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  1. BasementSparkle

    Let's Talk About 'Starlight the Hypnotist'

    Can I just point out that Phobia's are not really logical at all, and in my personal experience have a tendency to resist those things? I have a really bad fear of dentist's, due mostly to one really bad experience as a kid. I've been to the dentist multiple times since then and none of my experiences have been anywhere close to as awful as that bad one, most of them have actually been pretty alright, with understanding dentists, minor amounts of pain and discomfort, etc. Yet every single time I have to go to the dentist, I get a pit in my stomach, I feel sick, I start having nightmares and begin envisioning all the ways things could go wrong, everything from being in pain to even just outright dying on that chair. I still often go and end up getting nothing done, because no matter how much I logically realize dentists are usually helpful, that one bad experience has affected me so badly. Like I said, I have been to the dentists multiple times, forced myself to face my fear, had drills and needles put in my mouth, had a tooth removed. Yet every single appointment I have to go through the routine of trying to get over the fear again, and again, and again. I'm also a pretty anxious person, and I have a tendency to freak out over my own health and go into panics over what illnesses I might have developed. I once became genuinely convinced I had diabetes, and despite multiple doctor's visits to do tests which all came back conclusively that I didn't have it, and despite buying a Glucose meter and checking every day for weeks, all of which came back just fine, I was still somewhat convinced both the doctor's and the meter were wrong and I had diabetes. I logically knew at that point that I obviously didn't, yet there was a part of my brain which just didn't care about the logic or reasoning, it just continued to panic. So, it doesn't really matter how logical or reasonable Twilight is. She knows the Ladybug's spots aren't eyes, she knows they are harmless, she's probably tried various ways to cope and faced her fear before, heck I've even seen people offer up the headcanon that Cadance's song might have been an attempt to help Twilight past her fear, which ended up not working, even though she liked the song and dance. Fears and phobia's and anxiety don't really care much about logic. Plus, Twilight's not always that rational anyway, she tries to be, but this is still the pony who became totally convinced she was gonna get sent all the way back to Magic Kindergarten for one slightly behind schedule friendship report. I could comment on other aspects of the post, but I don't really feel like it. The phobia part here was just the one that stood out to me the most.
  2. BasementSparkle

    Episode 28 - Not the End

    Yeah, this really annoys me too. I feel sad that the show is ending, but it's pretty obvious the fandom isn't going anywhere for a long, long time. It's not like it's all going to burn down and dissolve without the show. I've been watching the show since early 2011, there's plenty of people who've been watching just as long or even longer, there are people who have actually had their lives changed or improved by the show/fandom. There are a lot of really dedicated fans who aren't just going to up and vanish, people love to freak out about how the fanbase has been shrinking and that means we're "Dying" but even now our fandom is still way bigger and stronger than most and even if it keeps shrinking it'll probably stay that way for a long time. So, there's basically no reason to worry about this fandom. Even if G5 sucks, people can just stick to G4. If G5 is really, really good, that just means there's more than one show to discuss and make fanworks of. Heck, even if G5 is popular and you just happen to not like it, I guarantee there'll still be plenty of places to talk G4 only even then. The fandom's gonna be fine.
  3. BasementSparkle

    Is this fandom mature enough?

    I'm pretty sure those are the natural fears, and feelings of just about any fanbase when they hear about an upcoming reboot or new series. That's not unique to this fandom at all, find me a single fandom that doesn't react that way and you'll have made a genuine scientific discovery. It's only natural after all, people here are attached to G4, it's the show some of us have been watching for nearly a decade at this point, a lot of people are pretty dang loyal to it. So fearing G5 won't be good, or being hesitant to give it a chance, or just not being interested in it is exactly what I'd expect from some people. Anyway, I'm pretty sure most people will be fine at the end of the day. Are there going to be some bad apples who insult the staff, or insult the G5 fans? Of course there will be, but they don't make up the majority. If G5 is good quality, it'll be fine. Yeah, there will be some FIM fans who might not ever like it, but that's the case with any reboot, really.
  4. BasementSparkle

    A new start

    If they really want to go down the route of a reboot again, I'd prefer they just make an all new cast for it. Don't try to redo the Mane Six or any of the characters from FIM. Mainly because if they do that, then I'll just end up constantly comparing the new characters to the old ones. "Yeah, this Twilight is kinda cool, but she's still not MY Twilight." basically. I'm way, way too emotionally attached to G4 and it's characters for G5 to ever live up to them, no matter how good they are. A whole new cast makes it easier for me to just see them as their own characters and like them for what they are, rather than see them as just "That other Rainbow Dash" or whatever. Course, I'd prefer a spin-off set in the FIM universe where the Mane Six and others still cameo, but it doesn't look like we're getting that, so, oh well.
  5. BasementSparkle

    FiM Short: Starlight the Hypnotist

    Really fun short. That makes the second strange phobia Twilight has though, after Quesadilla's, she really is scared of the strangest things.
  6. The worst idea I've ever seen for the finale of G4 is this idea I've seen of "They should end it with the universe being reset to G5!"...No. Just. No. The ending of the show, the grand finale and you want to see...the entire show, start to finish, all the history we know, all the characters we love, get wiped from existence and undone and replaced? Dear Celestia, nothing could possibly make me immediately hate G5 faster than that, and I'm not the type to dismiss things that are canon just cause I don't like them, but I'd immediately headcanon the whole finale as non-canon for the sake of my own mental health.

     It's not a super popular desire, but I've seen enough people mention it to feel the need to make this comment. No offense to anybody who actually might want this, I'm sure you're a nice person, but that's like...Number 1 worst cartoon ending of all time material.:scoots:

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    2. BasementSparkle


      I wasn't being negative about G5, simply about the idea for an ending I mentioned above. Though, said ending would certainly be a nice way to make me negative about G5 very quickly. As it is, I'm mostly just indifferent to G5 right now, not really interested at all, but I'm not going to make judgements on something I haven't seen.

    3. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      IDK, I think that ending could work if done right.

    4. BasementSparkle


      I honestly don't think so. A reset wiping away the entire events of the series? That'd be a terrible way to end, and it'd immediately make me dislike the G5 timeline and characters, as in this case they wouldn't have just figuratively, but literally replaced the G4 cast and world. It'd be a horrifically depressing and pretty much enraging ending.

  7. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    464578 Heya Swirl!
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

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    Mega Thread Count to a million

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    Mega Thread Count to a million

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    Mega Thread Count to a million

  13. BasementSparkle

    So..How strong is extacly Starswirl the Bearded?

    Starswirl is incredibly impressive...for his time. Keep in mind, the guy has been trapped in Limbo for what, over a thousand years? It's only natural that in all that time, magic would progress and knowledge would grow. Starswirl wasn't exactly studying, or learning, or practicing while he was gone for all that time, he was just in stasis doing nothing. In terms of raw power though, I'd point out that when Twilight and the Pony of Shadows initially had that little magic struggle, the Pony of Shadows commented "This one is almost as strong as you, Starswirl" implying that even as a unicorn, Starswirl is still more powerful than Twilight. So, that's the deal. The whole world has had over a thousand years to move on and improve their magical skill and knowledge, while Starswirl was just floating in Limbo, staying exactly the same. It's only natural that when put in the more modern setting, he's not going to be quite as impressive as he once was, though he's clearly still quite the skilled unicorn if he still has more raw power than Twi.
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

    464516 Hi Dawn. Hey Flutterstep, not that great.
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