?
  4. I decided to change my name into something better!
  5. I have a costant fear that Questioner is behind me..
  6. 1 Pinkie Pie Try to google "smile song" and you'll easily know why she's first in this list 2 Twilight Sparkle she gives the books to everyone! 3 Applejack Can't really find anything, only the welcoming she gave to Twi when she came to Ponyville 4 Rarity 5 Rainbow Dash. Best pony, but she's clearly the least kind one.
  7. I've been distant from the bronyhood for so long that it feels childish to me to hear "best pony" even though I fucking said for 8 months.
  8. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
  9. I'll take the win from here, thanks