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  1. Sounds like full finale spoilers are hitting the ponynet. For my own protection, I'll stay off until then.

  2. Sounds like I'm the minority on this issue. This trend/fad is stupid to say the least.
  3. The princesses will not die. The children won't be happy, the fandom won't be happy, and I don't see how it would help sell toys.
  4. All I'm hoping is that none of them sing Let It Go. Then again, that would temporarily double the size of the fandom...
  5. After this episode, I absolutely HATE Spike.

    1. GrauWitz


      Why the fuck is he scared of lighting a frickin' torch?! Imagine if that happened in the Olympics with the torch-bearer!

  6. This is exactly how I think. I know, it's awfully confusing.
  7. 54,599 26 minutes between posts. That's an academy record.
  8. Although it appears to be under the rule of Equestria, I like to think that it's an independent city-state which is temporarily under Cadance's command to restore order.
  9. As many have heard me say before, I've heard three people say "Rainbow Dash is best pony" or "Rainbow Dash", and two with shirts (a Fluttershy Yay shirt and an Octavia shirt). Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to be an open brony in my school. Dash cam just took on a whole new meaning.
  10. I'd hate an EQG spinoff. It'd probably take away from the pony series and eventually lead to its demise.