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  1. SacredHooves

    Lets Play The Gaming Brony: hosted by SacredHooves!

    About to go live and stream Super Mario RPG on both
  2. SacredHooves

    Lets Play The Gaming Brony: hosted by SacredHooves!

    I am doing one now to cover a couple portions of The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds 1.0 Then tomorrow I plan on doing a evening stream (5PM EST) of cleaning up Twilight Princess HD. I usually announce my streams and times on my Twitter Page I am about to do a special session with my friends from as we do a Super Metroid Randomizer race! Come and join me!
  3. I just wanted to start by placing those two links. *Ahem* Welcome! You know me as SacredHooves; and I host a gaming show on both & known as The Gaming Brony. On this show I play games of all kinds, both within my expertise and out of it. I do not claim to be an expert: but I do aim to please as best as I can with what I do. I stream just about every day, and I am working on getting better stuff to stream more current and recent games. Come stop by and join us!
  4. SacredHooves

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    I can't remember if I ever posted in this thread or not before, but it gives me great joy to know that there are other Christian Bronies out there after all. Also @ChB Thanks for the new PC Background
  5. SacredHooves

    Writing Seeking people to proof read/comment on Story

    *smiles and gives hooves up* I will give you all the aid I can myself, as well as suggest to anyone who helps me to help you too.
  6. So officially speaking I am now working on a story that has resided in my head for almost a decade. I need some open minded friends who will; Critique the story Spell check and find my sentence errors Eagerly push me to keep going Will not steal what is sent as their own. This is the fourth time I'll have sat down to try this; and I really need the support of my fellow bronies to assist me in being strong. This is a non-pony related story that will have; Violence Death Emotion Heart Gripping Inspiration Turmoil May not be for anyone 13 and under Sci-fi/Fantasy themed If this is seems like your kinda apple tree to buck; please respond here or PM me. I eagerly await those with the joy/passions for these kind of things
  7. So I know I've been in and out of these boards for like awhile now. I have been meaning to edit this sucker for quiet some time. So as of now let's be official about this! <--- this lovely link right here will bring you to my Live Streaming Page. As of right now because my work life demands it, I can't post a consistent timing of when I shall be live. More or less I play week by week depending on what I have to do outside of my stable. Here is a current list of games we are playing, or are planning to play within the next month; Super Metroid (Hacks and Randomizer runs) Legend of Zelda (Different ones including Zelda Classic) MegaMan Mario There are other games on my agenda, but as a basic rule of thumb plan on seeing mainly Nintendo games atm. Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see y'all soon. (DoctorMcCrimmon is the artist who did my channel and avatar art)
  8. SacredHooves

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I've been dabbling around a Super Metroid fansite lately playing all sorts of custom made hacks for it: some are fun some stink like rotten apples. I just picked up a game a co-worker wouldn't stop bucking me about because he said it was awesome. I now must agree that Shovel Knight is indeed awesome. So awesome I am doing a blind playthrough on YouTube for the fun of it. On top of that Terraria just recently updated so I am trying to get into that again: might do a video or two there
  9. SacredHooves

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I recently just did a playthrough of Castlevania Circle of the Moon for my YouTube channel. I've been on a classics (GBA/SNES/NES) rampage for some reason. The next game I plan on hitting up is a new Super Metroid hack (not really new came out in April this year) called Hyper Metroid.
  10. SacredHooves

    What does it take before you brohoof a post?

    To be honest, my brohoofing is like a Like on Pandora or Facebook: its because I like what was said/what's being played. If its a good song that I can rock out to at work or online to kill time thats a plus theres a Thumbs up. So yeah Brohoofs are like Hi fives, thumbs up, pat on the backs, the silent agreement nod, etc. On a side note when I actually have time to log on and enjoy myself, Applejack and Fluttershy get brohoofs
  11. @Fantasma Phantasm I have a feeling we'd get along well IRL @MetalTao , enough said XD
  12. Mornin y'all have some Pokemon~ Also, from the newer ages btw gotta say I just love how many people have posted their choices. Really is helpin to understand I/we aren't alone
  13. SacredHooves

    Movies/TV RIP Robin Williams knowing Carlin and after he died I was like "I will never hear a new punch line or joke again that was so well delivered" then we have this.... He was funny he was awesome, and he really delivered like none other. *Places his hoofprint on a cross and places it in the ground* God Bless this man for his life, actions, and what he gave us.
  14. I ain't gonna lie if I ain't listening to Sonic Radioboom on my phone while working i'm either; A on a custom gaming mix (a few of those are in there) B Listening to Kondo Koji/Pokemon/ Nobuo Umetsu stations on Pandora, C give up my comfort to listen to.... ugh "todays hits". BTW, A and B always seem to make C go away
  15. This is like the green light I was waiting for. INCOMING~\ She was my BEST End Game I liked both versions but this just gets me pumped Its the Boss Music, nuff said. To end this set, ZERO~ 8-Bit time~ Next two are 8-bit fan friendly onlys lol, just a heads up You can find the newer DS/PSP versions on Youtube if youd like. Three more then I will shut it, because I'd go all night if I could. Last one for now is more of a personal favorite because it was my first SNES game, and I loved it and never let this song out of my mind. Also I lied, I got two more because they are like hand in hand *dust off hooves from nerd storm he made* So is it normal that you like to rock it with OSTs VS todays hits? Yeeehaw you bet its okay!