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  1. Happy Birthday Swirl!

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Thanks Base! Nice to hear from you :) 

  2. BasementSparkle

    Discord is more powerful than the elements.

    Well, the elements were capable of imprisoning him in a stone statue for more than a thousand years, so I don't think it's as simple as that. It also took over a thousand years without the elements before the tree was finally weakened enough for his plunder vines to get to it as well. Discord is the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, and the tree of Harmony is a being of...well, Harmony. They're natural opposites that oppose one another, I think it's likely that neither of them is necessarily outright 100% more powerful than the other, more that they work differently and are both capable of affecting each other to some degree. Discord was capable of messing with the map, which is connected to the tree of harmony like the elements, yes, but that doesn't mean he could necessarily mess with the elements themselves, as the map and the elements, while created from the same source, are not the same thing. So, saying he's stronger than the elements just cause he can mess with the map is kinda jumping the gun, we've seen the elements work on him twice, and he couldn't seem to stop them, there's far more evidence that he's weaker than the elements than the other way around.
  3. BasementSparkle

    What year did you first start watching MLP?

    Early 2011, around the ending of season 1. So, I've been watching this show for more than 7 years now, no regrets, still my favorite show.
  4. BasementSparkle

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    I give her a out of 10. Because math can not measure her prettiness, it is beyond simple human comprehension. All ponies are pretty ponies though.
  5. BasementSparkle

    Interspecies Shipping

    Suddenly I realize just how relatable Flash Sentry is to me.
  6. BasementSparkle

    Interspecies Shipping

    In a world with as many different fully intelligent species as MLP, interspecies relationships would be more than possible. We already have some canon evidence of them, like Spike, a dragon crushing on Rarity, a pony. Twi's short-lived crush on Flash when she's supposed to be a pony and he's human. I like to headcanon the Hippogriff's are the result of some Griffons and ponies getting together long ago, personally. As others have pointed out, the biggest issue is procreation, as it's highly unlikely you could get children out of every single mix of species. But that's not really going to stop anyone, as in real life, there are couples who don't even want kids in the first place, couples who are completely fine with adoption or other means of having a child, etc. The ones who really want to be together but also want children will find some way, the ones who don't want kids...well, having a partner you can't get pregnant with at all is just a bonus then, isn't it? Some people will bring up the "Moral issues" which I don't think actually exist. If both members of the relationship are capable of the same amount of intelligent thought and both considered adults, I don't see the problem. Discrimination against inter-species couple in a world like MLP, I think would be no different than discrimination against gay couples, or interracial couples in real life, and anyone who does discriminate would be considered a bigot. So, yeah. I'm fine with interspecies couples, I wouldn't mind seeing them being explored a bit more or seen in the show. Not necessarily with the main characters, since I'd prefer the show to keep the Mane Six and other main cast out of Romance mostly, but with side characters it'd be cool.
  7. BasementSparkle

    The number of times Ponyville is mentioned by name

    I checked the transcript on the MLP wiki, it says dom. "She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony.",_part_1
  8. BasementSparkle

    The number of times Ponyville is mentioned by name

    It actually says the Elements are the most powerful magic known to "Ponydom" not Ponyville.
  9. BasementSparkle

    Does anyone else find the front view of ponies ugly?

    Not really, I think that last Shy you posted was super cute too. Ponies look fine from the front view...Well, except for that one time in Fall Weather Friends with Celestia. This one's a little scary. Other than this image though, can't think of any other times ponies looked really bad from the front, I can actually think of plenty of cute front images in the show though.
  10. BasementSparkle

    What happened to the fandom creatives and blank slate ponies?

    The fandom's shrunk and calmed down quite a lot since those early season days, and the show's done the opposite, it's grown immensely, with 8 seasons, a movie, a big spin-off series, comics, etc. There's so many more characters now than there ever was before and new ones being introduced all the time, how can they all be given attention? Especially when there's so many more characters in the show now who already have at least some degree of personality and backstory to work with. If people are writing for new characters, it's probably for more important ones these days, like the Pillars, or the Student Six, or any of the new movie characters, or other slightly more developed ones. Between the fandom being smaller, and the series having a lot more new characters to potentially write about, it's not surprising most new background ponies don't get nearly the amount of attention they used to. People either write about their old favorites, or the new characters that do more than just stand in the background already.
  11. BasementSparkle

    General How is your mood usually?

    I'm tired. Not really like physically tired, but emotionally exhausted pretty much all the time and just sick of life in general, been that way for as long as I can remember. Though often my mood deteriorates into either anger or sadness, and often neutral is the best I can manage. Sometimes I'm happy, but it doesn't really last long. Life just kinda sucks.
  12. BasementSparkle

    How many times have Twilight and friends saved Equestria?

    Don't forget they stopped the Storm King too, since the movie is considered canon.
  13. BasementSparkle

    Episode 200. Whaddya wanna see?

    Maybe a whole Celestia/Luna episode? We got pretty close with "A Royal Problem", and Celestia herself has certainly gotten a bit more attention the last two seasons, but we still don't have an entire episode just about them, start to finish. Might be a good chance for episode 200, they could even make it a flashback episode about when they were younger, toss in some lore in there too. Alternatively, I think one of the writers once mentioned they wanted to do a whole episode from a villain's point of view, so that could also make a fun 200th episode.
  14. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    446116 Heya Swirl.
  15. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    446112 Hi Dawn.