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  1. _Rainbow_dash_

    My first Pony Drawing

    Love it! It's awesome! Keep up the good work and you'll be a professional!
  2. _Rainbow_dash_


    Wow! These are amazing! some of the best I've seen! They look like they came straight out of the show!!
  3. _Rainbow_dash_


    This is amazing! I really love the detail!!
  4. _Rainbow_dash_

    Umm..'Undecided's Art Thread'?

    Are you kidding? These are amazing! Keep up the good work!
  5. _Rainbow_dash_

    Hello world it's me SkyFeather

    Welcome to the forums! Please enjoy your time here! *Brohoof* /) (\
  6. _Rainbow_dash_

    My five-year-old sister just drew her first fanart! :D

    Awe! This is great for a five-year old! Keep encouraging her!
  7. _Rainbow_dash_

    Ravey Princess Luna Print for Club LUNA

    Very lovely in fact! The wings are amazing!
  8. _Rainbow_dash_

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Yes yes perfect club! This is the best ever! You all love me huh?
  9. _Rainbow_dash_

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash!
  10. _Rainbow_dash_

    Oldest of Mane 6? Rarity?

    I agree. She has always seemed older to me.
  11. _Rainbow_dash_

    Cosmic Melody (my OC) jazzing it up!

    Love it! The pose is very creative!
  12. _Rainbow_dash_

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Awe!! I don't know how to multiqoute so I would like to thank you all! I feel at home here already, thank you everypony!
  13. _Rainbow_dash_

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello! I am new here and am looking forward to making new friends! Any tips on anything? Thanks and have a 20% cooler day!