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  1. So I just order a trailer to help move my stuff from New York to Colorado. Since I can make my own vinyl lettering for it I was thinking about put a fake company on it just for fun. I am trying to think of something funny but I don't want people to think there is a bunch of expansive stuff in it. My first Idea was "FLY BY NIGHT CONTRACTING, No job to small to go perpetually unfinished!" but I fear that people will think that its full of tools and stuff. So what ideas do you guys have for it? It can be anything.
  2. So what is your favorite fictional company, military unit or government/countries? You don't have to think of one of each if you don't have one for each but For me it would be: cyberdyne systems, the company that made the terminator Fox or MSF from metal gear solid derka derka stand from team america
  3. *Please note, three are no right or wrong opinions, so nothing that is your opinion will upset me in anyway so feel free to answer openly Now I am curious to know more about you (not in a bad or mean way, just in a curious way) . Have you been a long time reader or did you find this post googling something? Do you think all guys are gross or just ones who's where things that make them look "guy shaped" Do you object to guys in leggings because you don't like the fashion or is it a mormon thing? When you say "correct that". can you explain what you mean by that? Do you feel that me having a beard and a bunch of muscle is not "masculine in (my) appearance"? what is your interpretaion of masculine? (I am not trying to start an argument at all, so please don't take any of this the wrong way) also, just for fun. if you think seeing guys in leggings is gross, then your going to love my rainbow dash cosplay lol.
  4. So I quit my joba and moved to Colorado and became a while water raftg guide for the summer. I took a bunch of my photos (they take photose every trip to sell to the guest) and I make this new pair of leggings! What do you think?
  5. Who made the rainbow dash in this banner? anyway I could be a t-shirt or have the vector to make my own on reddbubble? I was able to find it, there is a "banner by" tab at the top of the page
  6. That is awesome! Its cool to feel like I am not the only one some times lol. I know all about the pockets as some one that has a ton of stuff in my pockets. I got a small back pack to use for when I wear my leggings in the wild. Post a photo! or at least a link to the ones you got.
  7. What can I say, I must leve an pression with non bronys lol. I remembert the interview, it was fun to explain the show to an outsider
  8. I am just about done! My goggles have not shown up so I will just have to make do with out them. What do you think? Better or worse than a wig?
  9. So I was really disapointed with how the mane came at at first when I stuffed it. I then when back and unstuffed it and I am I like it much better now. still need to make the wings and cuiemark and stuff and put on the tail.
  10. I really like the song that played when Rainbow Dash goes into the weather factory. It is defiantly a reference to the fan song rainbow factory.
  11. I heard that too! This is just a guess but what I think may have be going on here is one is Kazumi Evans (the singing voice) and one is Tabitha St. Germain (the seeking voice) but I am just guessing here. they may have been what was going to be put in the show but they changed it at the last minute after the album when out.
  12. So I have finally started my Rainbow Dash cosplay. I made a post about it here is you want to see how its coming along
  13. Here is the Rainbow Dash wonderbolts academy I am working on for ponycon. I am trying somthing new (to me anyway) by doing the mane, tail and wings like a big plushie. I will be adding photos when every time I get more done. here is what I have got done on the first two nights.
  14. So what do you think of the manlyness of this guys leggings from this video? (I saw this the other day, its really funny if you have ever been to a gym)
  15. I like peanut butter with NOTHING!!! I have eaten more then a few jars with out any of it ever touching a slice of bread.
  16. Well yeah, that's kind of the point as FullmoonDagger so eloquently pointed out as to why I would be interested in doing that. Also, thanks for the compliment. One reason I wanted to start wearing leggings was I was tired of the double standard that girls can show off these things and I have to hide mine away as if I am not allowed to have that stuff and no one can know its there.
  17. I got to wear my water fall repel leggings to the gym the other day. A girl at the gym made a comment about them looking cool so that help get rid of the little but of doubt I had and put a smile on my face. I think these ones look better with shorts on. I got a some 2.5" womens shorts because the I felt like the men's ones were to long and baggy and look out of place with the leggings. I have gotten a lot more comfortable shopping in the opposite gender part of stores. I feel like I have double or triple my options on what I can shop for and its a great feeling! after seeing the photos, I don't think I am going to wear a black shirt with the black shorts next time.
  18. Thanks! That was a nice surprise to wake up to on a Monday morning feeling the love.
  19. I will be at both pony and brony con this year, but I will have some new cosplays. EQG Scootaloo and wonderbolts academy rainbow dash (I have not made this one yet so it still a maybe)
  20. Rudbubble is having a sale (code: ORGANIZED ) and there a some new leggings up so I got this rainbow dash one Also some one made PONY CAMO!!!!!!
  21. Wow, old post. Thanks, here is a video from 6 mouths latter at bronycon. I got 3rd place also there for the cosplay
  22. That is AWESOME! I so happy I was able to inspire some one else. let us know what you get. there are some cool Rainbow Dash ones on there.
  23. I got all mine online, but if you want to get some just black ones you can buy them in the supermarket and use the self check out lane works with pony stuff from target too.
  24. but it's not unnecessary all the time. I can see your point as to it being unnecessary most of the time but you don't have to to look at it most of the time ether, it would just be a small thing that you may not even see if you don't look for it.
  25. This is exactly my feeling on this topic. could not have put it better my self.