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  1. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    458227 I'm in constant physical discomfort which doctor's keep swearing to me should heal and go away soon but it keeps not doing so. Other than that, I'd say pretty good though. How about you?
  2. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    458225 Hi everyone.
  3. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    458222 Hi.
  4. I'm beginning to find it impossible to trust doctor's anymore. Either I keep getting bad ones or my body is just that weird, because they seem to have trouble figuring anything out.

  5. BasementSparkle

    Would you watch FiM if they had made alterations?

    Alterations how? Do you mean these alterations would exist from the start of the show or happen later on? That kind of changes my answer, as if they suddenly decided to make Twilight a goth at some point I'd definitely not like it, and having Shy suddenly be an Otaku 5 seasons in would be weird. As for if they started the show like that, well I'd never want to trade the current Flutters or Twi for anything, especially since the Twi we got is my favorite character. But if the show had started from the beginning with a Goth Twilight and Otaku Shy, I might be saying the same thing if they were written well enough. So, I guess it depends, I'd totally have watched the show still if it was written well, I'd know no difference.
  6. BasementSparkle

    Movies/TV Popular Kids Franchises That You Werent Into?

    SpongeBob. Something about that show was always very annoying to me, even the early 3 seasons which are considered good, I just never could really stand them. Didn't like them as a kid, don't like them now as an adult.
  7. BasementSparkle

    About Cozy Glow...

    I'm not the person you were responding to, but I can still tell you why I think Cozy isn't boring, and it's for the exact reason you think she is. She's a cute little girl with no magical powers, no big army, not even any magic at all since she's a Pegasus. She's interesting specifically because she lacks all the power of the previous villains, she get's by purely off of manipulation and planning. On a pure power scale she's beneath all the other villains, which makes her achievements all the more impressive. Her age only adds to that, think of what she could do now, as a young, inexperienced little, think what she'd be like as a more experienced, mature and intelligent adult? She's already scary as a filly, as an adult she could be outright terrifying. She doesn't need reality warping power, or an army of love-sucking drones to be a threat, just a charming smile and some sweet words.
  8. BasementSparkle

    Celestia and Luna getting fewer appearances

    Despite supposedly appearing less, between Celestial Advice, A Royal Problem, and Horse Play, Celestia has gotten more focus and development than ever. Frankly, I'm okay with the Princesses appearing less if they get some good stuff when they do appear.
  9. BasementSparkle

    Would some people consider watching MLP effeminate or not?

    Some people absolutely would, and do consider watching this show to be "Effeminate". Others don't. Me? I don't care either way, I just like ponies.
  10. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    454594 Hey Dawn.
  11. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    454592 Glad to hear you're good. Yeah, I still show up here every rare now and then. Also, hey CAPS.
  12. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    454590 Hey it's Swirly! Swirly Star! How are you?
  13. BasementSparkle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    454588 I feel like I am stuck in a loop right now.
  14. BasementSparkle

    A change in facial expressions from seasons 1-3 to 4-8

    I honestly don't mind the over the top facial expressions as long as they're funny and they don't overdo them, which I don't think they do yet. So, if they want to make the occasional "Meme" face, fine with me. The fact the ponies are so cute and that most of their facial expressions are more subtle makes the ridiculous faces they make sometimes stand out more and makes them funnier, I feel.
  15. BasementSparkle

    Are My Little Ponies truly ponies? What would someone new think?

    Well, when I started seeing MLP gif's and pictures popping up before I had ever watched the show or really heard anything said about it, I did indeed recognize them as ponies. Yes, they're very cartoony and stylized, not exactly a realistic depiction but I think they're recognizable enough that most people would be able to guess they're ponies, or at the very least horses. I'm not really sure what else you'd assume they were.