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  1. Life just sucks.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BasementSparkle


      Pretty much everything. I'm just sick and fed up with everything, and how it just keeps getting worse.

    3. BronyNumber42licious
    4. BasementSparkle


      My physical health is failing, my mental health is garbage, my whole family is miserable, our financial situation is awful, I can't be bothered to do anything 99% of the time and even when I do I'm miserable and hate every second of it...Pretty much everything.

  2. I love life. I love how it just keeps getting worse, and I love how the moment it seems like they might get better it just get's worse again. I also love it when doing your best to make things better is actually the trigger for things getting worse, it's great.

  3. Mega Thread Count to a million

  4. Command a user to post

    A wild best friend appears! Now who do I call upon though? Hmm... @SparklingSwirls, long time no see! Post for me, please?
  5. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    One of the lines of the song is "We're not flawless, we're work in progress!". That doesn't sound like the words of ponies who don't want to improve themselves, the Mane Six have always been open to self-improvement, that's a huge part of the show considering basically every single episode is them learning a new lesson, and we've seen how they've developed over the course of the show. The episode might have it's flaws, but at no point did I ever feel like it was going against the idea of Self improvement. Improving yourself and trying to grow as a person is a good thing, but no matter how much you grow you will always be flawed, and if you can't accept that, you might end up always hating yourself, no matter how much progress you make.
  6. Them's Fighting Herds trailer and official release date

    A 7th character that's supposed to be a Goat is already planned, I believe it was one of the stretch goals? Other characters might be possible later.
  7. I'm so stressed about my health it's impossible to relax.

  8. Mega Thread Count to a million

    436661 Nope, it's not. Got a good reading, but considering how messy that whole attempt was, not sure how accurate it is, but I'm not trying again right now, I'll just take the good news for the moment.
  9. Mega Thread Count to a million

    436659 I just spent the last hour repeatedly trying and failing to correctly use a Blood Glucose meter, currently 3 of my fingers on one hand have tiny holes in them.
  10. That feeling when you can't get a doctor's appointment soon, and you're worried you're gonna wait and then go and get "Wow, you should have seen a doctor like a week ago so we could catch what was wrong, you should start writing your will I'd suggest!" because of it.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. BasementSparkle


      *Hugs back* Thanks.

    3. Dune_Gosbil


      I know that feeling, i feel sorry for you.

  11. Mega Thread Count to a million

    436583 Glad you're fine. Sorry to be a downer, but I'm just frustrated, been trying for days now, I guess the person who usually schedules the appointments is out sick and now they can't do any? Feels like that's a pretty big problem if you can't take any appointments for days.
  12. Mega Thread Count to a million

    436580 Could be better, honestly. Trying and failing to get a doctor's appointment for some health issues I've had lately. Otherwise though, I'm mostly good at the moment. How about you, Caps?
  13. Mega Thread Count to a million

    436578 Hi all.
  14. Mega Thread Count to a million

  15. Ah, didn't see that. Thanks for the update.