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    i like to watch mlp (of course) and i like to play pacman o also like paintballing its a fun sport, and the person who got me into MLP is Lighting Rod aka (karim). i like to listen to any genre of music almost rock,metal,techno, the only thing i wont listen to is country (with the exception of a few songs) and rap (with the exception of eminem and Tech9)

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  1. Can you send me the exact link to where you found every song for the trumpet. I'm looking for it on the website and i'm having trouble finding me. If you can find the exact link I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Can't wait for Season Premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, OMG so exciting

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    2. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      I don't have Cable, but I have Internet.

    3. Mindrop


      I still can't find anything on the web that it is being released this saturday

    4. Mindrop


      Its not on the hub's web site, or their tv schedule

  3. I have Converted a 3 people into the Brony Society. Tony, Dean and Austin. And since i became a brony, i've been making more friends. Before i was a Brony i had maybe 10 friends in a school with 2000 people, but since i became a brony i have about 50+ friends (a good majority are bronies, while the others are just friends with the bronies which made me become friends with them.) I think becoming a Brony helped me out in my social life. (that's just me) but for anybody who is a Closet brony (someone who is afraid to admit that they are a Brony) Don't be afraid to share your Interests with people, you can make some of the coolest friend if you share your interests with other people, this is not for MLP this is for anything out there that you enjoy
  4. Pinkie Twinkle
  5. This is madness, facebook is deleting MLP accounts and groups off of facebook.... they already deleted Applejack from my friends and same with rainbow dash... we gotta do something

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    2. Agent Leon

      Agent Leon

      that's what i want to do, but i was like eh, guess it's time for my fun to end


    3. Pinkazoid
    4. Agent Leon

      Agent Leon

      lol, so whats up

  6. on can you work on more then one story at a time with one account

  7. thank you kind ponies for wishing me a happy birthday

  8. thank you kind ponies for wishing me a happy birthday

  9. about the episode thing, its teaching younger kids on how to be good friends and what and what not to do, like last season (to me at least dont know about anyone else) is seemed like it was teaching them on how to make friends, while in this season it seems like it's teaching kids on how to treat people nicely and with respect instead of being a jerk to people.... but for us as teens its more for entertainment (at least to me)
  10. i would rather be a Pegasus even though unicorns have magic that wouldn't really help when you're falling, because when you're falling the only thing thats going through you mind is (get me outta here) but if you're a Pegasus you get to fly and do what ever you want.... but who cares about logic, i want wings just so i can go any where anytime and so i get to go fast...
  11. i cant wait for this episode.... Spike episodes are the best my favorite spike episode so far is The Secret of My Excess i think that one was the best spike episode
  12. i think Pony toys (for this generation) was the idea ever, cant wait til they put them out on the kids meal for Mcdonalds or Burger King