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  1. Happy birthday Fhao! <3

    1. Fhaolan


      Thanks Path! :)

  2. What makes a gummy bear so forbidden? :sealed:

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    2. Pathfinder


      And suddenly I have achieved enlightenment.

    3. Forbidden Gummy Bear
    4. Pathfinder


      Forbidden snacks.

  3. Um, yeah, we gave up, at least the current iteration of that specific section. Not hiding that fact at all. We’ll likely try again in the future, but as it stands we tried and we failed. The staff certainly aren’t celebrating; tho I won’t miss the section as it stands for now.
  4. Honestly; if people just disagreed then the Debate section would still be open. Fact is that it devolved into more than simple disagreements. For literal “years” we’ve tried various methods to keep it open, but nothing worked. Period.
  5. The Rite of Spring; by Igor Stravinsky. The amount of love I have for this piece is just... <3
  6. *Looks at avatar* 

    You went from a deer to...A weasel? :confused:




    And now I'm thinking of @Randimaxis:dash:

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    2. Sparklefan1234



      1. I knew this one one. ^_^
      2. I didn't know this! :pinkie:
      3. I didn't know this either! :love:
    3. Randimaxis


      I used to BREATHE that movie; I know ALL the trivias.  :eager:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Randimaxis It's an AWESOME move so that makes sense. B)

  7. Much Love to yah; my friend! Happy birthday! <3

  8. Not much; TBH. I don't mean that in an entirely negative way as it's mostly friendly and is surrounded by lovely scenery, but on the whole it's a dead town with a serious drug problem. Not to mention there's quite a few dilapidated buildings (some of which are being demolished) and there's very little opportunity here. While there is small local grocery story and a bank (which I work at), the actual good grocery store is 15 minutes away. After that; an actual city with shopping and such is almost an hour away (either direction), so yeah. Really; it's a microcosm of small-town West Virginia. You kinda have to take the good with the bad. I don't mind it too much, though I do wish we had more here.
  9. I would love to try one myself! I love small spaces and wouldn't mind it...I think. XD
  10. Happy birthday fellow admin and deer friend! <3

  11. Kinda feel sorry for any team that just...well, struggles in general. I love the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates, and considering how successful they used to be it always hurts to see them languishing in the back.
  12. Hell yah! Ketchup; and NOTHING else! Still can't believe we found each other~