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  1. Rainbow. For me it was the transition from the end of the story where everything has been resolved to the credits and represents the type of thoughtful reflection that I have after seeing a movie. There isn't much said after the song starts (IIRC) but it was one of those things that makes you want to keep sitting in the theater until the curtain rolls in. Plus I'm a sucker for sustained piano chords, and the intro doesn't disappoint here.
  2. CPU: i7-3770k Memory: 16GB MB: Asrock Z77E-ITX Graphics: GTX 670 Storage: 2x 240GB intel 520 series SSDs and one 512 GB mSATA SSD Power supply: Seasonic X-560 OS: Windows 7 and whatever Linux distribution I'm playing around with at the time :) I made my own case out of acrylic plastic and it turned out pretty good. I'll be making the case for the next machine I build. I have the parts but haven't decided on the final design yet. Although someone did send me the link to the following penny arcade comic when I mentioned that I was making my own case.
  3. I agree with most others here that for simplicity air cooling has advantages over water. Fewer moving parts, simpler to manufacture and price. In many cases good quality air coolers are on par with or very close to entry level all-in-one (AIO) water coolers. In my last build I started with and AIO water cooler because the case I was using had a short height limit. The first unit I got had a really bad pump grinding noise and was RMAed with another and it worked fine for a few years but eventually the pump started to make a warbling/grinding noise so I replaced it with an air cooler which I like a little better since it is quieter. If you're still looking for air coolers to compare Thermalright and Noctua are two that I would add to the ones that others have posted. Also they usually have good physical drawings for their coolers which helped me make sure that it would fit in my case. Water cooling still has its place in high performance cooling and other specific applications (not to mention some custom setups can look really neat).
  4. I'm in then . I have discord, I'll dig up my tag and PM it to you.
  5. Hello, do you still have an open spot? I'm a low key background pony of 34 I live about 3-4 hours from the event location.