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    The recent purchases thread

    I bought a months worth of 5 hour extra strength. A Starbucks honey and almond double shot. Glazed chicken and rice with queso drizzle and salsa. And a Lamb Of God tour t-shirt.
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    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "If you smoke crack in our bathrooms, you will be arrested. This isn't Applebees."
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    Movies/TV Any Pro-Wrestling Fans Around?

    More Being The Elite! Now 619% more cooler.
  8. Well it won't be right away, but as it stands Miko has: Guess it'll have to be settled the even older fashioned way: Trial by committee! Bureaucracy for the win! So we'll eventually go to R&D and break that place in half then.
  9. Maybe salvage the tech fro the gym and take a portal to an isolated area? Had the idea that certain doors could be magicaly equipped to lead to other doors. It'd be how teachers could just go home to their families and still have a quick commute to campus. I also imagine that there are government facilities available for the testing of magic. Probably have even stronger containment protocols. Or they just don't use magic, heck put on anti-magic runes and settle it the old fashioned way.
  10. Exactly, and if she starts to end up on the loosing end, it might be what drives her over the edge. @Duality @Buck Testa I had the idea that Miko is actually far more powerful than even she realizes. That she maybe worse than Dru. Not that she can't control, but that due to the scope and status of her powers as a kid, they were misdiagnosed and she was given the completely wrong training. The only reason she's so in control is that she's been tacked with a limiter rune without her knowing. And Galhan could set everything in motion for disaster.
  11. And in hers he's too much like the arrogant teachers she was forced to put up with. More interested in having students obey and conform, rather than actually learn and improve.
  12. And she will go all out to correct the blame back onto him. Ghalan seems just the type of person to draw Miko's ire.
  13. This is what happens when you don't use a BlackBerry OS.
  14. I'd rather handle it RC, as it helps us explain the dangers of what just happened, which will play a role in the future, who destroyed the hall and who might be to blame for the failure of defensive protocol. Lots of discuss in Salem's magical equivalent to chernoybl.