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  1. It would've been Past Sins: The Movie.
  2. And frankly, it was a bit of a disappointment. While it was an improvement in the fact that it wasn't just another Empire Strikes Back clone, having quite a few original ideas and moments compared to Force Awakens, it didn't wow or excite me as the prior film, nor did it really answer any of the questions TFE asked. Who were Rey's parents? Didn't matter. Who was Supreme leader Snoke? Didn't matter. How did the first order get so strong, not just overall, but since the last movie? Didn't get answered. What was the next step in Kylo's training to become a Sith? Didn't matter. What drove Luke into hiding? Answer fell kinda flat. Despite the variety of locations, the movie felt small in scale. It was essentially one big case scene. All the other places were boring or of little consequence. The entire casino sub-plot felt like a bait and switch. The conflict between Po and the vice admiral felt forced, with neither side being in the right or wrong. A few choices made by the fleet felt dumb, just to heighten the tension. And Rey's journey to Luke wasn't insightful. It was boring. The whole movie felt really small in scale. Even smaller than Rogue One. And that ending. Usually you get left with an indication of where the next film is going. But this felt more vague and open ended. Almost like something to conclude the trilogy with. We were all also expecting something spectacular to happen with Luke, but he just disappeared. Literally. What kind of ending is that to such an iconic character? Add to that moments that didn't make the new cast look as strong or definitive as they were in the last film, while also putting the older cast in the back seat, and no one really shined all that well. There were good moments. That was one hell of an opening they had. Really highlighted the desperation of the Rebellion in an innovative battle scene. The fights and duels were done very well. And it was about damn time somebody used a ship in a light speed kamikaze run. No one really gets how destructive something like a grain of sand travelling at light speed can be, let alone a whole star ship. It made sense and looked spectacular (though why the hell didn't they do that with the other two ships they had?). All in all, while this film looked spectacular and had it's moments, The Last Jedi was bland and convoluted. My dad said it best. He didn't hate it, but it didn't blow him away either. What about you? Is the film better than I stated? Worse? Was it worth the wait?
  3. Not much. Those properties make money. Disney wants that money. So Disney is gonna buy them as is, so they can get that money too. Changing an already successful formula is too much of a financial risk.
  4. Hasbro would change about as much as Marvel and Star Wars did.
  5. Welp. Slept through the whole damn thing, thinking it'd be on after Robocop, not before. Try again next year...
  6. Oh yeah, all the damn time.
  7. we could pursue something, but would it be appropriate given the setting and all that they've been through? Starlight? Probably dead. Another victim of the plague. there's a bit of a theory going around that the races don't age at the same rates. Earth ponies only live to their 60s. Pegasai live to 120. Unicorns live for centuries (we've only seen one old unicorn in the show.) So Starlight was taken before her time, and that haunts Twi. You forget a lot of things over the course of 300 years and a world shattering calamity.
  8. Not me. 2013 was fine prior to Net Neutrality. It'll be fine now.
  9. didn't notice they were traveling together. From what you've written, Leks love for Twi is an unrequited one. Though I think that's more Twi being aloof and oblivious more than anything. She never struck me as the type to pursue romance. Heck, it took a considerable effort for her to make even a small group of friends. I think she's just asocial in nature and would've been indifferent to being on her own. And with all that's happened, romance is the last thing on Twi's mind. she'd see Leks as sh see's anypony else in her life. Just a good friend. In Lektra's eyes she and Twi designed a child together. In Twi's eyes, they built a functioning AI. A successful science project. Nothing more. Luster is pretty much what Spike was to Twi in S1. An assistant and a student to be mentored. And that moment in her office may have been tender to Lektra, but Twi didn't notice. She's too wrapped up in finding her family and piecing her shattered world back together. Twi is a damaged pony. 100 years after the collapse and she still hasn't recovered. Still tormented by the loss of so many ponies, including her parents. still trying to fill the hole inside left by the loss of the friendship and harmony that made Equestria.
  10. Luster has already decided her stance. 250 as a recon/expedition force, w/ another 250 as reinforcement/extraction, all being air lifted.
  11. To have that much metal to enchant, to build a city, to build golems, armor, weapons and war ships, you need a lot of metal. And that much metal isn't gonna be taken without some environmental consequences. Maybe not strip mining per say, but I can see areas becoming desolate because they've been plundered of their last resource. There has to be a cost for NE to be "thriving" .
  12. You say that, but not say where this is all coming from. Maybe that can be the skeleton int he closet of NE. They've become so thriving by effectively strip mining Equestria and destroying the surrounding environment just to sustain their little city. And while they're not the size of space ships, why do they have to look like them at all? What purpose does it serve? What aero-dynamics engineer would green light their air craft looking so alien? Other than to simply look the part?
  13. Jeeze louise. That looks way to thriving to me. I was imagining something like this: Perhaps it's something Twi and the city's older residents have observed. Newer generations lacking that curiosity, that exuberant spark, that diversity is lacking. the need to experience life and the devotion to ideals of love and friendship have been replaced by a devotion to duty, efficiency and nationalistic zeal. The wild stallions as it were, have been replaced by work horses. Work to keep the city running and expanding, or else we'll all die. That's probably the mind set that Twi and Leks have unintentionally cultivated. Sorta like starlight's village, except instead of equality, it's collectivism. Everything is done for the betterment of society, rather than the individual. No, the carriers won't be big because where is all that metal coming from? There's no way a city state in a devastated wasteland remains only such, while possessing dreadnought sized air ships at their disposal. That'd be like the city of Baltimore constructing it's own fleet of air craft carriers. With what? We're not proceeding to the crystal empire on war ships. That's too OP. Equestria isn't gonna go from early 20th century levels of tech to Star Trek in 300 years, especially after the near extinction level event that had transpired. Air ships the size of our largest air craft make the most sense. Probably 125 Earth Ponies. 75 pegasai. 50 unicorns. Probably 4 mini-tank golems.
  14. What gave me the idea is that we're playing in a world where most of the population has died, entire nations and societies have collapsed, and the continent has become a dangerous no pony's land. That is way too idyllic for a post apocalypse world. No place on earth short of a government bunker should enjoy a high standard of living. Compared to the outside, it would be idyllic, but life inside NE should not be perfect, especially compared to the show. I can't imagine the area between Ponyville and Canterlot being very resource rich, nor the residents mining where they live. So unless NE has managed to secure a quarry and are heavily defending it, they might be closer to imperialist Japan, being conservative w/ what they build and how much metal they use due to their isolation and the metal they have to work with having significant impurities. Or having mass production follow the Soviet model of utilitarian design while maybe citing a few corners.
  15. General Media

    As much as I prefer DBZ, you all have to look at the facts. Superman is simply put, too OP.