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    Hello there! My name's Colton, I'm a huge MLP fan. I occupy my time with work and hobbies, which include but aren't limited to: Game Design, GMing Pen & Paper Games, Playing Video Games, Voice Chatting on Skype with Friends, Watching MLP FiM and Associated Fan-Works.
    Always feel free to drop me a line on Skype if you wanna talk or hang out, I love making new friends!

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  1. I play TF2, Civ V, Civ BE, TF2, and all sorts of other stuff on Steam. My Steam Profile if you want to add me (it's only private to people not on my friends list): I also play Diablo 3 a lot, so if you play, or have wanted to play but have never had anyone to get into it with, I'd love to play it with peeps! (My Battlenet name, should you want to add me: DJPromethium#1886) And last but not least, feel free to add me even if you don't want to play multiplayer games. I love to just chill out and voice chat with people whilst playing single player games as well!
  2. At this very moment, probably all of Hatfilms newest songs they did for Jingle Jam's charity drive (I advise not looking them up unless you're okay with generally mature lyrics and subject matter though, they're pretty... adult I guess you could say). On the safer side, there's always their Geoff the Silverfish song:
  3. I loved it! I think the only only issue I had with it was that it seemed to have fewer memorable songs than other seasons (in my personal opinion), but I still loved it! I think 4 stands out as being my favorite season still, but 5 was definitely a contender!
  4. Oh! I've tried Wildstar! It was interesting. I'm not sure if it was really my thing or not. It reminded me a lot of WoW, which I also used to play. I might be willing to give it another try sometime though!
  5. Hi everyone! So, I've been wanting to play some games and get into some games lately, but I've lacked the drive to do so. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I just don't have many friends, and the ones that I do have aren't into that many games. Specifically, there are a lot of games on Steam that have sounded appealing to me, but really call for some buddies to really get the most out of it. Anyone here interested in a gaming buddy? To chat with on skype and play some games together with? I'm very interested in giving Eve Online another try (I used to play it a long time ago), as well as many other multiplayer games on Steam (Dungeon Defenders II, DOTA 2, Warframe, Civ V and Civ Beyond Earth, TF2, Planetside 2, Don't Starve Together, the list goes on). I'm always up for trying new games I've never played too! If anyone out there is interested is hanging out on skype, chatting, playing some games, trying out some new games, and so on, please drop a line in this thread or PM me! Check out my profile if you want to get to know me a bit better before you do. And a merry holidays to all!
  6. Nothing is going to be sold, nor would I be advertising a website of any kind (my own, or otherwise). It is exactly as I said, just like any other roleplaying game, I would be trying to generate to interest for new possible players.
  7. Eeyup. Ditto. Both are awesome for different reasons. I love fruit, but vanilla and chocolate have their place on the food pyramid too. (At the top! )
  8. It's notoriously bad, at least in most parts of the country.
  9. If one were to want to advertise a roleplaying game that they were going to be starting in the near future, that was to be run somewhere outside the scope of the forums (say, through a chat program like Skype) but still set up through the forums, and said game was to be non-pony related, where would one post such a thing? Would it still belong somewhere in the roleplaying section of the site, as it is technically roleplaying? Or would it belong in, say, the Everfree Forest section due to its non-pony nature (and if so, which subforum would suit it best)? Sorry to be a bother, I feel I should already know the answer to this, but I honestly just wanted to make sure before I posted so that I didn't ruin an admin's day or something. Thanks!
  10. @Shadow Beam ForthEorl is probably referring to the provenly bad American, grade-level education system. If so, there is much truth to his statement. Though America is not the only place with a sub-par public educational system. That being said, America actually has highly sought after universities, that drive people who live thousands of miles away to study abroad. So, whilst our public educational system might be poor, it's not quite the same case with college education.
  11. I just recently started re-playing the Mass Effect series again, so about ten minutes ago I was playing ME2. Fun times. But now it's back to work on my custom roleplaying system for me.
  12. That's amazing! I love the textured look traditional art such as painting can accomplish. 10/10 would hang on wall.
  13. @SpaceOnion Well, that is what I was mostly worried about. What they think, or really what anyone thinks of the fandom has very little effect on me. Being a fan carries a stigma, the reasoning for it might be irrelevant, but it's there nonetheless. What worried me was exactly the point you mirrored, that people like that might have control over what can, can't, does, and doesn't happen regarding the movie. @Buck Testa The leak was bad, whoever did it, or whatever group did it, shouldn't have, for sure. But, with the internet the way it is, the genie's out of the bottle so to say. So speculation on the material that came out of it isn't what I would consider immoral. But I totally agree with you, sometimes the best way to change someone's mind is to simply be a good example. Though it's worth noting, it's not necessarily a bad thing to be loud and get certain things noticed sometimes, so long as you're being courteous, well-informed, and polite about it. (As a very important note, I wasn't insinuating that anyone should email anyone in an aggressive or hostile manner, one should never do this, A: because nothing will ever come of it, B: because you could potentially get into trouble for it, and C: because it's simply not a kind thing to do. Think of the kindness! )
  14. Just sad that I don't know more people. I don't get many phone calls... -_-
  15. So I'm sure many of you have probably heard about the recent Sony e-mail leak/hack, at least in passing. I didn't really pay it too much mind, but apparently something came up about the upcoming movie. Don't worry, no spoilers here or in the link, though there were some potential spoilers in other leak info not listed here, so be careful where you tread if you don't want accidental exposure to what may or may not end up being in the movie. Potential spoiler warnings aside for those curious enough to do some digging, it turns out a couple of people potentially working on the commercial side of things regarding the upcoming MLP movie exchanged some emails, and had some less than flattering things to say about its adult fanbase. Link here: Normally I'd brush it off, we've heard it all before, and being called "creepy" or "weird" kind of comes with the territory of being a fan. But the fact that it was said behind backs, by people who potentially could be making this movie possible, and who have sway with what does and doesn't make it into the movie, ends up making me kind of queasy. I'm slow to anger, and I don't usually hold grudges, but I find it pretty unnerving to say the least. Enough to speak up about it. Things like this have happened in the past, someone says something that they shouldn't have, company hears about it, works with someone else instead. I want to see the MLP movie so incredibly badly, but I'd rather see it in the hands of people who genuinely care about what they're doing. DHX does a fantastic job, knows their audience (both the majority, and the minority), and cares, you can see it in their work, and feel it when you get the chance to talk to them in person. Sony pictures isn't making the movie, but involvement means control, and control means influence. Sorry, getting off my soapbox now. It's just rare that I feel the need to speak up about stuff like this, but this pinched a nerve that's just tired of getting pinched I guess. Or maybe it's that this felt like something that could be spoken up about, and possibly see reaction because of it on the part of show staff. I don't really know. Anyway, sorry. Please feel free to share any feelings about this if you have any, or heck, share your feelings with Sony, or Hasbro if your feelings are analogous to the ones shared here. Either way, my obnoxious rant is over, my apologies. Edit: This topic may have been better suited to the "Show Discussion" board, but seeing as it isn't directly tied to the show, I felt it may as well go here instead.