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  1. Spiritual Nightmare

    OOC The Canterlot Caravan OOC

    Haavvveee I told anyone how I'm going to be dropping out of the RP? If not, whale, I am. Sorry. See, school is starting soon and I have a crap-ton of stuff to do. I have my story, my drawings and multiple other things. So, again, sorry and god bless everyone, if god exists at all. Also, yes, I also have that argument stuck in my head T_T
  2. Spiritual Nightmare

    Searching The Caballus Rebellion [OOC]

    Well, sorry to hear that. I mean, I WANT to be more active, sure, but I have to deal with a forum being raided by 4chan and everything... Sorry for making you angry DX If you want, I can RP still...where's the link?
  3. Spiritual Nightmare

    Searching The Caballus Rebellion [OOC]

    Yeah... For one, don't rant about how we're online and not posting. Sure, I come on from time to time, but it's only to check the place out. I never really have time to stay and chat or RP >.> For two, I have drawings, banners, avatars and the sorts to do other places, plus life would equal not enough time. So, yeah, sorry for being a bleep and not posting. Not my flipping fault.
  4. Spiritual Nightmare

    Searching Casual Baltimare RP.

    @, Oh, I figured. I mean, I thought I would be active, but obviously not. It's fine. Don't feel bad for doing it or whatever
  5. Spiritual Nightmare

    Searching Casual Baltimare RP.

    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH Totally sorry! I COMPLETELY forgot about this RP(and this forum -.-) I'm SO SORRY! Maybe I can drop out? ;w;
  6. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, I blushed as I nodded. "Well...maybe I get a stomach ache, then I would regret eating all of that food...maybe I'd be fine, but then I'd enjoy it too much and become a bit too gluttonous... I dunno, it's a bit complicated. Also, sorry for my mood swings. It's been happening ever since I arrived in Baltimare..." I mumbled into my mane, sighing.
  7. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, "Well, on the brightside, I'm not even full, but this guy is." I giggled, nudging Pondah's shoulder. "I could go for three to four more meals! Depends on their size...well, actually, I'd eat whatever is passed my way, honestly..." I sighed, scooting my plate around around on the table. "I dunno..."
  8. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, As she knocked me on the head, waking me up, I was just about to eat a sandwich in my dream. "Bubble, you ruined my dream..." I whined, sighing. "Anyways, is the food her-" I saw the sandwich, making me drool. I picked it up with my hooves and, not letting anything stop me, ate the sandwich quite quickly, barely taking 2 minutes or so. "Gah, that was the best." I mumbled, sighing with relief.
  9. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, @ I had dozed off for a bit, and, hearing the TV, woke up with a shock. "H-Huh? Oh..." I wiped a bit of drool off of my face, blushing in the process. "So, what are we having? Oh, right...daffodil sandwiches....with extra hay, mommy..." I slowly drifted off to sleep again, dreaming of us eating hay sandwiches with extra daffodils...
  10. Spiritual Nightmare

    Ask Frost

    Why do you love Applejack?
  11. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, "That sounds like a great choice! Well, I mean, if you love lettuce, cause that's all there IS to it besides the bread...so anyways, Bubble, what are you getting? I might get a hay sandwich, just with extra dandelions though...I dunno, I haven't exactly decided yet." I sighed, looking down. @
  12. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, "Well...what do you mean by 'allowed'? I mean, anypony is allowed to eat anything, of course! Sugars, sweets, wheat, dairy, the possibilities are endless!" I sighed, letting out a little immaturity. "The question I'm trying to ask is why wouldn't you be allowed to eat a certain food, lie dairy, wheat etc.?"
  13. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, ((...I was waiting for you to post, knuckle head OwO) @, @, "U-Uhm...yeah, I'm coming!" I said, entering the cafe. How could anyone be afraid of Bubble? Her enthusiasm is awesome, plus she's great at doing what she does! "So...what are you guys going to get?" I asked, sitting down at a table.
  14. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @, "Wrong pony? What do you..." I then realized what might have happened. "OH, oh. Yeah..sorry about that." I muttered, blushing. @, "U-Uhm...yeah, I guess that's a good idea." I mumbled, smiling. "W-Wait..." I looked in my bag. I found what I wanted- my glasses. Putting them on, I smiled and said "There. I'm complete."
  15. Spiritual Nightmare

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    @,@, "Y-Yeah, hi Bubble." I said, blushing. I turned to the other pony, forgetting who he was until he said alley. "W-Wait...you're that pony from before! W-Wait, a good cake?" I didn't know what to say about that. "U-Uhm...oh, you mean the food cake. I missed out on cake?! That's my favorite kind of sweet!" I groaned, thinking of how delicious it must have tasted.