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  1. PinkiePieJr

    Gaming WoW MLPForums Private Server?

    Not that I am personally aware of, but I really don't think something as big as Blizzard is going to put ponies in their games. Sorry :/
  2. PinkiePieJr

    Online Contest winner!

    Hehe, but for the contest, you can answer anything out of any category. There are new categories being added basically daily, and as long as you're at least a member, you can sugest new categories. I have I think at least 3 categories on the site that are mine.
  3. PinkiePieJr

    Online Contest winner!

    So many probably know the site, aka Wiki Answers. Well I happen to be a supervisor on that site, and you can find me there, as same as I am here. But be warned, I have the power to get you blocked from the site XD Anyways, they recently did the Summer AnswerThon which is a contest lasting so many days for supers, and members, that whoever answers the most questions about anything in the time period, wins prizes. Well I've partaced in them before, but barely answered many, especially due to they are usually on Weekends, and I had no internet at home to do them. But now we got internet, and I got notified that it was going to be going on Thrusday-Sunday. So I prepared myself. I wrote down all the topics I would look thru unanswered questions such as mlp, skyrim, roman numerals, trans, etc. Anyways, In the time being I had to stay up to 2am answering question, because I wasn't able to get off work for this time. Then my grandma also came making me get less time, so I had to work even harder. I basically thought there was no chance of wining 1st place, and I was correct, I didn't. However, I just got notified that I did win 3rd place! So as my first online contest ever, I won (not first, but still wining). I get a $25 Amazon gift card for it. Perhaps next contest, I will be able to get off work, and I will get that 1st place. Muhahaha.
  4. PinkiePieJr

    Web What was the last Youtube video you watched?

    Saw this from KYM, but they have the technology now where you can draw a 2D image, and then interact it where it will 3D move with you.
  5. PinkiePieJr

    An insect that you hate

    Is this a trick question? I just hate insects in general. Mon-Fri when comming home from work at 11:10pm the porch light is on and bugs everywhere do to that. And I have to reach threw them to open the door and go in, and I hate it so much.
  6. I don't know how many weird al fans are out there, but I have been a fan for as long as I have been breathing. He's always been one I've looked up to. He's gone thru so much to get to where he is today. Good example of not giving up. Anyways, he's seemed to be comming back lately. It all started with his new album "Alpocolypse." He did a voice for a character in the hit show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." He played Sir Isaac Newton in an Epic Rap Battle of History Season 3, and now, he is releasing new songs every day for 8 days! 5 of them are currently out, and they are really fun. If you haven't seen them, you should really check them out. They really made me laugh. 1.) His first song was Tacky parody of Happy. Jack Black is in it 2.) College Humor got to pair up with him to make what is currently my favorite "Foil" parody of Royals 3.) With an epic typogrophy video comes "Word Crimes" parody of "Blurred Lines" 4.) You will definatly laugh seeing "Handy" parody of "fancy" 5.) and of course he's famous for his polkas "now that's what I call polka"6.) I think this is an original. "Lame Claim to Fame" 7.) Another original "First World Problems"8.) I don't normally like sports, but "The Sport Song" is so fun. Check this stuff out! And keep in touch to see when his new ones come out too. And if you haven't ever listened to him or know him, now's a great time to find out;)
  7. PinkiePieJr

    Music Best Video Game Soundtracks

    I personally really love the music to Skyrim. I really love the theme, and the title theme is epic as well. It's all especially cool to play with the music and everthing on my surround sound system. Makes the game 20% cooler.
  8. PinkiePieJr

    Music The 25 Greatest Songs of Two Steps From Hell

    I got 7/11 of those songs you listed. I hope that's good enough -smirk-
  9. PinkiePieJr

    Gaming Do you go for 100% on video games?

    If it's games like angry birds, I will play all the levels, just to get past, and after that, I go back and try to get the 3 stars on all levels I didn't do so on. Games like Skyrim, idk yet, cuz I never finished the game yet. I'm only level 25. But when it comes to like achievmetns, yes, I go for every single acheivement. And also I got that darn skyrim hoarder disorder where I have to search EVERY dead body, chest, and urn. XD I feel bad for lydia, she must not like me deep inside.
  10. PinkiePieJr

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Last one I saw was "The Song Catcher" I believe it was called. I didn't really like it. It was too long for me, and despite liking music, especially older stuff, I didn't really like the story much. But I'm currently watching Eragon so in a couple hrs that will be the last one. It's awesome watching it again now, cuz I see it and it's like "wow. This is a lot like Skyrim"
  11. PinkiePieJr

    Web Post Your Youtube Channel Here

    Well, this is my channel: I tend to do long big projects, so I don't always post daily, but I try to post more. I post silly things, memes, TSFH (Two Steps From Hell- epic soundtrack music), and pony stuff. My one video got on EQD. My most recent video was so if you want some awesome background music to listen to, check it out!
  12. PinkiePieJr

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I don't really know what to tell you. I mean currently I am listening to by Two Steps From Hell, but I don't really know what I'm actually thinking. My brain is mean to me, and it will think on multiple things all at once. I get so many ideas for things it sometimes drives me crazy. Music's always in my head to the point where I have trouble sleeping. It makes the day at work go faster, but it's hard sometimes. Sometimes I get rather good ideas, and if I don't write them down, I will forget due to a new idea replacing it. Just today I got 2 ideas for shirt designs, and I wrote them down on toilet paper it was that bad of need to remember them. I got so many ideas with things but not enough time to do them all. It's hard for me.
  13. PinkiePieJr

    Gaming What's your favourite video game of all time?

    Well I do actually like classics. You know, pac man and stuff. Out of classics my fav, would probly be dig dug. I am rather good at it. Although, I am pretty freakin awesom at Bosconian. I really love that game. I don't remember all the details, but I remeber once I wanted to go for the world record. I think I was close to half way as to the furthest I ever got. Oh, and xavious(sp?) was pretty cool. That was the first video game to go virtically rather than horizontal I think. Also to make a new language by fans. Really fun. But currently, I have been playing Elder Scrolls V, and I really have been likeing that lately. But speaking of video games, mine as well check this out for those who never saw it. Super cool! I promiss:
  14. Hillo everypony! As some of you may know, due to actually being a part of it, I have been working on a YouTube video for the past 6 months. For those of you who didn't know that, and I am acting as a complete stranger, then hi, my name's PinkiePieJr, I am trans, I play french horn, I am popular on the cheezeburger network for my memes. Nice to meet you. Anyways, I listened to all 817 songs that were on my favorite soundtrack artist "Two Steps From Hell's" Channel. Composer Thomas Bergersen and Nick Pheonix. Now there are actually 825 songs since my time making this. But I picked out my favorite 25 of it all, to bring you "The 25 Greatest Songs of Two Steps From Hell." So if you are feeling like you would like 1 hr. 17 min of something epic to listen too, why not check it out. Can't hurt. Well, you could listen to loud you go deaf early, or you could enjoy the epic so much you fall off your chair and die. But for most people, you should be alright: And if you like it, why not be awesomes and tell your friends, post it to your facebook, print out billboard ads for it, force your children to watch it, recreate it in a sock puppet show, etc.
  15. We just recently got internet at our house, and I connected my xbox 360 to a live account (free for now), and since all that was changing, one thing I wanted to change as well. I've wanted to do so for a while, but I didn't know if it was safe. What I want is to just change my avatar. I'd rather have a girl avatar, and should have made a girl one when I first got the xbox. Well, I know you can just go to edit avatar, and select the create new avatar button, which is what I'm assuming I'd have to do. However, here's the reason as to why I didn't do that. If I make a new avatar, I'm afraid it will make a new "account" so to speak. Restart all my awards, achievements, saved games, gamertag, basically evertything. So I'm wondering to those who would know, does making a new avatar, make you loose all those things, cuz I'm not sure all that I've worked for is worth loosing to about what gender an avatar is. If it doesn't do anthing, but actually change the avatar, and all acheivements are still there, great, and i'll do it. But I wanna be safe first.