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  1. Sorry if i'm offending anyone because i don't mean to but this seems slightly insane. The quote below is what makes me think this is trolling.
  2. I want to temporarily close my request shop. How do i change the topic name to show this?
  3. Now i think of it yeah xD i was going on a super perfect side view thing so his two legs hide the other ones but looking at it now he could use his other legs xD
  4. Well i would invite one if i knew one. That would be the next issue after time. You would need to find people who know the famous bronies.
  5. Well i want to get more involved with the MLP community and i love doing art and creative things so i thought i will start drawing more ponies and such. A while ago i wanted to make my own pony so i went to inkscape and made my own pony vector. This is my very first vector and my own OC that i plan to develop sometime. I have plans. I am more than happy to hear creative criticsm I am also capable of doing 3D sculptures in sculptris. Below is two of my best sculptures. The dragon i didnt finish. If anyone would like to request a sculpture, vector or drawing i aim to always put a lot of quality in my work although my computer can't handle super complex sculptures so they may be more simple.
  6. I expect this to be the reason as well. When you are making videos, art, music and such to a quality level that we are used to from the more famous bronies i would imagine they don't have much time for anything else.
  7. This would be amazing. I'm only recently realizing how much i like ponies but i doubt this would happen for a long time. They would need to hire a game studio or put forward and idea for something this big. I think this would be doubtful on their end because unlike most games they can possibly appeal to most audiences. A game this big which is specifically about My little pony would be much more specific in its target audience. No doubt they would catch up gaming ponies with it but any person who doesn't like ponies would more than likely not get the game. There is also people who like the franchise but don't game so they might not get it either. I will admit i want to see the badly as well but i think it would just be either a bad or very risky business decision on their part as games are quite costly to develop now.
  8. There's defiantly fun in forbidden memories. One of my favorite yu-gi-oh games because of how challenging it is. I eventually cheated to beat it on pc but i got close on psx When it comes to old consoles all i had was NES and Sega Megadrive/Genesis. The i went to psx and so on. I remember alongside DOOM and Dune i played a number of puzzle games, noddy, mario and sonic games mostly. There are a lot of retro classics though that i missed. I have yet to play a zelda game for example.
  9. Ill check that out I have actually played and finished VVVVVV so i may have to look at that as well now as you say it is like that game. Unfortunately i haven't played any of the game you mentioned besides starcraft of which i play starcraft 2.
  10. I was curious is there is any one out there who loves to stick to the retro games even though they could be 20+ years. I recently went back to play the old Legacy of Kain games as i never finished them. What retro games do you stand by even though they are out-dated? (or are they?) Two other games i always stand by is DOOM and Dune. I would love to meet some new ponies who share my love of those games as well.
  11. Glad to see im not the only one looking forward to DOOM 4. I've been waiting for it since not long after i finished DOOM 3. I knew it was going to come and it has been a long wait. I cant say i have any others on mind. When people say new games my mind instantly turns to DOOM
  12. I consider myself lucky when it comes to this. I haven't actually had to interact with many anti-bronies. My college friends and family all seem to go about it in a friendly way. I don't exactly parade it around though. I would agree with this though. I am pretty sure most people i know think of it like this.
  13. Thank you for posting that Time to go browse the stations.
  14. If there is this thread is kind of useless but i was wondering if there is or will be some sort of radio. If there isn't i think it might be a nice idea to have some sort of radio show which can be run by a number of bronies that have time available and are willing to run it. It could feature songs from popular artists, newer artists and many more things. Possible question time to the people running it and events and such could be mentioned over it to the listeners. I just thought it would be cool to just tune in and let the radio run as it would be something i am interested in.