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  1. More of a nightmare. Pretty much this Amish cult was spreading through the town brainwashing everyone in an attempt to fullfill an ancient prophecy.
  2. -Whatever happened to the Sirens? -What's going on with Castle Everfree and who is the Pony of Shadows? -Why is Zecora in Ponyville?
  3. I'm pretty much waiting for anypony else to reply. It's anypony's post.
  4. Oh yes definitely. Been one for as long as I can remember.
  5. Request Shop

    I am indeed fortunate. Thank you. She is going to a good home.
  6. Request Shop

    @Ginger Ale Hey, didn't you say that Navy Velvet had some extra artwork?
  7. Movies/TV

    Y'know you found a good Tumblr reblog with this as the thumbnail.
  8. So with another BC in the books, I'd like to ask, how was everyone's time at the con? What did you do? What did you see? Who did you meet? What crazy experiences did you have? What merch did you mortgage your homes over? Share it all here!
  9. Food

    So I was flying back home when the stewardesses handed out the consumentary snacks. And noticed some people got honey roasted peanuts, and some got pretzels. So which do you prefer? Pretzel or peanut? (edit: we're also talking hard snack pretzels, not the big soft ones)
  10. Probably would've had more intensity had it been thorax as an old school changeling vs. Ember, as it would be a clash of two creatures with visually intimidating styles. Something that MLP has yet to really do. But thorax is still a pretty bug and a reformed character. I mean look at him. He has one of the least intimidating designs and behaviors of the show. so ember just from the preview looks like the aggressor, rather than leaving it ambiguous. I'm sure it'll be an interesting episode (so long as it's not a stress vision), but it just feels like this should've been done last season. Post Times they are a changeling, pre-finale.
  11. You try putting that on a t-shirt and selling it. Besides, mr.socko is love, mr.socko is life.
  12. He's a jabroni beating pie eater. And Because you're one of the millions.... and millions.... of the people who finally(!) smelled what he was cooking.
  13. ... I can get workers comp from this, right?"
  14. Request Shop

    sorry. mass quote. Navy Velvet and 21 were the ones.
  15. Request Shop

    Thanks dude. I'll take good care of them.