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    Life is about discovery. That is my motto of life to put it simply. Though I do not define my life by one motto but rather by a combination of ideas. These ideas of mine are listed below my interests if you are interested of knowing more.
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    Life is full of variables, instances and experiences that can define who we are. I enjoy exploring this life and what it is all about, how things work and why it is they work as such. Dreams, the Universe, human history, endless discovery. This is what drives me, an endless learning process. I find it personally exciting, the mysteries of this life that is part of a massive Universe. While I am here, in this life, I want to enjoy the human experience as much as I can. A part of that experience has been found through MLP and the forums of this site. It has impacted my life in a positive fashion. The community of MLP is a grand one indeed and I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of human beings.

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  1. I got my hands on a 1923 Brunswick record player. Roaring Twenties!! I even managed to acquire some records for it after some heavy research in the halls of the antique mall, all of which are prior to the 40's. From a Semper Fi of the 30's to The Little Gingerbread Boy record - my library is limited to the records I have. Other than that it's classical music for me and 30's with some 40's mixed in. Those would be the musical selections I listen to that my parents don't. I do like modern music but that for another forum topic.
  2. Completed my first film project of the semester! I was even able to be an actor. Not bad. :)

  3. I recently received a Flutterbat vinyl with a coin. Pre-ordered it in Feb. It's been a wait but I'm a happy owner now!
  4. Eager for school to start!

  5. Ponies and Gentlecolts, I have been accepted to the Film College of my choice! I begin Sept. 1st :)

    1. RainbowGlass


      Thank you Senpai! ~ I will :) Also, thanks for the picture of RD, I love it!

  6. Anyone watch Sword Art Online??

    1. MLG4Ever
    2. RainbowGlass


      Awesome! I am in love with the show (the first one) ~ I ordered an Asuna Figma to put on my desk. Should be here in time for my birthday! Do you have a favorite character?

    3. MLG4Ever


      Nope but I do like the storyline and stuff!

  7. Does anyone play FF a Realm Reborn on PS4? I'm looking for friends to have adventures with!

  8. It depends on what sort of mood I'm in. I'll grow the full beard, sometimes landscape my face to pull off different styles, clean shave or leave some stubble. It's why I've never gotten tattoos ~ I like to change things up often.
  9. How is everyone doing?

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    2. RainbowGlass


      I'm good thanks! Finished the work week, relaxing now, wanted to check in on my fellow man here in the forums. :)

    3. DashYoshi


      That's good! Have a relaxing night. =)

    4. RainbowGlass


      You as well my friend!

  10. I dreamt I actually met another Brony. Pretty disappointed when I woke up. ha

  11. I am single and there are times which I really enjoy it, however, being in a relationship - eventually - is where I see myself. I was in a major relationship once (of course other minor relationships too throughout my life), been single for about a year now, been enjoying it but there are times when I feel lonely, I miss the human intimacy. I'm waiting for the right one to come around, I've learned not to settle, being patient really pays off! In retrospect Ive really been able to develop who I am and have done so much with regaurds to my life goals that I would have never been able to do if I had not left my old relationship. Both sides of the coin have their pros and cons you could say.
  12. Visiting Kentucky - hello to all KY bronies!!

  13. Not even kidding, I too have a gas mask next to my bed!