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  1. Movies/TV

    Oh boy. Now there's a laundry list to unfold. Let's see. There's:
  2. Movies/TV

    It varies. Smackdown is the most consistent. So is nxt if your up for raiding dailymotion. I'd avoid raw. It's a 3 hour slog. Stick w ring of honor, lucha underground or pay 8$ a month for NJPW, the hottest ticket in town. Not nessesarily. Ziggler v nakamura was better on SD than @ backlash
  3. Movies/TV

    Yeah sure. Let WWE keep telling themselves that. I mean I wouldn't really have any gripes, if their SD match were even half as good as their ROH one. But it was just standard TV filler. Shame, for we know both guys are capable of better.
  4. Open

    @Flearia Dragondanser @Unicorncob @Mentis Soliloquy Mindy let out a low growl as she looked away from Walleria. "I'll give her one chance..." She said low. Walking past Walleria and opening her door. Outside "Do you not get the hierarchy of nature here? Your a pony! She's a wolf! Wolves eat ponies! Legend has it that her ancestor ate Odin the horse father whole or some st like that!" She froze when she heard the door opening. Slowly it creaked open,and out of the darkness walked Mindy, a deadly calm emanating from her. Steely, silvery blue eyes locked right on Quill. "Ah shiznit."
  5. I love you by the plain white T's. So simplistic. So insulting to my intelligence. I had to hear that song every day at work for nearly three years.
  6. Movies/TV

    So you guys remember about 3 weeks ago when Smackdown did Nakamura vs. Owens 'For the first time ever' ? Well take a look at what ROH uploaded just a few hours before that show.
  7. Probably buy the Senran Kagura games that I've been waiting to come down in price, as well as all the DLC that comes with. But other than that, I pretty much bought my fill at the anime steam sale.
  8. Movies/TV

    Hey look! NJPW filmed a special on their upcoming G1 special here in the U.S.
  9. Movies/TV

    Lucha underground is the place. He's done a hell of a job as Mil Muertes (aka Lucha undertaker). Put on some match of the year canidates against Prince Puma (aka Richochet in NJPW)
  10. Movies/TV

    That actually sounds like royalty in real life. But that actually illustrates a big problem w/ this feud. It's essentially between two sociopaths. How are we as an audience suppose to empathize with either one?
  11. Movies/TV

    Oh. But still, didn't he debut as 'Indian royalty' first? And if I recall, didn't he start that whole sociopath phase against Khali?
  12. Movies/TV

    He actually debuted as an entitled, cocky, wise ass. Which I rather miss, because even though the whole legend killer gimmick was dumb, at least he had personality and was somewhat fresh in terms of ring moves. Now his moves are stale, like his personality. Depends where on the good/evil scale Randy lies. If he's a good guy, than he should be less ruthless. If a villain, then by all means, unleash that ruthless aggression. But this whole anti-hero, bad boy shtick is getting very, very old. Orton vs Mahal wasn't a clash of good vs evil. It was a big jerk vs an even bigger jerk. So I can't really root or sympathize with either man. And yes, Mahal is getting heat, but is it the right kind? Does the audience boo Mahal cause he's a compelling villian? Or because they think he's unworthy, not just of the championship, but of their time? Looks like WWE got the buzz they wanted. And more. This whole thing backfired so hard on them, they've now redacted Carmellsworth's claim on the briefcase and are now hosting the first ever MITB rematch. I mean it does give proper heat to Carmella, who cut a really good promo on SD. In a way, maybe they should've run with this. But for posterity's (and rating's) sake, they do need to have the contract be definitively won. It just sucks, cause therm reneging on this so fast means they were really short sighted in their planning.
  13. Movies/TV

    Look I know MITB was a dull slog to get through, a jobber is the WWE champion and nobody wants to watch raw is bore. But nevermind that st. Here come's Mongo The 2017 G1 Climax tournament! And guess what!? The first two days of this massive 90-ish match tournament are being held here in the states! So remember durign the MITB ladder match when Styles & Nakamura had that stair down & scuffle? I bet that's setting the stage for SummerSlam. And I hope their match looks something like this:
  14. While the world maybe mundane, the characters are sure not. If anything, toning down the adventure and fantastical elements helps the eprsonalities of the humane cast stand out. Human's reacting to magic. Ponies reacting to an alien realm. Seeing the growth, stories and interpersonal relationships of Twilight, SciTwi, Sunset and everybody/pony else showed a new side of what MLP is capable of. Not just magical SOL or high fantasy, but character centric personal drama, shown center stage. I actually like Friendship games and Legend of Everfree a bit more than Rainbow Rocks just due to the characters shining a bit more, thanks to the mundane world.
  15. Here is a treasure from one of the greatest eras in history.


    I hope you enjoy it.