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  1. Zhortac

    Season 8 so far.

    Excuse you? I know it's ok to be wrong, but this is just beyond that.
  2. Zhortac

    Season 8 so far.

    Minus 50 points for lack of Trixie this season. It does get points for this god tier meme face from Starlight.
  3. Zhortac

    Do you think the Rainbooms are all hetero or not?

    I'm going that Trixie is a lez. Her and Starlight are so well together, it's like they're made for each other.
  4. Zhortac

    Would you ever date someone who isn't a 10/10

    Yes. My exes probably were a 6 at best, but I didn't care. It wasn't a massive factor for me. Then again, I'm like a 5 lol
  5. Zhortac

    Do you think the Rainbooms are all hetero or not?

    >inb4 they're all gay cause of fan and clop art
  6. Zhortac

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon

    I lifted a team lift box at work....alone
  7. Zhortac

    Would you date an alicorn?

    Probably only way I'd get to date again...lol I'm sad
  8. Rainbowtwat looks like someone spilled buckets of paint, and just said "SCREW IT WE HAVE A CHARACTER!!". Plus, she's a huge twat, and I just hate her overall.
  9. This pretty much sums up the issue, and why it's shit. But then again, it's everywhere.
  10. Zhortac

    Your feelings towards people who attack us MLP fans.

    Did we time travel back to 2010 or 2012? Seems like if anything, anyone doing it now, is being an edgy twatwaffle, and trying to be "le cool kid". Those are far more cringy then fanboys.
  11. Zhortac

    Why are you single? :3

    Probably because I'm not very social, chubby, and gave up on trying since my ex.
  12. Zhortac

    Convention Discussion Thread!

    Pretty sure money would be more of a factor lol. I never knew that was true, till now. Glad I showered before it lol.
  13. Zhortac

    Convention Discussion Thread!

    Went to Everfree last Saturday. Only and first con I've been too.
  14. Zhortac

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    >people who make blogs and say that any Trixie episode is bad
  15. Zhortac

    Best decal

    Got one of my decals for my car, and it's best pony decal.