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  1. "The youngest picture of you is the oldest picture of you."
  2. I will not go to sleep until I'm done eating my Toquitos. 

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  3. "I got like, an inch and a half in there, and then I gave up."
  4. I think she's great. She's the only Equestria Girl who's actually different than their pony counterpart. We have a shy, self conscious, socially awkward Twi who was never mentored by a demigod, became a national hero or even studied the power over a force of nature like magic. She's a look into how Twilight Sparkle as a human, raised in our mundane world, would act. And that makes her both relateble and compelling. Plus she was team captain for Las Pegasus Sin City United in the MLPF world cup, so that already breaks your ten point scale there.
  5. Merry Birthiversary!

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  10. Prom was actually a thing for the juniors at my school. didn't go to that one. Kinda felt I was above all that. For the seniors, our big day was the homecoming dance. I went to that one last minute, and although I didn't have a date, I ended up partying hard anyways and everyone said they were happy I showed up. Especially when I requested to the DJ that one of our dance numbers be Bodies by Drowning Pool.
  11. @Jeric more than a little late, but in regards to the first prompt, does an alternate history and time travel fic taking place after TEOTE count towards the event?
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