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  1. I love astronomy and astrophysics; especially when someone manages to explain it as clear and concise as this fellow!
  2. Cause Achievement Hunter playing Ultimate Chicken Horse is always a fun time!
  3. I saw your message! My phone is giving me problems and I’m trying to fix it.


    1. Pathfinder


      Oh crap! Only just saw this! D:

      What’s wrong with it? :c

  4. @Pathfinder

    Hi Path, have you heard about the Godzilla v Kong comic?


    This monster is in it.


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    2. TheRockARooster🐔


      I would go crazy seeing it, hehe.

      My personal wish would be Gigan.

    3. Pathfinder


      Gigan might be a stretch, but I remember Biollante being possible, sooo~

    4. TheRockARooster🐔


      OMG, that would be a dream come true.

  5. Hey there, love! 💕 


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      Hi there baby; Love you! :wub:E1A8F1A9-C11E-4882-98D6-1532E0EDF661.jpeg

  6. Have you seen the current Bing background? :)

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      Ooooo I approve! :wub:

    2. Kyoshi


      It was quite a-deer-able. :squee:

    3. Pathfinder


      Yah; I was fawn-d of it~ :D

  7. Honestly; while all of them has a certain effect on me, it's really Applejack and Twilight breaking down that get to me. In a sense, the two of them share a burden of having a lot of ponies depend on them; whether it's family (AJ), an entire nation (Twi), or their own expectations (both). This can lead to quite a lot of stress, and when they reach that breaking point, they feel like an utter failure. I should know; I've felt that and it's brought me down, whether my own family, place of employment, or even the forums here. I tend to handle my emotional tendencies well, but sometimes...yeah. Their sadness hits me because I feel like I can relate to it.
  8. Technically; the last actual anime I watched was BNA on Netflix; following Beastars. I say technically because even tho Castlevania was animated in the 'West,' it used an anime aesthetic.
  9. Realistically, outside of some sort of magical mazula, there isn't much hope of her getting her horn. That said I'm sure there's some interesting storytelling possibilities with that~
  10. OMG I love this idea so much! It reminds me of a character from the Record of Lodoss War anime. Karla, the Grey WItch, had possessed a crown and anyone who wore the crown would be possessed by her spirit. She would seek out young women to carry out her plans (which consisted of doing her own thing, either allying with or against good AND bad guys to keep things equal (the GREY in her name has meaning; neither black or white)) and after their bodies deteriorated she would move onto another body. She ended up possessing a male main character and we never saw him again afterwards. Thinking of Sombra possessing Tempest or any other pony gives an extremely creepy vibe that I can see totally fitting in with his character. God, this BEGS to be explored in some fashion!
  11. Been a while since I last posted here, and since I still love my shadow boi (S3, S9, IDW, whatever) Imma post an old pic I commissioned from Ruhisu so long ago. <3
  12. Feels a take fake-y to me. Really feels like it came out of no where, and the tweet just feels...random, if you will.
  13. IT’S THE PATH!!!!!!!!!

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      *Click click click *

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    4. Pathfinder