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  1. My name is Bond..James Bond


  3. Wind Stream's Charger blast around a nearby corner, drifting around before stopping at the garage. He opens his door and steps out, "Am I late, because, I had to drive halfway out of town for this." He leans into his car and turns it of, then closes the door.
  4. Well this isn't good and all, but I don't really see a 'major problem' considering that radiation is naturally a curing in the universe.
  5. And the exodus of Earth begins, we will all leave by spaceships. QUICK GRAB THE PONIES AND RUN MY BRONY FRIENDS, WE MUST MAKE MLP SURVIVE!
  6. I have always been a fan of racing, mostly street races, though I loved Need for Speed OC Name:Wind Stream Species:Pegasus Car: Charger 69' Street Racing Rank: Rookie
  7. I told my dad i'm a brony, got a good bad reaction, A BRONY LIFE FOR ME

  8. Nothing can explain the disappointment in this movie, the first one was okay, this and the third were sequels that used to much animation.
  9. Anyone else have a head ache after Physical Training?

  10. I learned something, I hate PT

  11. I woke up with a really bad headache, why me?

  12. ................

    Feld0 Memes

    OH MY GOSH, FeldO is looking
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