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  1. Take two on posting the stein competition between the VA's. 

    And the winner, Bill Newton (Grand Mac and Pharnyx.) Who double fisted the whole challenge. 




  2. Finally made it back to the sponsor dinner. Said hi for my brother to Nicole Oliver. She says hi back. Dining w/ bill newton.

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      god i am jelly. Cherilee is one of my favorite ponies. <3

  3. I think this question needs to be moved to the Debate Pit.
  4. Open

    @Lektra Bolt @TBD @Randimaxis @Acnologia @Drago Ryder "Yeah, maybe inform the rest of us why you ever thought it was a good idea to face off against the forces of evil all on your own, as well aa give us some insight on how well that's worked out for you so far?" the red ranger said in a critical tone.
  5. Spoiler

    Gonna be watching this with a few hundred other people live at #Ponyville Oktoberfest.
  6. It's the opinions you don't agree with that need the most protection. If we're not allowed to hash it out here in a civil manner, it'll only be done in a place where it won't be.
  7. Enjoy the simpler things in life. Like drinking mountain dew out of a wine glass. Whilst listening to drunk yelling in the lobby above.

  8. Ponyville oktoberfest 2017. And we opened with a wedding proposal. Somepony play love's in bloom! How do you top that? A stein holding contest w/ the VA's (and one comic book guy). 

    Won by Bill Newton (bright mac, pharnyx). Who did it double fisted!

    (photos aren't uploading for some reason:okiedokieloki:)

    Also, the ponies may have done half their shananigahns while drunk. And pinkie maybe the physical manifestation of schrodinger's cat.

  9. Made to ponyville oktoberfest. The finest MLP convention in the Midwest.  And boy is my room banging.

    Look for this if you want to say hi.



  10. spoiler

    Good episode. Bad pacing. The gags weren't repetitive to me. If anything I actually had to pause after cause I was laughing so hard. And RD just kept impressing me with her ability to dispose of the evidence. What I didn't like was that the reveal and ending were so rushed and flat. I was half expecting Dash to actually be allergic to pies, or have diabetes, but be too cool to admit it. But nope. Simply doesn't like them. And that confession is 'dramatically' done in front of AJ & Twi, but not Pinkie? And the gross out pie? Was it really necessary? Now I feel like taking a bath after watching that. I get the moral they were going for. Just be honest with your friends, but also surprisingly included, understand their point of view. And was I the only one a bit let down that they didn't have Dash state what she would like other than pies? Good first 20 minutes. But the final act left a bitter aftertaste.
  11. Not quite. The dragon torso will sorta part in the middle, turning it into a pair of shoulder pads, where the head will emerge between them.
  12. If anypony is still confused, the transformation will probably look similar to this.
  13. Nope. Manticore head stays on the torso. The megazord head will pop out when the dragon stretches/ splits in the middle.
  14. No, not that either. Here's what I'm thinking. windego folds out to become the legs. Manticore becomes the torso, and the lion head does the bits and beam attacks. The dragon will lay on top side ways, the tail and head becoming arms. But the torso stretches in the middle, forming a gap where the head can be.