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  1. *Looks at screen name* 

    If I didn't know you liked King Sombra I would've thought you were Jeric being dark & serious. :P

    1. King of Ash and Shadow

      King of Ash and Shadow

      Let's just say there is also some Dark Souls influence in there as well that may be quite fitting for Sombra. Ash and Shadow~

    2. Sparklefan1234


      They could also be good names for pets. :nom:

    3. King of Ash and Shadow

      King of Ash and Shadow

      I can agree with that~

  2. Pretty much describes me to a tee. Though I have a serious love for historical-based thrillers.
  3. Pretty much the same here, though if I did I'd imagine the Milwaukee Bucks would be my pick. XD
  4. I'm still trying to figured that out, TBH. I mean my rut has to do with my hobbies; specifically things like video games, books, or anime series/movies. I WANT to do these things and the times I do I end up enjoying myself, but the problem is that on most days I just don't do them. I can't push myself to do the things I really enjoy; even on days I'm doing nothing. It's quite frustrating and I have yet to find the solution to that. ^^;
  5. Mmhmm; there's a few people who fit that bill with me. I've met @FancyHorse, @Princess of Hell, @Jetset Troblems, @Dark Horse, @Snow, @~C. Discord~, and quite a few others whom I consider close friends. Let's just say I hope we stay like that~
  6. Happy Halloween to you my Love! 


  7. ♥️ ♥️ Happy Halloween, darling ♥️♥️


  8. I'm happy you posted this as I've been considering whether or not it's worth it to get a VPN. I'm still not there yet, but the more I'll know the better I'll be off in any case.
  9. I know it's not your birthday, but~



  10. I don't support book-burnings of any sort, and the fact that people feel they should burn books over such a silly reason is quite disheartening. At the same time; you're wasting money, not dissimilar to people who protested sports stars over their political leanings by burning jerseys or what-not. Again; it just seems silly to me. If you detest the author or her leanings in any way; just give away the books, or sell them!
  11. I am............ TheRockATrice.

    Cockatrice all fear me.

  12. *Whispers “Boo!” & watches deer scurry* :maud:



    1. King of Ash and Shadow

      King of Ash and Shadow

      *already scurried before you said anything.* :yeahno:

    2. Sparklefan1234
  13. Happy birthday Trobz! I am truly honored to be a friend of yours, and I hope your un-birthday-day is a special one! ^^

  14. Glad to hear you had a great time Trobz! Glad you and Seb got to make it more enjoyable for the IT crew as well. :p Hope you enjoy the Spain trip, and please do share your views in the NordVPN mess if you can. I'd be interested in reading your views and such on that.