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  1. Flutterguy1

    Scottish Cup Final 2012

    I'm unsure on where I think this game should be played. Part of me thinks that as the venue where the Scottish Cup Final has always been played, Hampden is the best option for the game. I don't think it's any different from the recent Liverpool Vs Everton game at Wembley and there were no calls for it to be played someone nearer Liverpool, such as Old Trafford. Glasgow isn't that far from Edinburgh anyway - it normally takes around an hour to get there, although with 50,000 fans travelling, it could be longer. The other part of me thinks that it's unnecessary for the fans to have to travel to Glasgow or the game if it's possible for it be played at Murrayfield, which would also allow more fans to see the game. As for who I want to win, I'm not overly bothered, but my mum is a Hearts fan, so I'm supporting them.
  2. Flutterguy1

    Technology The: "New ipad"?

    The new iPad seems good, but it doesn't seem to be a huge step up from the iPad 2. The retina display and improved camera are nice features, but there isn't anything on it that makes me wish I'd waited to get the new model instead of buying one in December. As for the whole gaming debate, I think that iPads are great if you're looking for a small, light device to browse the web or watch films on. However, I do not consider my iPad to be a gaming device. There are some great games which really use the full power of the device, such as Infinity Blade and there are plenty of other fun games which are reasonably priced. When it comes the games you can get on the likes of the 3DS and PS Vita, the iPad is no match. All in all, if you mainly want a device to browse the web on, then the iPad is great. If you want a handheld gaming device, get the 3DS or Vita.
  3. Flutterguy1

    The Formula One Thread

    With just over a week to go until the first Grand Prix of the year begins, I thought I'd make a thread to discuss the sport. So, are there any other bronies out there who like Formula One? And if there are, who do you think will win the WDC? I have a feeling that Button has a good chance this year.
  4. I was once dared to drink a spoonful of peri-peri sauce from Nandos. I also once got dared to eat a chilli. It's the hottest thing I've ever tasted and my mouth was still burning ten minutes later.
  5. Flutterguy1

    Happy being single?

    I'm single. I'd like to be in a relationship, but I'm perfectly happy being single at the moment and it's not something I think about a lot.
  6. Flutterguy1

    Brony Census

    I'm 17, turning 18 in September.
  7. Flutterguy1

    Mixing Drinks

    Coke and Irn-Bru are quite nice together.
  8. Flutterguy1

    Sports - Who Are YOUR Teams?

    Formula 1: McLaren Football: Southend United
  9. Flutterguy1

    Pencil or Pen?

    I always use a pen when it comes to writing. It looks better IMO, and I have to write in pen most of the time at school.
  10. Flutterguy1

    Skiing or snowbordeng ?

    I prefer snowboarding. It's very painful when you first start and you fall over a lot, but it's great once you get the hang of the basics.
  11. Flutterguy1

    How do you masticate?

    I normally masticate with my friends or family. I try not to be too messy, but sometimes I find that difficult. Normally I'll do it in my home, but I quite often masticate in public places. If it's a sunny day, I'll even masticate outside. There was even one occasion when I masticated on an aeroplane.
  12. Flutterguy1

    Who do you admire and why?

    Agreed. Senna was probably the best driver of all time. I wish I had been alive during his career.
  13. Flutterguy1

    McDonald's or Burger King?

    It depends on the time of day. I prefer McDonald's for breakfast, but Burger King at any other time of day.
  14. Flutterguy1

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned 'cause I have a Chemistry test tomorrow which I'm screwed for. -_-
  15. Flutterguy1

    Introvert or extrovert?

    I'm leaning towards introvert.