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  1. MechanicalDoom

    What name are used for female fans of MLP: FiM?

    I don't think this is true. It's like how guys are called guys and girls are called girls. Guys and girls can be buddies. Pegasister and brony just refer to the person's gender. It doesn't split the community. If you like everyone being called a brony, that's cool, but whenever I think brony, I think of a guy, and when I think pegasister, I think of a girl.
  2. MechanicalDoom

    How often do you hug?

    No one hugs me. It kinda sucks since I love hugs. I mainly just like hugs from girls since they feel nicer.
  3. MechanicalDoom

    What name are used for female fans of MLP: FiM?

    I think pegasister sounds better.
  4. MechanicalDoom

    Do you have a calendar?

    I have an MLP calendar. I don't really use it, though. It just hangs and looks nice.
  5. MechanicalDoom

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Same. I used to think that type of music was lame, but now I have stuff like this on my iPod.
  6. MechanicalDoom

    Anyone got weird tastes?

    I'm pretty much the same way. Mayo is love.
  7. MechanicalDoom

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    me trying to be cute XD
  8. I don't care how people sit. That's such a petty thing to hate on someone about. Society is the biggest joke in the world.
  9. MechanicalDoom

    What made you angry today?

    People were laughing at me for taking sexual harassment seriously. It just pisses me the fuck off when a dude touches my ass and tries to tell me it was supposed to be funny. It's not funny. It's disgusting.
  10. MechanicalDoom

    Thoughts on Flash Sentry Haters

    I'm not like that. I don't date ponies in my mind. I prefer humans. Anyway, I like Shining Armor too. I just think he seems cool in the way he presents himself. Flash was just a complete bore.
  11. MechanicalDoom

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    I honesty prefer the mainstream stuff to the not mainstream stuff. I used to be really into classic metal bands, but my tastes have changed.
  12. MechanicalDoom

    What's your facial hair like?

    I'm 16. I grow pretty crappy facial hair. It's scruffy and patchy. I usually get too lazy to shave and let it grow out, but I've been trying to keep it clean.
  13. MechanicalDoom

    Gaming Creepiest video game music

    Slender is just a cheap game that uses jump scares, but the music is pretty spooky.
  14. MechanicalDoom

    Being There For Someone

    I usually just tell them that I care about them, which is true. I care about everyone. No one deserves to feel useless.
  15. MechanicalDoom

    Being There For Someone

    I've only really supported people online or through texting in some form or another.