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    I love to sing! Unfortunately I don't have the editing skills to make good music, and singing by itself sounds kinda lonely and awkward, so I don't do it much online and stuff. But I sing along to everything in real life, and love to memorize song lyrics so I can sing them at will!

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'll probably just pull a "there was a seventh pony teleported, but they didn't appear with the rest of the group!!" on y'all.
  3. Yeah we can continue, no problemo. Just gimme a bit to think of something clever lol And yes Lektra can join, just mind the rules and stuff :3
  4. I just didn't get around to it, I didn't forget . I am kind of slow, as people in here can attest to...
  5. Valentine's Day isn't that great. Even if you're in a relationship I don't see why it's great. What is great about it? Nothing!
  6. I was kinda wondering that too lol... I think it's kinda dead though. One person left, because I asked them to please respect the rules. One person left (I think) because they didn't feel their character worked with the RP. And another person left (I think) because of lack of free time issues.
  7. Like I said before, it is pretty weird, but I can see having a romantic non-sexual relationship. But with them not being humanoid, it seems just...wrong to do anything more than that. "Dating" or marrying one of them would be mostly fine, having sex with them could easily be argued to be borderline bestiality. Yes, you've all made it clear they aren't animals, but they are obviously extremely similar-looking to animals. If you're ok with bestiality then whatever, personally I'm not really. And finally, to all the people who are saying "If I were a pony", that argument doesn't make any sense. Vital Spark hit the nail on the head: Just because you're changed into a pony doesn't mean you won't still think like a human. You'd have to be born a pony for that to make sense, and obviously you weren't.
  8. Silver noted the arrival of others in their party, clearly distinguishable by their foreign clothing or just their sheer out-of-place factor, with a calm, emotionless glance. His eyes tended to give one the feeling that they were being judged, which was absolutely not inaccurate most of the time.
  9. What this person said. And this applies to all trolls and bullies. Standing up to them gives them more ammo to make fun of you with. Just pretend they don't exist and they won't have any more enraged bronies to LOL at.
  10. Silver, ignoring the mug and the waiter, dropped aforementioned scroll unceremoniously onto the table in front of North Arrow as an answer. He then lifted all of the items out of his bag, some quite perplexing in nature (such as several books and other things that were not really recognizable, or seemed rather useless, like a container labeled 'salt'), shook them out, and dumped a bunch of sand out of the saddlebag, with a facial expression that gave away little beyond the fact that he was not particularly happy. Then again, he was rarely happy enough for it to show, anyways. Finally, after shaking much more sand out of his mane than should have been possible, he spoke, his tone dry. "Yes. The beginning. Of course."
  11. I don't know about you but I don't like people in my bed all that much... :I
  12. I have to agree with what most people have been saying, partially. I am human and they are ponies. Despite the fact that we are both sentient, we are different biologically, culturally, and we don't even have close to the same body design. The ponies are adorable, and I could easily become close friends with them. I would never do anything sexual with any pony, as that is...not something I am even remotely interested in, and I find it pretty distasteful, to be honest. Yeah sure you're allowed to be into whatever you want, it's none of my business, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed an opinion on it too. Given the right circumstances (and by that I mean years and years of time spent with them), I might consider dating one of them in an entirely non-sexual relationship. Heck, if I was trapped there with no way to get back to Earth, I might consider marrying one of them. But it would take a lot to convince me to do be anything more than friends with them. I would much rather date a human. I'm not quite misanthropist enough to say I'd rather date a pony than a human.
  13. I am regular here! And by that I mean I am totally not