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  1. Not using this site anymore

    Part-3 Rok

    First hii there brony! You have pretty much fav ponies, beside that we love them all, I suppose you too. Enjoy your stay here! See you around!
  2. Not using this site anymore

    Hello everyone!

    Hii there! Welcome! You will see everypony around for sure! Enjoy your stay here! ♥
  3. Not using this site anymore

    Hiii :D

    Your always welcome! I see you like our language if you need some help with it be free to ask.
  4. Not using this site anymore

    Hiii :D

    Oh it's so nice of you Swirly that you tried to write on serbian! (You have one mistake, it's 'dobrodošla' bc she is female not male, but never mind) Yeah, that's my sis as all of you see.
  5. Not using this site anymore


    Hii there brony! First welcome! Second enjoy your stay here and find new friends!
  6. Heey Dragmode! Welcome! Hmmm Colorado, pretty cool!! You will fit here 100% everyone is nice. Enjoy your stay here! *kiddles*
  7. Not using this site anymore

    I'm Back!

    Hello dear Shadow! Welcome! Enjoy your stay here! Loads of kisses :**
  8. Hi Oiseau! Welcome here! I love France! I'm from Europe too! Nice too meet you! Enjoy your stay here! Ps:I love anime characters too! The one that's your avatar is amazingly cute (lol, I don't know if I just made this word xD )
  9. Hello dear Haley and welcome! You didn't made mistake when you joined us! MLP forum is one of those "kind forums" .(everypony is kind and caring here) Enjoy your stay!
  10. Not using this site anymore

    Hi! Salut!

    Hello dear friend! Don't be depressed! :'( Bronies here are very kind and nice, I'm sure you will find at last 10 friends If you need something you can ask for help! Well, that's what friends do, right? Turn your frown into an beautiful smile and enjoy your stay here! ♥
  11. Heey WinterRose! I've tried that pony creator, too! That's pretty cool stuff! I'm glad that you decided to join us! Enjoy your stay here!
  12. Not using this site anymore


    Hello Shimmer! I wish you to find new friends and everything that fits your interests. Everypony here is nice, no need to worry about that. If you need some help, be free to ask. Oh, and, enjoy your stay here!
  13. Hello Ajjack! You will fit in, I guarante it to you! All you need is to be nice and you are in. Since you are already nice, you already fit in! Enjoy here, nobody will judge you because you are here and new brony. We will help you as much as you need. )
  14. Not using this site anymore

    Hello evey one!

    Hello RainbowRocks! You have eight, right? I saw the post of your brother where he says you are his little sister. Don't worry, we are here to help you if you need something. ) Welcome and enjoy your stay here.
  15. Not using this site anymore


    Hello Rizzy! (I hope you don't mind this nick I made) Have fun here! This forum is awesome, I hope you will like it, but that's for sure because it has everything for your interests Enjoy your stay here! ♥
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