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  1. The mech fight was cool but pretty stiff. You mean "Mabel ready to grow up" Dipper was already ready. Weridmageddon had a great opener and satisfying ending. Part 2 was an atrocity that played to all the worst elements of Mabels stagnant awful character and brought down the whole event. Seeing the town all help in the fight was an awesome idea but seeing Bill and his henchmen feel week compared to part 1 was jarring. The credits scene was really was nice but it was just...credits really with some clips, would hardly call it some spectacular moment. As a result of the 3 parts Weirdmageddon felt disjointed as an epic 2 episodes with 1 awful one thrown in. It definitely was a great way to end a great show but nah, MLP wins it. It gives resolution to every major character and the most iconic villains while also giving an entire episode just to say goodbye and teach the shows most important lesson yet. I don't think it matters though. MLP and Gravity Falls still tower over finales to shows such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe when it comes to finales. And Star vs is somewhere in the dirt below them. I think they are similarly satisfying to their audiences.
  2. This combined with Ending of the End makes it the best cartoon finale of the decade I think, even surpassing Weirdmageddon. Such an epic two parter that lead to this heartfelt sendoff to our characters.
  3. Pretty sure that has to do with Chrysalis, taking revenge on Starlight while she has power yet is still powerless to stop her. Chrysalis is still recovering from near insanity, seems about right for her. This is interesting, I always wanted to see an evil Twilight in the show but I think that scrapping it was the right call I think the 2nd idea would have been an improvement of the first idea but still I think what we got in the final product was better, my one complaint is that it could have had more episodes for it.
  4. Amazing episode, vogel is a god. Anyone else think this episode hinted that discord knows about Grogar and the villains at the end there?
  5. "Characters like king sombra are supposed to be pure evil" Well...good thing they killed him then. Storm king didnt reform, the shadow didnt reform, grogar wont. Also grogar is more of a devil type character than tirek now. This is just not true, he is not all friends and harmony, all of his appearances lately have been based on his chaotic nature. Just realized that this thread was a necro Never mind then
  6. Yes, of course we do, compared to other cartoons out there, we are by far the worst when it comes to expectations, everything has to be the new best, it has to have themes and morals we agree with (saw plenty of people who didn't like the s8 premiere because """"liberal agenda""" or some nonsense like that) and if we aren't blown away...it's terrible. Season 9 has been back to back highlights for the entirety of it's runtime with the exception of two episodes (She's all Yak and 2,4,6, great) It 22-26 are great it will likely be my favorite season of the show.
  7. This feels like a finale to Twilights freakouts, it was always a popular and funny aspect of her character that kind of overstayed it's welcome and was often overblown. I like Twilighting when it makes sense in the plot. Here I could easily say it doesn't but I don't really care, it was really funny and just a joy to watch. It doesn't rank super highly with me but I still thought it was a great episode My rank is an 85/100
  8. I know all the characters, I know them very well, the movie reintroducing them made sense and was needed. But to me it felt awkward as it isn't something that friends who knew each other for years would do.
  9. As she learns mostly in "Horse Play" and hasn't really fallen back on that development
  10. I think that only applies to specific characters in some cases, as I think the show has been pretty consistent in episode quality since s4, far more good than bad but the bad is really bad in some cases. I had forgotten about this one. Yeah, a lot of my hope is in that one.
  11. I didn't hate this episode, I enjoyed Rainbows uninterested talk at first but it got annoying over time. Smolder was great though And Yona... After Uprooted where I liked her she has gotten klutzier, more clueless and just feels annoying now, she has dropped to one of my least favorite students. This episode was mediocre, but I didn't despise it. Member Tanks for the Memories? I member The last time I finished a RD episode and went "wow, amazing."
  12. Pretty sure Meghan still had a lot to do with the show as she was head of storytelling or whatever, so a lot of things still had to go through her. That said, I voted about the same but can see a lot of areas where it would be worse. She butchers Pinkie Pie every time she writes for her, she doesn't understand power continuity and will lessen the feeling of a powerful character to rise another (Chrysalis v Celestia) (Discord v Tirek) and generally isn't all that great at other characters as well besides Twilight (whom I still think Haber does better) I think Haber and Dubuc have done a wonderful job honestly and am fine without Meghan Edit: Just realized you said no lady writers yeah no. Get outta here Meghan.
  13. WHen the movie felt the need to introduce every character by name it felt jarring and forced but also was needed as it was meant for a new audience as well as current fans. This is the season 9 premiere, they don't need to address each other by name all the time and the interactions they have don't call for it.
  14. That...isn't the lesson of the show at all. Twilight wasn't forced to do any of these things, she accepts them (aside from becoming an Alicorn, but that was something she had earned.) She didn't HAVE to go to ponyville, she didn't HAVE to stay there, she accepted them because Celestia was her mentor.