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  1. Lightwing's post in Deleting Past Status Updates was marked as the answer   
    Deleting status updates is impossible for normal users. Due for past issues, the only possible thing right now is that, when you press the Delete button, it hides it from public view, making it visible only for moderators, administrators and you. You'll know that is hidden when it had a red color, in constrast with the white color when it's visible.
    To make it visible again, press the Approve button.

  2. Lightwing's post in Customization On Mobile Site was marked as the answer   
    Mobile version cannot be customized at the time. It would require custom content, and there're already higher priorities before even working on that.
    But there're temporary solutions to your issues:
    -This list gives you all the codes that can be used on MLPForums currently, for example, the color one
    -This list gives you the codes for all the current emoticons.
    -Also, you can always change to a Full Version and use the Show Desktop Version button that many browsers do have. This will enable the Text Editor on mobile devices, and give you more freedom to edit texts.
  3. Lightwing's post in Problem with text box was marked as the answer   
    Yup, this is the WYSIWYG bug. IE (and possibly some other browsers) have an issue with IP.Board. The workaround is the go down to the editing box, and click the little icon in the top left corner (It supposedly looks like a lightswitch), to change it to BBCode mode. After that,everything should be alright.

  4. Lightwing's post in Claiming the username of an inactive member was marked as the answer   
    As long as the user is inactive,you can always contact one of the current four Administrators to ask for one of those names.

  5. Lightwing's post in Tab moving up and down was marked as the answer   
    @KtNavyEmber,there's precisely a switch on Your Settings that allows you to Turn On or Turn Off the sticky Navigation Bar. By default it is activated,but you can always turn it off.

  6. Lightwing's post in How do I embed GIFs in my posts? was marked as the answer   
    The same method used to link images is applied when linking GIFs.
    How do I place a picture inna post.
    Also,you can also use the BBCode,in case of you using a mobile phone,for example:

  7. Lightwing's post in What are support tickets? was marked as the answer   
    Information directly retrieved from MLPForums Official Resource Map
    > The Support Ticket System --> Click here!
    Unlike many forums which utilize staff-to-member communication through the common PM system exclusively, the MLPF staff team prefers to lend its higher-level support to members through support tickets, moderated in a private area. Support tickets are accessible by going to the 'Client Area--> Support' section of your settings, after clicking your name at the top right of the site.
    *Support Tickets should include queries such as:

    Moderation Moderation disputes Questions regarding what may or may not be appropriate for the site Advertising queries Complex technical issues that only a Tech Admin can deal with *If your ticket hasn't been getting a response, don't take it personally; the staff have a lot on their plate on a daily basis. Just PM a particular staff member with your issue, and they'll be sure to see that it gets immediate attention and that a resolution is reached. 
    This should clarify your doubts,@Jolt-1445 :DD
  8. Lightwing's post in Finding the best forum for these topics was marked as the answer   
    Hello, @Woodie Pecker!
    The best place to post about favourite episodes,personal opinions and headcanons is the Show Discussion ,where you can post your opinion about episodes,discuss about show-related things,etc.
    If you want to ask more fandom-related questions rather than show-related, Sugarcube Corner is the right place.
    And even if you want to discuss about the Equestria Girls movies,there's a section dedicated to those movies's discussion,called Equestria Girls
    All of this sections are englobed on this section of MLPForums: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Hope that I gave the answer that you wanted,and also clarified future doubts. C:
  9. Lightwing's post in Pony OC was marked as the answer   
    The Request Guild ,which is found inside Octavia's Hall is the place that you're looking for,where artist can do multiple jobs,counting oc drawing,without needing to pay for anything.
    There,you can look through the multiple threads that people owns,or even you can make your own thread to call people's attention and request a drawing of your oc.
    This should help c:
  10. Lightwing's post in "Are thread 'bumps' against the forum rules?" was marked as the answer   
    The short answer is No.
    In fact,MLPForums encourages thread 'bumps' (often called Necrobumping ) due for the nature of the majority of topics,as long as you're able to add something worthwile to the discussion
    But there're a few rules that must be met,which can be found on this FAQ,along with a further explanation about Necro Bumping.
    But you must meet this 3 conditions,no matter what topic you're going to necro bump:
  11. Lightwing's post in What is a signature? was marked as the answer   
    What is a Signature?
    'Signatures' contain information that you want to include at the bottom of all your forum posts. This might include pictures, links to your site(s), quotes, etc.
    All signatures must follow the rules within the Global Rules.
    How do you get a Signature?
    This FAQ may give you help about where to get a signature,which can normally be requested on the Request Guild,where many people tends to offer free signatures to people who wants them.
    How do i put my new signature?
    First of all,let's get the picture that you want to use,with a quote and an hyperlink,using my own signature as an example:
    The next step is go to "My Settings",and,then,to "Signature",where you can edit your Signature:

    There,you can use the multiple options that are offered to edit your signature,like placing your text/picture to the left,right,center...and using different text fonts.
    Edit what you want to edit (as long as it doesn't go against the rules),and,once you're done,press Save Changes.
    What rules do I need to know before putting a signature?
    The first and most important of all are the Global Rules.
    When you acknownledged them,you should also watch for a few limitations that Signatures have,which can be known with this other FAQ.
    Anything else that I should know?
    No,not much.If you followed all the steps correctly,you should have a new brand signature. :-)
  12. Lightwing's post in How do I have an account deleted? was marked as the answer   
    You cannot delete an account. This is deliberaly made for reasons explained on this FAQ:
    I don't want my account anymore. Can I have it banned or removed?
  13. Lightwing's post in Where Do I Make A Donation was marked as the answer   
    The most common method to donate is through the main page.

    At first sight on the Main Page,you see the Donate button. Remember that the transactions are executed on USD as of February 13.
    Also,you can suscribe,which basically gives the same perks as being a donor,although with this one,you can renew it monthly as long as you activate the option.

  14. Lightwing's post in How to change your member title? was marked as the answer   
    The Member Title is a donor-exclusive option,which is granted when you donate on MLPForums or become a suscriber.
    This FAQ will give you an idea of what more can you get if you decide to donate.
  15. Lightwing's post in GIF Avatars? was marked as the answer   
    The GIFs have a problem here when resizing.
    If you put a gif that's bigger than your Avatar Size Limit (150x150 in your case,as you're a normal user,and 150x200 when you're suscriber/donor/staff),it takes a random frame of the gif and treats it as a png.
    The trick is to use the exact size for a gif,so the avatar editor does't resize it.
    I would recommend you this page . You don't need any program,and it allows you to customize the GIFs on many ways,counting size.
    Hope that it helped!
  16. Lightwing's post in I Don't Know If This Would Be Stupid Or Not..... was marked as the answer   
    In fact,there ARE multiple threads where many people can talk about common interests and have fun:
    Fan Clubs is a place where you can find the fan clubs of your favourite ponies,having an index for every fan club right here
    Both General Chat Thread and Count to a million are threads that,although their posts don't count towards the total posts,can allow you to talk with a wide variety of people.Also we have Forum Games,where you can play multiple forum games,or even make your own forum games,and Forum Lounge.where you can make silly posts and have fun with other users.
    On My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic you can discuss different things about the show with many users,and we also have Beyond Equestria,where you can discuss many things that aren't directly related to the show.
    At last we have the Roleplay World,where you can make roleplays with other users.
    Hope that helped you
  17. Lightwing's post in Profile Comments Automatically Delete was marked as the answer   
    I made my own investigation,and,in fact,the comments don't self-approve when you reply to them:
    I checked that the comment needs to be approved to be accessible,even when the person who received it replied.
  18. Lightwing's post in Not getting notifications for everything I should be! was marked as the answer   
    I would recommend you to look on Notification Settings.Maybe you have the notification boxes unchecked,and that would make the other notifications to not appear:
    Tell me if it was that,or there's another cause.
  19. Lightwing's post in Signature? was marked as the answer   
    Here's how upload a signature:
    1.Enter on My Settings:

    2.Then enter on the Signature menu:
    3.Here you can set your signature:
    On your case,your signature's size must be 600x100,because you're a normal member,but Donors,Suscribers,MLPForums Staff,Moderators,and Administrators get 600x200 as max size.
    The rest is pretty the same for all groups.Up to 5 URLs,1 Image,and 15 lines
    Hope that It helped
  20. Lightwing's post in How do I get the ability to create a blog if I were a new guy? was marked as the answer   
    Gotten directly from this FAQ
    Before reading, keep in mind that the blog feature is only available to members who have reached Muffin rank by making 5 posts outside Cloudsdale Colosseum and Roleplay World
    Blogs serve as a place where one can write down their personal views/opinions, information, guides, reviews and other sorts of information that they can share with others. Unlike threads, anything at all goes with blogs, as long as it still abides by the Board Rules. Typically, though blogs can easily bring about discussion in the comments, they are more about the individual finding a place to post their thoughts for their friends and peers to see, and not so much about bringing about worthwhile discussion.
    Blogs can also be used for any time members would like to share their opinion without looking for a full blown discussion (especially if said discussion already exists). Blogs are the answer instead of opening a topic which could be subject to merging or locking due to already existing.
    All in all, think of blogs like extended status updates.
    As a basic rundown:
    Threads/Topics: Discussion-based. The original poster brings about a point of discussion, be it a classic discussion, or an item that people respond to like an art piece, and everyone participates with equal footing on the subject.
    Blogs: Individual-based. The original poster posts whatever they please, and whether or not it is capable of garnishing much discussion is irrelevant, because it's the original posters' own personal space to post what they want.
    Now, on to how to create and use a blog!
    1. Click on the main forum menu bar where it says 'Community', and click 'Blogs'.
    2. Click on the "Create a blog" button.
    3. Reread and make sure you accept the terms and conditions of blog usage.
    4. Create a blog name and description(optional).
    5. Edit any more specific options available if desired, then save.
    6. I'm fairly certain you will be brought back to your blogs page, but if not, you can navigate back to it via the same "manage blogs" link used beforehand. Click on "options" in the correct row for the blog you wish to post a new entry in.
    7. Type out your new entry's title and body, then save and/or publish. Publishing means everyone will be able to see your blog, while saving it means you can edit it and save it for later, while no one else can view it.
    Keep in mind, once you've created a blog, you can use the 'Manage Blogs' button (found in the drop down menu when you click your name at the top of the site) to access the blogs you've created.
  21. Lightwing's post in I got a notice that a topic I made was approved. was marked as the answer   
    This is actually an error with IB Board. When a user is in the mod queue (used when members have an extensive history of making off-topic posts, abusive behavior, etc.) and he or she replies to your topic, you'll get a notification if the post is approved by a moderator.
    Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong. It's simply a glitch.
  22. Lightwing's post in Mobile version of website was marked as the answer   
    This has been one of the most requested things on this section on the forums,but,sadly,it's not possible right now.
    To make an app for Iphone(i.e),it's needed a good knownledge of programming,and,over all,time.
    Currently,there're only two Tech Admins(Feld0 and Lavo),and they barely have enought time to work on the normal forums,to work on a Mobile Version.
    Sorry for smashing your idea,but,currently,it's not possible to make a Mobile Version,unless someone with enought knownledge presents himself as volunteer to work on one.
  23. Lightwing's post in The view more option or searching something doesn't work was marked as the answer   
    This is a bug of the server,a known issue that has been bugging everyone for the last weeks.
    Quoting ~Chaotic Discord~,this is the current situation:
  24. Lightwing's post in Site crashes on phone was marked as the answer   
    Then the thing changes.If I remember correctly,that was caused,on big words,by a great amount of pics on a same page.
    I don't know a solution to that,but at least you know why do your browser crash
    I would recommend you to use the Google Chrome.It's not he best browser for Android,but it never crashes
    If you need further information,don't hesitate on telling it
  25. Lightwing's post in Requirements to change text Above an avatar and where? was marked as the answer   
    Changing your username is an privilegy of being a Suscriber,Donor,Ponyverse Staff,Moderator or Administrator.
    The three last are invite-only,so your only exit is to become a suscriber,or a donor.There's no difference between being a suscriber or a donor,but you can buy a monthly suscribe to the forums,allowing you to get the following privilegies:
    -150x200 avatars (50px longer than the normal 150x150 limit), and 150KB for uploaded avatars (as opposed to the normal 100KB)
    -600x200 signature images (twice as large as the normal 600x100 limit)
    -500 KB file limit on profile background images (vs. 255 KB limit normally)
    -space for 500 private messages (twice as much as the normal 250 limit)
    -the ability to change your member title
    -a golden username
    -attachments in PM conversations
    If you decide to buy a suscription,you can find it on this link :3
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