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  1. Oh mercy, I paused the video at exactly the right moment.
  2. Aside from my signature, I'm pretty sure the last time I used cursive was for my SAT essay. I think it's...interesting...that they require it for that essay but for absolutely nothing you actually use in college.
  3. Oh, whew... I misread the title as "Which pony should be my dog for Halloween" and I didn't know what to make of that. Given the teeth situation, Rarity.
  4. If you didn't go then don't write a college thesis about it. That's like reviewing a movie or video game based on other peoples' reviews. You're bound to hear biases come out, one way or another.
  5. A lot of them are pretty nonsensical, but I have a history for hating on Fluttermac. Until Season 4 they shared absolutely zero screentime, and even then they didn't really have any romantic chemistry.
  6. The big difference I can see is that Mac is stoic in nature, and Fluttershy is very...not.
  7. His turkey call attracted an actual turkey, and they had a conversation that lasted so long that it completely fatigued his vocal folds.
  8. Just curious, do they mention the overall efficiency of the solar cells they're using? I'm trying to crunch some real data.
  9. I wish they would print weirdly and eerily specific fortune cookies. "You should probably see a doctor." "Enter your house from the back door when you get home, you'll thank me later." "Check your trunk before you get in your car."
  10. A chapter should ideally be an entire, self-contained story by itself, with its own sort-of introduction, buildup, climax, and falling action. A small scene usually isn't enough to constitute a chapter. But it's pretty good writing! Definitely keep going and keep refining.
  11. It could happen if it's implemented incrementally. Keep in mind that, at least in the US, road management is part of municipal government, and a lot of towns and cities could have the funds to install it within their own jurisdiction. If it's as effective as I hope it is, that reduced financial load on energy would eventually let the project pay for itself, and they could even sell excess power to neighboring cities, thereby passing on that reduced financial load on energy and possibly even enabling them to install their own solar roads. And then the sweet cycle continues. It would be very difficult to implement this as a grand national-scale project, but if it starts on a local scale, I think it could definitely happen.
  12. As a vehement opponent of carbon-based fuels,
  13. I speak for the good of the fandom to say: STOP THIS. Most brony haters cite the fact that we are an ultra aggressive fandom that . So stop shoving it down everyone's throat. If you want to have an actual conversation about MLP then by all means do so, but if you take part in this you're tainting everyone's view of us.