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  1. DragonAria

    Weird/Unusual things You Find Cute

    Hahah, sorry but no way XD EDIT: XD wrong thread '-_- this is so embarassing XD anyway I also think ant-bears are cute. Just sayin' XD
  2. DragonAria

    Weird/Unusual things You Find Cute

    new-born snakes, and slowworms '^^
  3. DragonAria


    Archery, bird-watching and tcg pokémon fighting!
  4. DragonAria

    Princess "Mi Amore Cadenza" Translated

    I see a lot of you here are pretty confused. I'll explain it for you, I'm Italian, and a musician after all. Mi - in Italian it means the note E, but I'm pretty sure what they meant was the word "mio, mia" which is "my" Amore - is "love" Cadenza - a "cadence", which is a musical tempo variation or a change in the voice at the end of a sentence, usually in a sweet way. that doesn't make a lot of sense, but here's the translation an Italian girl can give you!
  5. DragonAria

    Type a thing that is exactly 20 characters

    I like this to deathness
  6. having lunch. Terribly odd isn't it?
  7. DragonAria

    Respond with a picture

  8. DragonAria

    Respond with a picture

  9. DragonAria

    Gaming Favourite pokémon type/s ? Game and TCG

    @@Odyssey, yeah I know, I usually have to be careful not to put too many flying-types in my teams XD @@Kivil, well, Smeargle, is a GREAT pokémon for competitive:) many, MANY combos ^^
  10. DragonAria

    Gaming Favourite pokémon type/s ? Game and TCG

    Hahah thanks^^ so just use this for the TCG people XD
  11. Ok so I thought this topic would obviously exist, but I tried to look for it and couldn't find it. So here it is, if it already exists feel free to hate me and delete this XD also I hope I put it in the right place:) As for me, I love dragon-type ^^ it's not for strategy, really... it was a childhood thing. And for the TCG I have this incredibly powerful (yeah right) grass-type deck that will kill you all hahah XD kidding of course
  12. DragonAria

    Gaming Favorite Pokemon?

    Draaaagonair^^ because when I was a kid I found a shiny dratini, but when it evolved into purple dragonite I was so disappointed I loaded again and trained dragonair to level 100. I know, this is stupid XD but I fell in love with her.
  13. DragonAria

    Would you date the user above you?

    nope, you don't like my bro sorry, got ninja'd XD
  14. DragonAria

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    'cause you're my brother:3