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  1. If anyone is looking for a hotel room for BronyCon, I'm looking for one more person for the Days Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor from Thursday 8/1 to Sunday 8/4 at $120.50 per person total.  I'm also looking for one more for a stay at the Sleep Inn Inner Harbor from Sunday 8/4 to Monday 8/5 at $39.96 per person (we wanted to extend our stay at the Days Inn, but it was totally booked).  And, if you're coming in through the airport, we also have room for two more people at the Best Western BWI Airport North Inn & Suites from Wednesday 7/31 to Thursday 8/1.  It's convenient to access from the airport via the light rail line, and convenient to get into the inner harbor via the same route.  That will be $29.60 per person if we get a third person and $22.20 per person if we get a fourth.