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    "Archeology is the search for facts; not truth." - Dr. Indiana Pones
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    King Sombra
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    Crystal Pony
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    Twilight Sparkle
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    Sweetie Belle
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  1. Largely because the movie was pure slice of life. Granted, it was GOOD slice of life, but with a longer running time that such a story didn't stick as much as the actual movie or the Christmas special did.
  2. The Wife of Hawks started following Pathfinder January 12
    I find how long this took to happen funny for some reason. :P
    1. Pathfinder


      I wonder why~ XD

  3. If you're the head admin, what does that make @Jeric

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sparklefan1234


      Yes. :proud:

      We must respect the dadmin for he is the one who will turn this forum around if we misbehave. :stressed:

    3. Pathfinder


      All the while giving him deer puns. <3

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Or ammunition to take out the deer...puns.  :sealed:

  4. There are two soundtracks that I always go back to:
  5. Why did the deer cross the road? 



    Oh, you're still that weasel guy. Never mind. :twismile:/:-P


  6. I can't believe I didn't ask you this years ago but are you aware that in Nintendo labo VR Kit, there's a series of VR videos where you kind of get a point of view perspective of certain situations and environments? And one of them have you feeding the deers.

    1:12 of the video below


  7. Quick. I need some D&D jokes to annoy you with.

    1. Pathfinder


      D&D jokes? How so past edition of you~ :orly:

    2. Widdershins


      Well, I did critically fail on my roll for initiative.

      ...that wasn't even referencing rpgs, just my life in general.

      My speed stat is garbage, yo.

  8. To answer your question regarding Fang the Sniper:

    1. Badass design
    2. Feels refreshing to have a proper mercenary-type character in Sonic
    3. Not evil; just greedy
    4. Has great team potential with Bean and Bark

    And other reasons I am sure. ^^

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    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      I know who all three characters are because of Sonic the Fighters via Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube.

      The footage below come from PlayStation 3 port but it's still the same game.


    3. Widdershins


      "Bean the Duck" that's awesome.

       But I like "Bark the Bear" better.


       He looks like such a big Sweetie!~

       and Yeah, the Sonic comics are a a big, continuity tight, entertaining mess of a world! I might not know much of the Sonic world, but I can appreciate good storytelling & character design!

    4. Pathfinder


      Bean the Dynamite; to be precise. He's quite the wacky fellow; tho most of that is based off of how he's been portrayed in the Archie comics. Tho, considering he throws bombs out like they're candy I think it's fair to see him like that.

      And Bark is just awesome. Period.

      Fang, Bean, and Bark just make up my favorite trio in all of Sonic. <3

  9. Hello mr. Pathfinder , I want to discuss something with you 🥰

  10. Wishing all my lovely deer members here a lovely Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all around good cheer! 


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    2. Aurelion Star

      Aurelion Star

      Merry Hearths warming to you too

    3. Thuja


      Happy Holidays and hope you're staying safe and are taking care of yourself!!!

    4. TomDaBombMLP


      Merry Christmas! :oneheckofahat:

  11. Aren't you supposed to be?...:dashcutehat:

    Oh, I forgot. :mlp_nom:


    Seriously, Happy Holidays, BFFFF! :rarityhat:

    1. Pathfinder


      Wudolf; The Wed-Nosed Weasel :3

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Santa may check his lists twice but I don't think he checks his sleigh team more than once. :applehat:

  12. As I said; Palpa-Jer has the POWER! I'll just make my own empire in the shadows~
  13. You may be Palpatine, but I'm still Thrawn in this contest.
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