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  1. Haavvveee I told anyone how I'm going to be dropping out of the RP? If not, whale, I am. Sorry. See, school is starting soon and I have a crap-ton of stuff to do. I have my story, my drawings and multiple other things. So, again, sorry and god bless everyone, if god exists at all. Also, yes, I also have that argument stuck in my head T_T
  2. Well, sorry to hear that. I mean, I WANT to be more active, sure, but I have to deal with a forum being raided by 4chan and everything... Sorry for making you angry DX If you want, I can RP still...where's the link?
  3. Yeah... For one, don't rant about how we're online and not posting. Sure, I come on from time to time, but it's only to check the place out. I never really have time to stay and chat or RP >.> For two, I have drawings, banners, avatars and the sorts to do other places, plus life would equal not enough time. So, yeah, sorry for being a bleep and not posting. Not my flipping fault.
  4. @, Oh, I figured. I mean, I thought I would be active, but obviously not. It's fine. Don't feel bad for doing it or whatever
  5. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH Totally sorry! I COMPLETELY forgot about this RP(and this forum -.-) I'm SO SORRY! Maybe I can drop out? ;w;
  6. I feel horrible ;w; Seriously, I practically abandoned this forum...I'll try to be more active, but...with Pangoro and Pancham from Pokemon X&Y rolling in, it's just too much to bear...sowwie >~<

  7. Every single RP I'm in currently...I'm dropping out of them due to school work and that stuff. Sorry.

  8. @, I blushed as I nodded. "Well...maybe I get a stomach ache, then I would regret eating all of that food...maybe I'd be fine, but then I'd enjoy it too much and become a bit too gluttonous... I dunno, it's a bit complicated. Also, sorry for my mood swings. It's been happening ever since I arrived in Baltimare..." I mumbled into my mane, sighing.
  9. @, "Well, on the brightside, I'm not even full, but this guy is." I giggled, nudging Pondah's shoulder. "I could go for three to four more meals! Depends on their size...well, actually, I'd eat whatever is passed my way, honestly..." I sighed, scooting my plate around around on the table. "I dunno..."
  10. @, As she knocked me on the head, waking me up, I was just about to eat a sandwich in my dream. "Bubble, you ruined my dream..." I whined, sighing. "Anyways, is the food her-" I saw the sandwich, making me drool. I picked it up with my hooves and, not letting anything stop me, ate the sandwich quite quickly, barely taking 2 minutes or so. "Gah, that was the best." I mumbled, sighing with relief.
  11. @, @ I had dozed off for a bit, and, hearing the TV, woke up with a shock. "H-Huh? Oh..." I wiped a bit of drool off of my face, blushing in the process. "So, what are we having? Oh, right...daffodil sandwiches....with extra hay, mommy..." I slowly drifted off to sleep again, dreaming of us eating hay sandwiches with extra daffodils...
  12. @, "That sounds like a great choice! Well, I mean, if you love lettuce, cause that's all there IS to it besides the bread...so anyways, Bubble, what are you getting? I might get a hay sandwich, just with extra dandelions though...I dunno, I haven't exactly decided yet." I sighed, looking down. @
  13. @, "Well...what do you mean by 'allowed'? I mean, anypony is allowed to eat anything, of course! Sugars, sweets, wheat, dairy, the possibilities are endless!" I sighed, letting out a little immaturity. "The question I'm trying to ask is why wouldn't you be allowed to eat a certain food, lie dairy, wheat etc.?"
  14. @, ((...I was waiting for you to post, knuckle head OwO) @, @, "U-Uhm...yeah, I'm coming!" I said, entering the cafe. How could anyone be afraid of Bubble? Her enthusiasm is awesome, plus she's great at doing what she does! "So...what are you guys going to get?" I asked, sitting down at a table.