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  5. Denim&Venom

    The Cutest Couple Contest

    I think it might be on hold till tomorrow so that it isn't competing with the world cup.
  6. Denim&Venom

    General What did you dream about last night?

    It wasn't nice. I was a detective trying to hunt down a child molester. Found the culprit by DNA testing a random red wig that I almost put on. Also the band Disturbed wound up playing at a cafe in the middle of some po dunk village in the woods.
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    1. Sylvester


      Mindy from the Network sent me.




  8. Denim&Venom

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Glimglammers! One more time! Let's take our team leader to the finals of the world cup! Go TCK!
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  13. Denim&Venom

    Rarity Fan Club

    Ranting and raving Raritycs! Team Changeling Kingdom calls upon your aid. Over four years ago, your forces brought our lady Generosity to the Semi-Finals of the last MLPF World Cup. And now our fierce and fashionable fighter once again stands upon that precipice. But with your help, she can be taken to greater heights. To the final round where she belongs! I remember. I remember the zeal you all brought. During the Summer of the year of our Princess two thousand and fourteen. You all drove our champion forward to best the god of chaos himself. Bring that same zeal fourth once more for our lady Rarity and for Team Changeling Kingdom! Let me remind you of what you're truly capable of. From the book of Inspiration 12:17 "Rarity is the spirit of creation ... neigh of all art. Your song of exultation brings tears of melodious joy to inspire the world to love and open their hearts to new opportunity. Your quill lifts nothingness from the aether and make you a creator of life. This is the way of our Goddess." From the Letters of Rarity to Coco 17:2 "Remember above all this, Darling. Creation is blessed, charity divine, and words of kind grace beatific in nature. Pass on all that you have learned. Let generosity flow unto this world for everpony ... from the new born foal to the poor poor Agister no longer able to walk. Certainly we all have the obligation to open our hearts to all that would have them". From Acts of Fabulosity 1:2 - 5"The Goddess stood before a comely stallion, bereft in his appearance as he felt it brought shame to all he loved. He regaled our mistress with tales of Diamond Tiara and her hurtful ways. The Goddess listened with rapt attention such as only seen from the great Pony Willow Trees in Fluttershy Forest." "She held up her hoof to quite the soul of the stallion and said"Do not despair. You come before me, with courage in your soul and say that you are not Fabulous. Neigh, I say unto thee Darling. Fabulousity and beauty does not come from your coat or mane, nor your frame. You speak yourself hideous, but I say go forth and be marvelous."At this moment she hugged the stallion and sent him on his journey. As the stallion passed the reflection of the nearest mirror he froze and dropped prostrate before what he saw. He was gorgeous now. Rarity had allowed his inner Fabulous nature to come to the surface. In tears he turned to thank the angel of grace that have bestowed this gift. She was gone. The stallion continued on with a a lighter heart, knowing that he was destined for greater things. And all would love him. From Acts of Fabulosity 17:22-36 According to Coco "We sat upon rock patiently awaiting her next glorious instruction. The radiant angel of Fabulosity turned to us and surounded her self in a pale blue light, only outmatched by her vivid eyes. She looked at her apostles and melted our beings with her grace" "As she rose into the air, she called down unto us. "All my Darlings. I have learned of another plane from Pinkie the Bakist. What I show to you must not be told to anypony else until it is time. Behold my true form ... and understand my miracle." "The great Goddess was joined by other Goddesses. One, young and with a voice of silk. The other, aged and wise with a spirit unlike any other we had witnessed." We beheld the Fabulous Trinity and wept for at least one was proven to be a Saint.