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  1. Ponyfinder, as has been somewhat mentioned? Works with both D&D5 and Pathfinder, so whichever you know how to play, have fun!
  2. Sure does for me, as there is no vending on Thursday.
  3. Hello there. I'm interested and not a party pony. I'm a vender if that makes much of a difference.
  4. David

    Looking for Roommates

    Hey there, still have a spot? I'd like it. I will be vending.
  5. I'm always available for questions, and you'd be far from the first to use Ponyfinder for MLP hijinks. While we can't support it in any official capacity, what you do with your home game won't get us sued. As a note, Ponyfinder has a forum for such questions: http://forum.ponyfinder.net
  6. Heh, it should be. I'm the one that made Ponyfinder. I neglected to switch over to my personal avatar, now feels like a good time.
  7. Just poking in my head to wish the best of times for all involved. Always nice to see Ponyfinder making the rounds.
  8. My first vending con, and it went off fairly well. A little rough at the start, but smooth sailing from there on in. It would be a pleasure to return next year!
  9. David

    Pony Glassware

    Thanks for attending the show. It was a pleasure vending alongside you.
  10. Hello everypony, Silver Games LLC will be there, sending their writer and head guy, David. Look for me and our stuff in the gaming room where we'll have the main Ponyfinder book and other goodies beside. If you haven't heard of it, Ponyfinder is a unique world pony supplement for the popular Pathfinder Roleplaying System that features ponies, griffons, goats, cats, and other exotic creatures as the stars of the show. We started from a tiny racial book to a successful Kickstarter resulting in a full campaign guide. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  11. Ah ha, then I feel for your project entirely. We're also going for 'pony, but not mlp' vibe with our supplement. You said PF Society, do you play Pathfinder Society, the organized play?
  12. Hey there, Pathfinder is an awesome system. We're working on a full sized adaptation of it for ponies(Still awaiting permission to post links and things). It's very adaptable, as systems go. What were you hoping to make?
  13. You helped us hit the minimum funding goal, and we're soaring through the stretch goals. If things improve on your side, we'd welcome you back with open hooves. No hard feelings to be sure.
  14. Good day, I'm David, of Silver Games LLC, the crazy folks who are doing a Kickstarter for a book on roleplaying ponies using the Pathfinder ruleset. We'd like to get the word out. What is the proper forum and rules regarding such plugs? Thanks, David
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