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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Servers co-owner here. We have decided to just start a new map with the Ponyville portion only and redo everything before public release. However, Ponyville will NOT be named Ponyville any longer as it will be named Manetropolis. Players will be subject to survival mode only as to keep griefing down to a minimal and will be required to find their own materials. The mob spawner that I have imported several months back will be staying as to help with whatever is needed to be done in there (enchants, exp farming, certain material collection, ect.). Though we don't like the idea of having to do this, but after all the griefing that has happened to the map, it is for the best interest of the players in mind. I know many have spent the last month or so working on Cloudsdale, fret not, that should be reapplied to the map and close to Manetropolis, but NEVER over it. These changes to the map entirely will upset the current players due to what they have gained or created (minus those who have houses in Manetropolis), but what needs to be done has to be done. Current players that are in creative mode will be forced back to survival mode. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but it's a fresh start with a fresh map and more opportunities to explore an even more open world than what is currently available.
  4. If you're just logging into the server to play, you shouldn't have any issues what so ever. However, the server does have a tendency to have some issues that reidsma does try to take care of, and not all the time the server likes to play nice. As for your connecting to it, it could be local (your end), ISP, cable modem, wifi router/LAN hub, or server (host end)
  5. ~~~ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ~~~ Until further notice, the map upgrade has been placed on HIATUS due to my lack of ability to work on it and the growing popularity and creations being added to the current server. I no longer have the proper amount of time to keep working on the servers updated map let alone time for myself other than to work, sleep, and eat. i will still check on it from time to time though.
  6. ~~~~IMPORTANT NOTICE!~~~~ As most who play and are from this site have noticed, I haven't been on due to my own reasons. For one, I am simply way too tired after work, for two, I am still working on the new map, and for three, I am simply tired of playing it right now. I have NOT given up my responsibilities, but I will not be logging into the server because of these facts. I do enjoy playing other games too, but it doesn't take away my love for minecraft. I simply cannot stand redundancy, and I do need my break from time to time. Also, any bans that I have made will not be requested overturned due to the fact that if I banned you. I have logged into the server twice while griefing was taking place and have banned those responsible.
  7. Just a little heads up, yes i'm still doing map work, don't worry about that, but for some reason tonight, the server keeps going down. I have no clue as to why but there is nothing I can do to fix it. I did manage to backup the server before it did go down however, but there is one question on my mind and why it exists. Who built Cloudville right over Ponyville and why? I'm not saying I don't like it, in fact, the opposite, but if the builder does read these forums, you should know that doing that was a big mistake as it keeps mobs spawned on the ground. It will be relocated with the next map roll out so don't be angry about it. I also notice that first time players to the server somehow spawn on top of Twilights hot air balloon. WHY it does this, I have no clue since I had the default spawn zone right inside of the balloon close the the ground. But since you come into game with nothing and you lose nothing, a simple death isn't all that bad.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Server Map Update Notes Update 2: I am now plotting out points for cities to be at. With cities currently between 300-1500 meters from each other in the current map, some cities now are between 500? and 1600 meters from each other. I have yet to confirm distances, but the locations are in fact further. Though as I would want it to look and feel like Equestria in real-time, there is no possible way to do so unless I built the map by hoof block by block, and I have NO TIME to do that. So I'm just plotting cities around as I see fit and going from there. I am still in debate whether or not to put Ponyville in a taiga or plains/forest area. But i have a nice feeling with how I have things set now, If I can find a plains AND taiga sitting beside each other, Ponyville will definitely go there (since i will be importing Fluttershys along with most of everfree forest with the ponyville portion anyways...) The map is, instead of being default (small biomes), a large biome based map. By doing this, all players can have more free roam to build larger houses on their own and have far more above ground resources at hoof. This is all for now and just the beginning so stay tuned!
  9. Server Update 6/15/14 and Map Update Notes: Lots of new ponies joining the server (for both good and bad reasons), new teleport system added though there are the random glitches with it, and that's the only real update. Map Update: I have begun to evaluate just how much I'm going to have to export when the time comes for the new map. Noticeable things would be that the lands will be up to the default 6X-7X instead of the current 4X-5X height. Cities will be further apart and the rail line system removed entirely. With the distance further than ever between the cities, the time to establish a rail system would be more tedious than the time I'm willing to put into the map itself. With the teleport system in play, getting between zones would be the best plus would allow a lot more resources in between places. New Locations of Cities: Lunagrad will be located by an ocean Ponyville/Sweet Apple Acres/Whitetail Woods/Everfree Forest/Fluttershys Cottage will be in a taiga (snow lands) zone and plains zone Canterlot I will attempt to put in the extreme hills area (hopefully it works) Buffalo Camp/Appleloosa will be in a desert Manehattan may/may not be moved to a taiga but will likely be in a plains area Fillydelphia will be located to plains Griffon Village (my domain) will be located in the middle of the ocean and homes multiplied to an extent and expanded for others to live in. Other areas have yet to be decided. As I have VERY little free time, don't expect this map to be rolled out immediately. With working 10 hour shifts 6 days a week, it will take me a month or even more to get this all done. One other thing that I know some will like. If you know how to use MC Edit and would like a non-creepypasta building or small area of land added to the map, please send the schematic to me over skype @ cyclonic.devastation and tell me the region you would like it applied to (taiga, plains, ect.) and I will give you the coordinates of where it will be located at. If you want it located close to a city, that is fine too. Just let me know what city and I can apply it. However, once map is ready to be rolled out, I will no longer accept buildings/lands to be applied. Multiple World System: Here it is, the best thing that jreidsma and I highly hope will work out for the best. Dual worlds! ALL 3D and pixel art will be moved to the separate "Art World" for artists to build pixel pony art and other awesome pony stuff after they have been given permission. This world will be creative only but, as stated, ponies would need permission to build there. This is to keep griefing to a minimal and allow others to build pixel art and 3D creations freely. Just no creepypasta or it will be removed. For now, enjoy the current map and I hope to have this revolutionary update out in some time! My installation of Woodland will not make a reappearance as it is too complex to maintain and protect.
  10. General Server Update Okay, just a few things before I call it a night. I now have a job so I can only get on server to look after things after 2:45-2:50 AM EST and will only be on for a little while. Also, since the public garden is constantly abused and rarely used, it has been removed entirely. And the final thing. When I get some free time, the map is going to be reworked entirely to make it look a little more modernized. As I put together ideas for what to do exactly, it will be put through the paces. The map WILL change and some, if not most, cities will be removed due to the lack of usage that they currently face. Okay, i had to troll you guys who actually play on the server via this site a bit. No I'm not removing cities, just spreading them out and instead of having horrid walls from between the main map and the equestria map section, all cities will and should lay flatly with respect to the new layout. This also allows me and other admins to secure homes and do quicker scans for griefing. I will also be helping with looking for a multi-map plugin that allows more than one map to be accessed. Hopefully... a creative map with gained permissions to build where the 3D and pixel art will be and there will be the main portion of the map where it will be survival. I HOPE this goes as planned because I know it has been often requested and/or mentioned by the peers. Cross your fingers/hooves because when I can roll out this update, it will be the biggest one yet!
  11. Equestria Map Update V 5.0 2 new spawners added in to the spawn chamber in Ponyville. Spider and Slime duo farm. Makes getting leads easier! Griffon Kingdom Village now located on the outside of the Equestria map. Only accessible via Woodland for now and will have a rail line from Manehattan in some time. If you are more fond of building your own house, the outward lands is what you would rather seek than having a house in the Equestria portion (inner lands) of the map. There are far more resources and nearly unlimited possibilities that you can utilize. Though it is still okay if you have a house or two in the inner lands if you so desire. Since there are only 30 players max allowed (for now) and there being a large amount of homes already established in the inner lands, anypony could have a home in one city as well as any other. Outward land homes will still be protected upon request though, so don't think your custom made dream house is any less important than any other. As always, have fun and see you in game!
  12. Server Map Update: 50% complete I am taking some extra time with this update since jreidsma isn't at the controls. Griffon Kingdom Ruins now Griffon Kingdom Village is successfully in place. Only accessable via Woodland until I can get a rail station from Ponyville (yes, Ponyville) going to it. It is NOT in the Equestria portion of the map and is on the outward boundary. I have revamped every building but still have far more to do to the land. 2 new spawners have been added to the main 3 mob spawner. Now off to the side are a duo of spider and slime spawners. Still more to do, but I'll post when it's complete. MAP IS DONE! 6 hours later... Now to wait for reidsma to get back and to accept the new update.
  13. I'm the master of the map so any damages that get one to the more important buildings, I repair. If it's too severe, then any fixable damage is fixed and too damaged buildings get removed. If the damage is widespread and massive, then the entire map gets reloaded and with as often as I roll out new stuff into the map, no need to worry about griefing much. General Server Update 5/21/14 A new plugin for taking care of trees quickly has been added, however... HOWEVER... there is a minor setback with it and it is currently disabled. Nothing like wasting axes on a blocks that don't chop, right? Will be fixed/replaced whenever a better plugin is found. Other than that, nothing else has changed. General Server Update 5/24/14 A new NEW plugin for chopping down trees at the base has been installed and working successfully. Server map is ready to be updated, but I am waiting for jreidsma to get me the map file so I can edit things in. NEW ADDITIONS: Adding the 4 buildings from the first map from Griffon Kingdom Ruins into the map, adding extra spawners to the mob spawner, and some other buildings.
  14. Good one, good one, however that was the initial map that was used before I had it replaced with the one that is currently being used/always renovated by me. MC Edit ftw.
  15. General server update from the second in command: ME! Yeah, server is holding steady at its new IP which is located on the first page. I haven't been on as much due to local reasons, however, I'm able to get on again since local reason is null and void. Now for the nitty gritty... I have put up TWO chests (public access) for HOME REQUEST. PLEASE use the book and quill supplied in the right chest, jot down the info, and put it in the left chest. If you happen to catch me online, even better. This is so when I'm offline or you're offline that I can set up your home location. Please indicate via coordinates about where your home is so I can use my axe of awesomeness to establish your home boundary. Please, do not just set up a sign on the property saying it's yours because I will remove it. Keep in mind that there are plenty of homes that I have not put into my asset list yet and some homes still have signs on them from the previous server broadcast (being brohoof.com). ALSO, If you do wander around, please be sure to keep the doors closed. It's a hassle to keep going around and closing them when I shouldn't have to and it keeps the mobs at bay and outside of the homes when others wish to look them over. If I am online when you are and you talk to me but don't get a response, don't assume I'm being rude and just ignoring you. Often times I offscreen because I have nothing to do and I got bored. If you need my attention immediately for anything server related, harrass me on my skype (cyclonic.devastation) and I'll see what you need. If I don't reply on that, then I'm likely doing something and away from the computer. Just leave a message saying what's going on, and if any griefing is going on, leave the culprits name and location and I'll wave the mighty banhammer and fix the problem. I would also like to say that I have successfuly established a working powered rail line between Lunagrad, Woodland (a city entirely built by me), and Appleloosa. Instead of going straight from Appleloosa to Lunagrad (and vise versa), you will now arrive in the city that I have built entirely by hoof. There is a third rail in the progress, but no idea where to lead it to, (maybe Hoofington? Canterlot? No idea yet..) The mob grinder in Ponyville has also been reworked a slight bit adding in a mob hold/trap for the water execution system. On any hoof, enjoy what the server has to offer! ~SiC~ GeneralFluttershy