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  1. Oh Guys... Why? Spiders are actually pretty cool animals. My cousin has got 6 spiders, I think. 4 are really big. maybe 5 inches or 6. They look so awesome ^^. I like them.
  2. Hmm... They aren't bad... They're just... Hmm... Simple. Everyone can do an alicorn. Overpower, beautiful pony, which does only epic and good things. Of course maybe people could do some defects, but they're simple, like love cookies :3 I don't like alicorn OC's cause author doesn't straining himself. The most epic is do OC, which is normal, not related to the mane 6. And hasn't got any super powers. I know that I am not talking about that what I should, but I must say this. I readed somewhere that the best OC's can be a background pony. So... No... They aren't bad if they have got normal story, without any royal stuff and Ultra-Magic-Accidents. If somebody wants to do an alicorn, he/she must do his/her best. You must motivate alicorn pony. No "He born in royal family and he is an alicorn." It doesn't work this way. So... In sum... You can do an alicorn, if: - You have great idea for a story. - You will motivate this. And that stuff.
  3. Heh... Simple question. I do not need any special things to do that. I just turn off all light in my home. Ok... The only thing that I need to sleep is silence. My family must by quiet.
  4. If there's one thing you know you are, it's #1! You tend to be competitive by nature and love to show off your talents at every available moment, but that's often because you've put in a lot of practice to perfect your techniques and want to take pride in your effort. Because of this, you sometimes get a little too proud, fearing competing if you don't feel you can win and getting hotheaded if someone questions your capabilities. You hate losing. Even though you may be a bit self-centered, you still care deeply for your friends and would stand up for them no matter what. You're deeply loyal to them, even if you may not always show it. Just because they're not as talented as you doesn't mean they're worthless, because you love them for who they are, although you may still joke around and give them a hard time — really, who doesn't like a laugh? You're incredibly brave and will be the first one to volunteer to venture off into the unknown or stand up against an enemy, perhaps letting your impulses get a hold of you before a rational plan is actually thought of. While a lot of ponies may care how they look or concern themselves over what they're doing, you always want to present yourself in the coolest way possible. Whatever someone else is, your goal is to be 20% cooler. Fashion and style are a waste of time to you, because you know that's not what determines how cool a pony is. And if you think dying your hair all of the colors of the rainbow will make you 20% cooler, hey, guess what, because you don't care about appearances, it does. - See more at: Yeah... I am not suprised. It was definitely expected. I am like Rainbow Dash, I know it. I am forward like Applejack and Rarity? Yeah I think it's correct too. I dunno why, but I believe in tests like this. I love it :3
  5. Yeah. Your're right. My own signature is too big, so I found some similar. Apart the fact that is Rainbow Dash, not Rainbow Blitz like pony on my singature.
  6. YAY. I'll join. Oh...Oh... snap. I am in group already xD Just... Maybe we should make some events in games? Like Team Fortress 2 or W/E. Hmmm?
  7. Yeah.. Sure... I have two best ponies. Who? Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch. Rainbow is the best cause she loves adrenaline and epic things like me. Vinyl is the best cause she loves and makes awesome music That's why they are my best ponies.
  8. Did anyone heard new Mando's song? I think it's better master peace than Loyalty, Kindness and Generosity together xD

    1. Squeaker101


      I haven't heard it, but Kindness is a tough one to beat. The feels in that song...

    2. Scarlet


      Umm... I can't find that song. I think he deleted it. Heh... Update Song was awesome.

  9. 1. Steam. Great games platform. Billion times better than origin. Great achievements ;3 2. Spotify, epic music app. A lot of favourite music 3. Mozilla Firefox. Just internet explorer. 4. Photoshop. Making graphic and stuff. 5. Illustrator, I really don't get it. Vectoring is great mystery for me. 6. Skype. Duh.. Talking.
  10. Yay... I think It would be very interesting. Spike as pony? Awesome... I think hew would be an unicorn Yeah.. He should. Just look at him. He can't fly, but he loves helping Twilight in library. Who normal would works in library and doesn't read books? It's simple. Who knows? Maybe some fan will do an animation with Spike as pony xD a
  11. I didn't even complete 1 OC xD Nope.... Really. I think Original Characters are something which must be complete in every detail. Apart the fact that Golden String is my boosted ponysona I want to make him perfect Like his grandpa said: "You won't make any awesome things without feeling. Technique is just small part of master peace. Emotions are most important." Yeah xD That's it. Everypony in his family is musician(not including his sis'.. she is gamer Golden String is the best. He is musician and gamer ). I don't know will I make more OC's. Of course I am don't talking about OC's to fanfics. Maybe :3
  12. Umm... I can't... It's just too beatiful
  13. Answer is very simple. I looooove music. EVERY music. And I love anime. That's why I chose my avatar("That's why they call me Loyalty" :3 ^^)
  14. Yeah... Fallout 3 works on my i7 cpu ^^ There is everything on the internet ;_;